Stopping Another Steal November 2024 Elections

June 3, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

June 3, 2024

“Cheaters don’t think cheating is wrong until they get cheated on.” – Sonya Parker

In my Jan. 24, 2024, column, Finally: RNC Files Bombshell Election Lawsuit, I covered a new lawsuit by the RNC regarding violation of federal election law (Foster v Love) and how Trump was cheated out of his second term in 2020.  All candidates for federal office (House & Senate) were also cheated but that was the game plan and it hasn’t changed four years later.

A second lawsuit was filed (which I covered in my May 10, 2024 column).  Foster v. Love cited.

ALL the ‘swing’ states violated a U.S Supreme Court ruling and fully intend to do so in November.  It is the only way the Democrat Communist Party USA can “win”.  In addition to preparing to cheat the American people again knowing how popular President-Elect Donald Trump is, those working tirelessly to destroy this constitutional republic made sure state Attorney Generals and county DA’s were well funded to cheat their way into office and go after Trump, his lawyers, business colleagues and family.

As a result, we now have this new term, lawfare.  If not funded by Mark Zuckerberg – a freedom hating globalist who continues to add billions to his piles of money (net worth in 2024 $124 BILLION) from conservatives, Christians, Republicans, it was America hating George Soros and now his son whose taken over operations.

Oh, yes, Zuckerberg laughs all the way to the bank and continues to get wealthier by the day off you.  If you have a Facebook page, you are a commodity to Zuckerberg who sells everything about you, anyone on your Facebook page algorithms pick up, data analyzed and sold, not to mention iron fisted censorship.  Something to think about.  Would you keep a Facebook page if it was owned by Soros or Gavin Newsom?

Only a few words about the grotesque guilty verdict in one of the most disgraceful prosecutions ever in this country in the political world.  Trump is guilty of nothing more than being Donald Trump, a multi-billionaire who donated his presidential salary every year he was in office to veteran’s organizations.  Meaning Trump worked for no paycheck for four years and lost about $2 BILLION dollars in revenues for his business enterprises because he set out to fix as many problems as he could while president – starting with building a wall.

There was no way Trump could get a fair trial in Manhattan.  The poster boy for sloth and stupidity, Alvin Bragg, DA, brought a trial with no crime. That’s all well documented.  The low-life “judge”, Merchan, has disgraced his profession and now swims in the feces filled toilet right along with dirty traitor, cheater and liar (and ineligible to be president), America hating, Hussein Obama.  Merchan, in his pile of manure jury instructions literally and in plain language directed the jury to find Trump guilty.  If you read the 50 pages of jury instructions that is a fact.  Here’s a nice dish of lollipops in different colors.  Choose which ones you like and vote guilty.

Legal scholars from BOTH political parties have written and/or given interviews all saying the same thing:  That trial was (like the other three) a political hit job to get Trump in jail and off the campaign trail.  Putting a former stripper who sold her body for money up on the stand had ZERO to do with booking keeping “crimes”.  It was done to shock the sheep in the jury box with salacious details from a tittie queen in the world of porn who vehemently denied in writing several times ever doing the nasty with Trump.

After the jury of no peers found Trump guilty of no crimes because Trump is legally innocent, other completely ignorant, herds of cows all mooed with delight.

Remember when now retired political hack, NBC mouthpiece Chris Matthews vomited up this gem: “I Felt This Thrill Going Up My Leg” As Obama Spoke.” What a fool.  It didn’t matter Obama is a devout Marxist and ineligible as defined in the U.S. Constitution.  Hussein is not and never will be a natural born citizen.  Of course, for Matthews and his highly paid prostitute colleagues the only thing that mattered was the color of Obama’s skin.  They all forgot his mother was Caucasian.

Not to be outdone, once the guilty of no crimes decision came down last week, one of the more ignorant hens on the Made for Dummies TV show, The View, Joy Behar, actually and gleefully said, “I Got So Excited I Started Leaking a Little Bit” (VIDEO).

I’m not going to poke fun at her admission about “leaking”.  Behar is 81 years old and ‘leaking’ (meaning not quite peeing) happens to older people. Really not something to joke about.  However, she IS a bad joke simply because Mrs. Behar has ZERO understanding of the law or even what went on in that courtroom so she should keep her trap shut and talk about her grand children or gardening.

What happens next? Well, even before the guilty as charged of 34 non crimes, the Secret Service was working with the minions at Riker’s Island where to jail a former legal president of these united States of America once he’s sentenced.  Imagine that if you can.

Watch or read transcript:  Mark Levin’s Advice to Trump’s Legal Team: ‘Try Like Hell to Get to the Supreme Court’ (VIDEO).  Levin cites Gore v Bush (Constitution Center).  I know all this takes reading time but if you do it in segments, you’ll get the full truth about this latest farce and phony “get Trump” circus.

While I have no legal training and am not a lawyer, let me say this about the Gore v. Bush debacle argued to SCOTUS, Dec. 11, 2000.  SCOTUS agreed to hear the case on November 24, 2000.  Allegedly, the race was too close to call on election night:  “By the end of Election Night, 2000, Gore’s tally stood at 250 and Bush’s stood at 246 with Oregon, Wisconsin and Florida too close to call.”

Under federal law that election should have been declared void.  Under that 1997 Supreme Court decision, Foster v Love, Trump was so far ahead of cheater China Joe by midnight ON ELECTION DAY, he should have been declared the winner.  It’s too bad Trump’s million dollar an hour attorneys didn’t file immediately with the U.S. Supreme Court since it was their 1997, 9-0 decision.

Elections Undecided by Midnight are Void & Preempted by Federal Law – Foster v Love (1997; 9-0 Decision), Nov. 18, 2020 by Ren Vander, Esq.

“Federal Election Day statutes were designed to curtail fraud, and to infuse a prima facie sense of integrity in our electoral process.  But these States – in failing to obey Congressional deadlines – have flagrantly attempted to preempt federal law.  This is certainly prohibited, and this is why the late election results are void. If you haven’t read his legal analysis, do take the time.

Of the most effective tools for cheating Trump out of a second term were mail-in ballots. Those ballot dumps in GA during the middle of the night could not be counted because Election DAY was over at midnight.  Well, those of us paying attention knew the obvious reason for the middle of the night vans full of ballots was to make sure enough were created to cheat Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

When Marxist America hating Hussein Obama unlawfully ran for president, the prostitute media, political whores in swing states and other Comrades in the Democrat Communist Party USA all used the same talking points:  There were 70 court cases filed and every one of them sided with Hussein and dismissed.  What none of them bothered to explain to the general public was the cases were dismissed because of something called standing loved by judges too cowardly to take on hot issue lawsuits.  Not ONE was determined on the merits of the case, only the convenient standing.

A new Writ of Certiorari to SCOTUS was filed this past March in the communist state of Oregon:  Marc Thielman, et al, Petitioners v. LaVonne Griffin-Valade, in her official capacity as Oregon Secretary of State, et al.  If you are not aware, it costs thousands of dollars to get a Writ filed with SCOTUS.

It is 68-pages, very well prepared and yes, I read every word.  I read because it’s how I’ve learned so many truths over the past 31 years. In this case:  Question

Do petitioners have standing to challenge Oregon’s vote-by-mail election system due to the loss of their freedom caused by Oregon’s confidence-destroying election processes?

The writ was distributed for conference on May 15, 2024; the petition was denied May 20, 2024.  Oregon is 100% vote by mail – a gigantic magnet for fraud.

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states of the Union; met many wonderful, patriotic Americans the two times I was there for speaking engagements. Sadly, it’s become a third-world sh*t hole controlled by the Democrat Communist Party USA.  As of May 28, 2024, 13 counties in Oregon have voted to secede to become part of Idaho; movement known as The Greater Idaho Project. Don’t give up, my fellow Americans.

As for President Trump regarding what the prostitute media is saturating the airwaves and Internet – “convicted felon Donald Trump”, blah, blah, blah, we shall see if Trump’s legal team files an appeal first with the very liberal NY Court of Appeals or goes straight to SCOTUS.  Sentencing, boy this is hard to type, is only 4 days from the RNC’s National Convention where Trump IS the presumptive nominee.  This is the quintessential example of in-your-face election interference.

In the meantime, what we ALL must do is work to make sure the election isn’t stolen again – not just Trump but the U.S. House and those all-important Senate seats.  YOU have to get involved if possible.  I realize tens of millions of Trump voters work full time, many are up there in years and maybe can’t do anything other than spread the truth, but it’s going to take a lot of boots on the ground.

There is no going back if the federal elections are stolen, again.  Not that Donald Trump is the perfect candidate and the same applies to the House and Senate but the lying, conniving, cheating Democrats, unelected and elected will completely destroy this country if they aren’t completely destroyed on election day.

Trump’s campaign has hundreds of lawyers and volunteers already committed but it’s who counts the votes that matter.  It’s just a damn shame we haven’t been able to get rid of those machines and scanners, but we must deal with what we have for now.

Protect The Vote is a multi-state organization: “Republicans across the country have been fighting to make sure your vote is safe and secure – but the work is never done. We are working in key states to make sure your vote is protected. If you want to be part of this critical mission to ensure Republicans win in 2024, sign up to be an Election Integrity volunteer in your state.”

