The Coming Storm: Elites Carefully Laid Plan of Genocide

February 22, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Lewis Brackett

February 22, 2023

Nay, many would argue, and with good reason, that the storm in already upon us. Decades ago, none of us could imagine the world we now live in.  An old timer I knew a number of years ago lament to me, saying “where is my country? This is not the country I grew up in.”  I sadly echoed his dismay. Neither do I now recognize my country.

This article is not to frighten anyone. Its purpose is to educate, and  get the fence sitters off the fence. Remember that the Devil owns the fence too!

Truth has become an orphan, despised, shunned and rejected. It’s voice mocked by all the “right” people. Do not dare listen to her voice, lest you also occupy the same gutter where truth finds itself.

Climate Change, the new ideology.

Beside the  pathetic triune god of Darwin, Freud and Marx, ((see my last article here,)) we see the “new” doctrine of climate change.  Ignore the facts that every now and again (few centuries)  the climate changes like the weather.  This is something you are not supposed to notice. The Elites stooges have been  editing, altering and thus burning the books for over 100 years. Beware that after defaming and burning the books they start defaming and burning the people of these books.  The Roman writers Pliny the elder and Tacitus wrote about their world. In their time all of North Africa was a fertile prairie where the grain was grown and It’s seaports of Carthage and Cyrene fed the Roman empire.  Egypt’s Sinai was a forested wilderness instead of  today’s desert. Egypt had vast forests, was green hundreds of miles south into the prosperous African kingdoms.  Shades of  Ozymandias, their kingdoms’ greatness is now only blowing dust.

Israel and Lebanon had vast forests of trees, and fertile valleys and coastal lowlands. This fertile Crescent extended through Syria and into Iraq, where now it’s nearly barren desert.

The latest climate change happened between the ninth to the middle of the fourteenth centuries, which resulted in a far warmer period than it is today.

Today’s climate alarmists totally ignore these truths, hysterically wailing that these eras never existed, that the little ice age from 1350 to the latter part of the 19th century had been the Normal  for 12.000 years. Talk about burning the books!

Remember  their delusional “hockey Puck” graph they tout endlessly?

With all this, what’s the point of these climate change fanatics? Their point is that there are too many people, useless eaters, an endless herd of cattle. In the words of Darwin, these useless eaters need to be thinned out, culled down to a “sustainable level” the Earth can support.  In case you didn’t notice,  We are that cattle.  This ideology receives thunderous applause whenever it is mentioned at the Elite’s yearly Davos meetings.

Culling the herd.

Plague has been used as a weapon of war since the beginning of organized slaughter. History is replete with stories of ancient sieges where catapults would be used to fling plague infested twitching bodies over the walls into a city to spread fear dread among the population. Plague weakened the defenders, making it far easier to storm a fortress.  It is no secret that before the colonization of North America traders were sent out to trade blankets taken from English hospitals full of Smallpox patients to the native Americans. This was a deliberate policy of extermination of a people. It was smallpox that paved the way for colonization, killing off ninety percent of the native population.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that these Elites would see that plague, no matter what its name is, would feature rather loudly in their plans for us,

Thing is, the obvious concept of deliberate gain of function research then the deliberate release of Covid into the Chinese population is in total accord with the world elite’s stated goal of massive population reduction by 2030. Why in China? Because the Chinese population’s immune systems have been degraded by the intense pollution there. Why released at that time? Because several million Chinese were home on vacation for the New Year festivals, family time. They were easily infected convenient virus spreaders.

Why now? The New World Order Elite had everything else in place to do the final implementing of their plans for establishing their long planned New Feudal World Order by killing six billion people. It is no accident that virus mutations keep popping up.  In my humble opinion, these are also carefully created and spread whenever they want more lockdowns.  Climate Change lockdowns are already beginning in Europe to further disrupt and destroy supply chains. Its all part of the elites carefully laid plan of genocide.

Covid destroys supply chains food production causing death by famine as well as death by the Covid virus. This is a perfect two-for in their eyes.

The elites are certainly immensely pleased with themselves in the number of elderly useless eaters that have been eliminated in this present pandemic.

In line with this policy, the immune systems of a large percentage of the formerly healthy young adults have been compromised as well. This is good news in their eyes, as that reduces the number of children that will be born. Many of these young people  are dropping dead because the covid shots are causing massive blood clots, killing many and crippling a host of others.

This is no vaccine in the historical and medical sense. To put it simply, this thing is messing with the way people bodies  react to detected pathogens. When you do this, in many cases, our immune systems no longer react properly, and an AIDS results. We all remember AIDS?  The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome?  In many people this is still a death sentence, every bit as deadly as a classic pandemic.

A natural immunity is far more effective in combating these intrusive pathogens.  I am 74, but have a good immune system. I had covid twice in the last two years. The second time I did not even know until a nurse did a test. In both cases I was fine in a couple days. God knew what He was talking about when He said not to eat the pig. The corruption in such scavengers as pigs compromises  the immune system according to university studies.

Digital currency & forced rationing of everything.

We have all noticed the private digital currencies that have been created over the last several years. It has also been quite obvious that this is a passing thing.  The World Elite through their captive governments cannot allow this to continue.  They have their own sinister plans for us. Do you remember Klaus Schwab’s ominous pronouncement that the general population “will own nothing and be happy?” Once a digital currency is in place, strict rationing of what you will be allowed to have will be implemented. A Chinese type “social credit score” will track the opinions of everyone. Those poor lost souls insisting on liberty and privacy will immediately become non persons not able to use what digital money they once had, thus not able to buy or sell, hold a job, get or keep housing.  They and their families will starve until they shut up and get back in compliance with the system. The Bible in the book of revelation talks about this imminently coming time where no one will be allowed to buy or sell unless they swear allegiance to the World Ruler.

We have all heard about the implementing of a digital currency later this year.  How much time do you really think you, your family have before this storm breaks upon the whole world?

This forming  of a tyrannical world government is imminent.  The storm can break any time.

So is there any hope? Yes, in the saving power of Jesus Christ. He is coming very soon to remove His faithful Church before these evil men can complete their purpose in setting up their brief kingdom. !st Corinthians 15:52.  Seek Jesus out and find Him as your personal savior today. Romans 10:9-13.

A Postscript For my February 9th 2023 NWV article About the founding of the New World Order.

June 1914, these NWO Elite had set the stage for a world war. Many voices demanded Austria take drastic action against their rebellious provinces, which would certainly begin a war with Russia. Archduke Franz Ferdinand desperately sought peace. He directly intervened to prevent war on two occasions. The conspirators arranged for him to visit the troubled province of Serbia in a highly publicized visit.

They made sure he and his beautiful wife Sophie were driven in an open topped car slowly through the streets so waiting marksmen shot both to death, removing the last obstacle to war. A few days later, the first world war began.