Suggested Addendum to President Trump’s Answer to the Latest Setup Question From a Nasty Reporter

May 12, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN

In what is called a Press Conference, in the same manner as toothless piranha would fecklessly set upon upon the biggest fish in the river, a reporter asked President Trump why he speaks of America’s successes relative to the rest of the world regarding fighting the so-called “novel corona virus” as though it is a contest when people are dying. The President replied that the reporter should go ask China.

Without bothering with all of the nonsense that followed, I would like to suggest that the President keep the premise of that question in mind because he’s going to get a question such as the following one day: “Hey, Trump, how is it that [Fill in nation] has more or better or greater success than [fill in object] than America/you/your administration?”

You know, maybe something like this. Mr. President, why has France surpassed America in ventilators per capita?

His answer ought to include, “Why would members of the press make a competition out of this when people are dying?”

If Trump says up, the so-called press says “down,” if Trump says “down,” the nasty “reporters” say up.

He should also include a reminder as to why the fourth estate (the press) is protected from government power, as elucidated in the 1st Amendment; they are to represent the people and ask question that matter to the people and not play gotcha. In short, the fourth estate is not to become a fifth column.

Thank you, Je suis Spike