There’s a whole lot going on people never hear about – even on the biggest talk shows in the country like Sean Hannity.  Clay & Buck who are heard by millions Mon-Friday spend their time yapping about the polls, who they hang out with and events they attend for fun like the Kentucky Derby.  Who cares?  Forget the polls.  No one knows what’s going to happen with the walking cadaver in the WH and we’ll be damn lucky if the current moron Secty of State doesn’t get us into a war:

The Pale Rider of Revelation” – Anthony Blinken is apparently determined to get us all killed. “And it was much worse than the headline suggested. Blinken didn’t just say Ukraine could use American weapons to strike targets in continental Russia. The moronic Secretary of State said we would help Ukraine do it…”  (There would have to be a draft as our military is all but destroyed and enlistments are dismal to say the least.)

All these multi-million dollar a year conservative talk show hosts need to talk about those important lawsuits:  No ballots counted for federal office after midnight ON election DAY and other constitutional issues.  Forget should a man stand in line alone to buy an ice cream cone?  I turned the channel to music.

Protect the Vote lists a slew of lawsuits and a section to become a volunteer election integrity attorney for November.

True the Vote is nationwide for everyone – except illegal aliens.  Keep up to date and this on their site:  This Week at True The Vote, March 23 2024:  “We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of the IV3 website! The app that empowers voters with an automated way of confirming accuracy, identifying ineligible records, reporting findings to local authorities, and helping you stay up-to-date on changes to the voter rolls, is here for the 2024 election cycle!

“If you’ve been with us before, we want to extend a warm welcome back! The IV3 team has been hard at work ensuring a seamless transition, and we’ve already updated your registration for the new site. So, no need to worry about re-signing up. This weekend, you’ll receive an email to reset your password. With that, you’re all set to dive into the latest updates, insights, and discussions.

“For those who are new to IV3, welcome aboard! Now is the perfect time to join our vibrant community as we gear up for the 2024 election. Whether you’re passionate about politics, eager to stay informed, or simply want to engage with like-minded individuals, IV3 is the place to be.

“So, what are you waiting for? Head over to today to sign up to help safeguard our electoral process! Commit today to work in your local elections in 2024.”

A super active and very effective organization here in Texas, Grassroots America – We the People – get signed up for their free emails.  Learn how to become an effective election volunteer, vote counter, precinct captain.  ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL.  You can contact your local county clerk to find out who heads up your local county GOP group/committee.  I belong to the GOP County Club but have been registered No Party since 1996.  The work won’t get done by wishing and hoping or let someone else sacrifice their time.

Before you vote, find out if you can use paper ballots. I’m not going to re-hash three decades of vote fraud by machines and scanners I’ve written about over and over and over. Paper ballots are critical for recounts:  Voting methods and equipment by state – find yours.

Florida Republican Assembly Issues Second Call For Resignations, Jan. 11, 2024.  “DeSantis apparently doesn’t believe in election integrity: The plain answer to why they are still in office, is that both are APPOINTED officials, NOT elected. Ultimately they answer only to their Governor, who has been busy ignoring a LOT of Florida’s problems since taking office. Like those J-6ers. But I diverge.

“The Governor is involved, and that cannot be denied. He should have a response to this latest resolution, asking real election integrity, but I’m guessing he won’t. After all, right before he jumped the Sunshine Ship to enter the national political fray, he signed bill MANDATING THE USE OF THESE INSECURE MACHINES, AND DISALLOWING ANY HAND COUNTS OR AUDITS FROM OUTSIDE GOVERNMENT. DeGov had to have known the insecure conditions of voting machines.

“If he did not…we have to ask that question one more time….

“Is DeGov clueless or complicit? If he is that clueless as to the integrity of elections in his own state, then he should not be holding office – of ANY kind. If Ron DeSantis is complicit, well…you’ve got a real problem on your hands, Florida. We MUST have hand-counts legalized before the 2024 election – in Florida and all the rest of the states of the Union. They are no more expensive or less secure (lol) than the machines, and I will go into some detail on that soon.”  (Kat is a featured writer on NWVs so if you’re not signed up for their free email alerts, you should.  That way you can keep up with her findings.  Here’s her latest: Why is the RNC “Working Feverishly” Against Donald Trump?)

The communists (ACORN) were so successful getting out the vote (community organizing) for America hating ineligible Hussein Obama in 2008, they left Republicans in the dust.  We CANNOT allow that to happen again.  I intend to do my part in my city, how about you?  Start your planning and contacts NOW as November will be here before we can blink.  Decide what takes precedent in your life, your family and the future of our republic.