The FDA is meeting next Wednesday to discuss Covid shots for infants

June 9, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  Steve Elkins  June 9, 2022
ATTENTION RBN Listeners.  We have until next Wednesday, (June 13th by midnight), to send comments to “Oppose” giving infants a Covid inoculation.  The government will surely Rubber Stamp this with a Emergency Use Authorization as they have already purchased 10 million doses.  It’s time to speak up for the safety of the children.  The children are our future.  If they are damaged, then they will be our responsibility  to care for.  Silence is implied consent.  Don’t be silent.  Contact all in your circles.  Have them send a comment to oppose Covid Infant inoculation.  Here is my letter.  Steve Elkins.
Go to: to post your comments on infants getting a Covid inoculation.  Click on the green tab to send them your comments.
Document Type: Notice
Title: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting; Establishment of a Public Docket; Request for Comments
Document ID: FDA-2022-N-0904-0001Comment:
I oppose the use of ANY experimental mRNA Gene Therapy shots on infants, children, or adults. Children have a very low incidence of death from Covid 19, therefore pursuing a treatment is NOT necessary. There has not been sufficient testing and trials on any of these mRNA gene therapies, and the outcomes are unknown at this time, or what may become in the future. If these mRNA gene therapies are safe and effective as we have been told, (95.4 % safe and effective), then why pass them through the FDA using an Emergency Use Authorization? Why not approve these shots at this high percentage, (95.4%), and take liability if harm or death is caused? If safe and effective, then why am I seeing patients who have been vaccinated, and boostered getting Covid? I have worked in the ICU for 29 years. In that time I have NEVER seen a young person, (Teenager to mid 30’s), with Myocarditis. I do now on a regular basis; all having received a Covid mRNA shot or series of shots. I use the word shot over vaccine, because a TRUE vaccine PREVENTS the person from acquiring the pathogen through an antigen/antibody response. So if teenagers are at risk with acquiring myocarditis from a Covid shot, then it should be assumed that an infant, or young child with a weak but developing immune system would also be at great risk of myocarditis, or other cardiac issues from taking a Covid shot. I oppose this action based on my medical experience; health risk/benefit analysis. There is no greater immunity than natural acquired immunity from exposure to a pathogen, and from our own immunological response. Sincerely, Stephen Elkins RNBSN ICU June 7, 2022