Texas border agents keep catching rapists, child molesters, and gang members, but Democrats don’t care

February 18, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Washington Examiner


On Tuesday, U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas apprehended a Guatemalan illegally crossing into the U.S. He had a prior conviction in New Jersey for sexually assaulting a child.

That same day, agents said they caught a Salvadoran who turned out to be a member of the violent MS-13 gang. The next day, they caught another Guatemalan who was also with MS-13.

These are the sweet angels whom Democrats have shown absolutely no interest in stopping from flooding into the U.S.

We know that by “border security,” they mean free healthcare and babysitting. We’re never, ever supposed to acknowledge the steady, unabated stream of rapists, gangs, and drug smugglers making their way into the country from Central America.

Otherwise, this wouldn’t be the first time you’re hearing about:

— the apprehension Tuesday of a Honduran man revealed to be a member of the 18th Street gang;

— the 1,300 total aliens apprehended that same day, the highest number taken into custody in a single day in the Rio Grande Valley sector;

— the apprehension last week of a Salvadoran man with a previous child rape conviction in Washington state;

— the apprehension last week of a Mexican man with a previous conviction in Georgia for child molestation;

— the apprehension last week of a Honduran man with a record in North Carolina showing a conviction for “Indecent Liberties with Child”;

— and the apprehension last week of another Honduran male with a Florida record that identified him as a member of the violent MS-13 gang.

Note that this was the catch in just one specific part of the 2,000-mile-long border against Mexico. There’s no way of knowing who slipped by unnoticed while up to a dozen agents were busy offering hospitality to a Guatemalan mother and her seven children, all of whom were immediately granted legal protection because they claimed asylum. That’s literally a scene I saw with my own eyes when I toured the Rio Grande Valley sector in January.

This is what’s pouring into the U.S. as Democrats in Congress refuse to take any meaningful step toward securing the border, which, as any border agent will tell you, requires more border walls.

President Trump just had to declare a national emergency in order to cobble up money to build more border barrier. Then Democrats will do what they always do, tie it up in court.

At what point are we allowed to conclude that they really don’t care about border security?