Protecting Red Sea Shipping, US/UK strikes begin on Yemen’s Houthi Rebels

January 12, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


Source: (VIA live news feed ~7am CT)


Middle East crisis – latest: US and UK ‘trying to turn Red Sea into sea of blood’; footage shows moment RAF jet hits targets in Yemen

All the footage so far of strikes on Yemen [posted at 7:45am CT]

As we’ve been extensively reporting, the UK and US militaries targeted more than a dozen sites used by Yemen’s Houthis overnight in a huge retaliatory strike using missiles and fighter jets.

Both countries described their attacks as “necessary” to protect global shipping in the Red Sea.

Here we’ve rounded up the footage of the strikes that we’ve seen so far. The first, released by the UK defence ministry, shows aerial footage of a Houthi target being hit by the RAF in Yemen.

This compilation of footage shows the moment of the explosions as forces struck:

UK strikes on Yemen were 'necessary in self-defence', Rishi Sunak says

And in the below video from US Central Command, a US fighter jet takes off to conduct strikes against Houthi targets: