The Busy Doctor Who Gave Himself Another Job: Tracking Nazi Loot

November 4, 2023 in News by RBN Staff




Despite limited success, Dr. Michael R. Hayden has spent more than a decade patiently searching for the looted silver Judaica stolen from his grandparents, who were killed by the Nazis.



In the propaganda pages of the “paper of record,” any day is a good day to play a verse from the song that never ends about the event that never happened — in this case, the part about “Nazi looting.” However, one can’t help but notice an uptick in sappy “persecution” sob stories appearing all throughout the Judenpresse these past few weeks. Story after story after story now about increased security at synagogues; and how Jewish students at Ivy League universities no longer feel “safe” on campus (rolling eyes). Now this. Youse guys should know what’s going on here without being told. You see, the “usual suspects” are being tarred — mainly from the “radical Left” and also by countries and peoples all over the world — for whatever is happening (real or imaginary) in Gaza. To counter the growing (though exaggerated) “antisemitism,” there’s nothing as pitifully effective (though no longer as powerful) as belching out a few verses of: The Song That Never Ends. As long as (((they))) continue playing it, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times remains compelled to continue rebutting it, with questions and well-deserved mockery. Let’s dive into this devious dung about a famous doctor’s efforts to locate his grandparents’ silver junk — said to have been “stolen by zee Nazis” such a long time ago.
1. NY Slimes Articles like this amount to running interference for Israel and deflecting from the growing outrage throughout the world. // 2. Some of the silver Judaica from the missing collection of Max Hahn // 3. You have got to read “The Song That Never Ends” (available as pdf or paperback).
Slimes: Hayden sets aside four to five hours each week to focus on a pursuit as important to him as his pioneering discoveries in neurodegeneration: finding the silver Judaica his family lost to the Nazis during the horrors of World War II. Rebuttal: Let it go, dude. Seriously, just let it go. Slimes: “My life is so complex,” he said in an interview, “but this is priority for me and for future generations. I need to be a living witness for what happened.” Rebuttal: A “living witness,” eh? This ass-clown was born seven years after the end of World War II, which would be fourteen years after the junk silver was allegedly stolen on Kristallnacht ™ / Night of the Broken Glass ™ (1938). Slimes: On the night of Kristallnacht, Nazi SS men broke into the home of his grandfather, Max Raphael Hahn, a wealthy businessman and chairman of the synagogue in Göttingen. Rebuttal: Even if one accepts the official fairy tale of Kristallnacht ™ as told by the usual suspects, the SS was not involved in the vandalism of the night (which was almost certainly a false flag aimed at embarrassing Hitler). The events were not linked to the “Nazis.” In fact, Hitler was enraged when he heard the news because he knew that the foreign Judenpresse would use the vandalism and alleged murders to slander Germany. Slimes: They arrested him and his wife, Gertrud. She was released from prison the next day. But Max Hahn was imprisoned for seven months. Rebuttal: If that’s true, then we should point out that “zee Nazis” did not arrest Jews simply for being Jews in 1938 — except if they were engaged in Marxist subversion. Perhaps Papa Max was involved in organizing Kristallnacht ™? There had to be a reason, but the article doesn’t say what the charge was. Or maybe he too was released the next day — the “arrest” being only for his safety. Slimes: His important collection of silver Judaica, with items dating back to the 17th century, was confiscated. Included were ceremonial lamps, candlesticks, kiddush cups and spice boxes. Rebuttal: Sounds like stuff used for Satanic rituals — just sayin.’ But if it’s that old, and can be marketed as Kristallnacht ™ loot taken from the family of a famous man — then I’d bet ya shekels to bagels that the resale value of this junk would be enough to make an already wealthy man like Hayden salivate. It’s never enough for these characters. * Editor’s Note: I personally know of a high-net-worth individual who once stole a collection of coins worth only about $2,000 from his deceased father’s estate. It’s a sickness with these people. Slimes: Twenty years after beginning his project, and despite the support of a German organization that helped finance two years of research, he has only collected one of the 166 missing items, a kiddush cup. Rebuttal: Mein Gott! A German organization helped “finance two years of research” into this silly project? How pathetic and how quintessential that is of the modern German to put up with such “chutzpah” from their historical tormenters. It’s like a home-intruding rapist calling his victim up the next day and asking her to help locate the silver chain torn from his neck as she put up a struggle: “Hey baby. Since it was your fault for resisting, could you at least look for my missing chain?” Slimes: Still, the Hayden effort is representative of the kind of dedication that many Jewish families have put toward recapturing art and other items confiscated from their relatives. Rebuttal: No, it’s actually “representative of the kind of” psychotic culture of persecution complex and an egoistic need to always have the last word. Slimes: Such work is often fueled by a sense of justice and a commitment to family… Rebuttal: BS! It’s all about the “Gimme. Gimmee! Gimmee!” Slimes: … and, in the case of art, the loss of possibly substantial inheritances. Rebuttal: There it is! An inadvertent truth gem: “possibly substantial inheritances.” Ah, show us the shekels, Doctor. Show us the shekels! ********* As we approach the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht ™ / Night of the Broken Glass ™ (November 10) during a time of increasing animosity toward the Shitty Little State, we expect this year’s “remembrance” to be especially mushy. “Never again!” — as (((they))) like to say — (unless you’re a Palestinian.)

Polish Marxist Jew and cold-blooded killer Herschel Grynspan (Image 1) was used to trigger the riots by murdering German diplomat Ernst vom Rath (Image 2) in Paris. The pre-planned and well-organized vandalism and looting shocked and angered Hitler. Of course, the “paper of record” used the event to attack Germany. Notice how the sub-headline mentions that many Jews, according to the Germans, were detained “for their protection.”
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about a famous doctor who has spent years trying to find the silver Judaica which the Nazis stole during Kristallnacht. Boobus Americanus 2: Nazis bad. I admire his tenacity. I hope he find the stuff. * St Sugar: What would “Nazis” want with Judaica, Boobuss? If they did take it, they’d have melted it down for its ssilver content. Editor: Methinks the doctor is just out to grab whatever he can lay claim to from the museums.