Supreme Court Misses Chance To Interrupt War On CO2

June 24, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Investors

The Supreme Court failed to roll back the EPA’s regulatory excess and is keeping most of the White House’s carbon dioxide rules in place. The decision is doubly disappointing given the latest warming data.

Justice Antonin Scalia simplified the effect of the court’s ruling in writing that the Environmental Protection Agency “is getting almost everything it wanted in this case.”

“It sought to regulate sources it said were responsible for 86% of all the greenhouse gases emitted from stationary sources nationwide,” he noted. But under the court’s holdings, “EPA will be able to regulate sources responsible for 83% of those emissions.”

There’s no reason to regulate carbon dioxide emissions at any level. We’ve made this case many times, and our argument was supported over the weekend when it was shown that the temperature record has been doctored to make it appear that Earth is warming. The charge was made Sunday in an entry in the Real Science blog .

“Prior to the year 2000, NASA showed U.S. temperatures cooling since the 1930s, and 1934 much warmer than 1998,” wrote Steven Goddard. Then, right after 2000, “NASA and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) dramatically altered U.S. climate history, making the past much colder and the present much warmer.”

Goddard is the pen name for the Real Science blogger. He is also a contributor to the Watts Up With That climate blog and listed on a panel at the Heartland Institute’s ninth annual International Conference On Climate Change next month.

He noted Monday that he’d been accused several times in 24 hours by critics of data-tampering and cherry-picking. Why? “Because I use the the entire unaltered, measured (U.S. Historical Climatology Network) data set,” he said. “Only altered, fabricated data which reverses the measured U.S. cooling trend is considered acceptable by climate alarmists.”

Which seems to be the case, because they — media included — still believe in Michael Mann’s hockey stick chart that’s been discredited and clearly aren’t concerned that ClimateGate showed that scientists who are part of the “consensus” have embroidered the data to back up their claim that man is heating the planet.

The Supreme Court had a chance to stop the White House’s unnecessary war on CO2 and to introduce some reasoned thinking on the issue. That it decided not to is deeply discouraging.