The Darien Gap, Panama, Invader Processing Center

May 10, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


By Jeff Rense
From Gab

Source: Jeff Rense

The Darien Gap, Panama, Invader
Processing Center – WATCH 


The US Government Is Forming Its Replacement Army To Kill You.

Here’s Video Of The BIG San Vicente Invader Processing Center In Darien Province In Panama – In The Second Video, Watch The Huge Buses Leaving The Center Transporting Endless 1,000s Of Fighting Age Males To The US Border – NONE Have Been Vaxxed! They Are To Survive And Be Ready To Fight.

There Are Likely Many Shipping Containers (Think COSTCO) Full Of Weapons (AKs, RPGs, Land Mines, Drones) Pre-positioned In The USA

Now Watch A Typical Large Scale Bus Convoy Leaving Darien Gap
For The US Border Carrying Hundreds And Hundreds Of Invaders
THIS Is What The US ‘Government’ Is Doing To America