Texas pirate can’t two-step out of FCC fine

June 5, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Inside Radio

An Austin husband-and-wife team says they had nothing to do with a pirate station that was broadcasting from their property and FCC field agents trespassed on their land to track the unlicensed station. But even if they were behind the pirate station, Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick contend they’re not subject to agency jurisdiction, in part because they believe the FCC has no jurisdiction over Texas.

It’s a line of reasoning that, while surprisingly familiar at the FCC, didn’t get far. The Enforcement Bureau is standing firm and has imposed a $15,000 fine against the Olenicks. Last August field agents tracked the pirate station “Liberty 90.1 FM” to an apartment building owned by the couple. It wasn’t particularly hard to find, with a 50-foot tower mounted to the side of the building. Or Mr. Olenick’s car sporting a “Liberty 90.1” bumper sticker. A warning letter was issued a few weeks later, but when agents checked on the situation again in November the unlicensed station was still on the air.