The FTX Loot

November 15, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff



Source: Winter Watch


Winter Watch has written about some doozies over the years, but the fraudulent stealing of billions from crypto dispositors at FTX is over the top crime. The CEO of FTX is one Sam Bankman- Fried. known as SBF. SBF who sports a girl lover symbol on his avatar grew this crypto exchange to over one million users.

SBF had a team of flying monkeys surrounding him. They lived the high life in a $40 million penthouse in the Bahamas. Among the activities of the inner circles were orgies and Sabattean-Frankist libertine sex.

A former employee describes the scene.

SBF running buddies

Bankman put a backdoor in the FTX accounting software that let him move billions to a separate entity called Alameda without triggering audit flags.

There awaited a FTX sidekick one Caroline Ellison one of SBF’s friends with benefits. She in turn pissed ways billions in client holdings in losing trades thus bankrupting FTX.

By sheer coinikydink this 29 year old woman was the daughter of Glenn Ellison SEC Commissioner Gary Gensler’s boss at MIT.

Take a look at this criminal. It begs the question, who would bang her let alone entrust her with $10 billion OPM to play with.

And here’s a photo of Alameda CEO @carolinecapital’s Dad, Glenn Ellison with Gregory Palm, former top @GoldmanSachs lawyer, one of the wealthiest corporate lawyers in the US.

How did this pudgy unattractive dweb with man tits elevate to such a multi-billionaire position so quickly?

His parents are influential Jewish elites as are Ellison. His dad has written about and made a career off of getting rid of the “cash economy” and helping the govt find tax evasion (odd that his son his the biggest name in crypto). His mom is a major democrat operative.

SBF’s aunt Linda Fried, scientist in epidemiology is strongly connected to WEF… SBF’s brother, Gabriel Bankman-Fried, is a founder of “Guarding against Pandemics”.

Biden appoints Gensler SEC Chair FTX meets him— to discuss special treatment.

Mark Cohades noted short seller called this rat a month ago on Hedge Eye

Tribesman and schtick artist Larry David got involved with FTX commercials. Funny but I think Larry’s character had it right.

What a satanic Weimar world.