The COVID-19 “Vaccine”

February 19, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



via: Jeffrey Bennett, RBN host of The Edge of Darkness

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Source: Federal Observer

“I’ve had my vaccine and I feel fine.”

The above quote is the uneducated and ignorant defense from anyone that has taken the vaccine and uses it as proof that the vaccine works, when confronting anyone who questions it. If that’s your defense, then you haven’t listened to a single word anyone has said, including science itself.

It’s an mRNA vaccine. Innovative medicine. Completely untested. Unlike any other vaccine. In fact, it steps out of medicine and firmly into genetics. Let me explain.

What is RNA? RNA is Ribonucleic Acid. And if you went to school, you will have heard of DNA. This is deoxyribonucleic Acid. And if you know anything about DNA, it contains the genetic makeup of any organism.

Both are very similar, yet have their differences also. But, more importantly, lets talk about their functions.

DNA replicates and stores genetic information. It is a blueprint for all genetic information contained within an organism. RNA converts the genetic information contained within DNA to a format used to build proteins, and then moves it to ribosomal protein factories.

The mRNA vaccine is a synthetic “messenger” RNA strand, that converts genetic information within DNA.

Now, they’ve told you that they do this to produce proteins to in order to strengthen the immune system to fight the Covid virus, but if you really look at the bigger picture here, it might leave you quite numb to understand the potential reality of the situation.

If you have had the vaccine, rest assured that your DNA is now changing. Do you have any idea of the implications of that? Your genetic makeup is mutating.

You are being put under extreme pressure to take a substance that changes your genetic makeup, all because of a virus that has no more than a 0.03% fatality rate. A virus that is parallel with the flu (which has mysteriously vanished since the arrival of Covid.) Not to mention that the FDA have not approved this as a legitimate vaccine as yet, but have only approved for emergency use. This means that it’s being tested on you! Most “vaccine” companies don’t even refer to this as a vaccine, but as an “operating system.” I’ll assume that Mr Gates likes to call it this!

If you tell me that I am selfish to want my DNA to remain intact, at the risk of somebody’s life, who already has underlying conditions and probably would have died from the flu or any other ailment, due to thier own failing immune system, then you are completely insane.

I see people stating that “if it’s the only way to get back to normal, then I’m having it.” I’m just gob-smacked. These people are more than prepared to risk change of the very fabric of what “life” is, just so they can get their “life” back?

If you think I’m talking shit, then you are a fool. Go and have the vaccine. Hopefully, you wont have to regret your decision, should the time come.

This information is readily available for you to read. If you are ignorant enough to roll up your sleeves with your eyes completely shut, then maybe you have no idea on what the meaning of “life” actually is, and you’re chasing a complete fantasy.

You think it’s about saving lives. You think it’s as clear cut as “life or death.” It’s not. It’s not dying from a vaccine that I’m scared of. It’s living with it’s potential long term effects. As opposed to the 99.97% survival rate that will see the back of the effects of Covid in about a week. I’m not a betting person, but those odds look sweet to me!

So you took the vaccine and didn’t die. Wonderful news.

I didn’t take the vaccine and I didn’t die either!

Let’s pick this back up in several years, when I’m still human… and God knows what you are.

Good luck.

Please do share. This is not scare mongering. This is scientific fact. Not even scientists can ultimately know what this is doing. People really need to understand what they are lining themselves up for… or more to the point, understand that they “don’t” know what they’re lining themselves up for.

Author Unknown. Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by Dr. E.