Sunday Talks, Fauci Warns of Potential Return of Indoor Mask Mandate

April 13, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Some will never return back to normal.  They have been conditioned over the past 2 years to rely on Fauci and the CDCP REGARDLESS of the proof that masks do not protect a person from Covid.  Fear over Logic has taken over their lives.  These people will live out the remainder of their lives in fear; wearing a mask, and shunning those who do not.  They will associate ONLY with mask wearers.  They will even turn against their families, if they do not “Obey” Anthony Fauci and the CDCP.  A Nation Divided; Families Divided. The obedient can be controlled; are being controlled. Those of us who use logic can not be controlled, and that is bothersome to the Government.   We who do not follow blindly will be labeled” Vaccine Hesitant”,(Derogatory), and blamed for the continued Covid Pandemic. We will be called…  “Domestic Terrorists” by this Biden Administration. We are the problem children because we question, and we do not trust people/agencies who have been caught lying to us.  The Mentally Disturbed Fearful Mask Wearers are being groomed to become warriors for the cause.  We can not help them.  They are now beyond reach.  Disturbed; angry and now looking to prey on those who are not obedient. They wish to return back to normal, but we are standing in the way of a return back to normal. These people are now part of the DSM 5 Psychiatric Code Handbook. They are now your enemy, as they see you as the enemy. You have been warned…. Watch your back.
– Steve Elkins, Off the Beaten Path  Sunday 8 to 10 PM EST

Source: The Conservative Treehouse

Appearing on ABC’s This Week to give his opinion on the current status of COVID-19, White House medical advisor Anthony Fauci warns the CDC may soon revert back to an indoor mask mandate.  This is additionally troublesome, because many people now define themselves by COVID-19.

There are many people who can only identify with other like-minded people fearful of COVID.  WATCH:

There are a significant portion of the American public who worship at the altar of COVID theatrics.  For them getting booster shots, following the CDC orders and participating in the mask theatrics is a profoundly religious experience that defines who they are in the modern world of pandemic fear.

Observing the behaviors of mask promoters, is almost like watching a livestream of unstable political expression.  It truly is one of the most bizarre new realities. Many of the Branch Covidians become mentally and emotionally unstable when they experience contact with a non-mask-wearing person.

Even after all of the ‘scientific evidence’ that shows masks provide no substantive benefit or lowering of infection risk, there are a great many people who cannot fathom not wearing one for the remainder of their lives.  The psychological training from two years of massively promoted COVID fear and the drumbeat of worry, has left a large portion of the American people in a permanent state of profound instability.

It is unnerving to realize how many people can be influenced to believe in something that lacks any logic or reason.  I’m not sure how long, if ever, this tear in the social fabric will last or take to repair.  Many of these COVID consequences have divided people permanently.  The full interview is below.