The GMO threat: How to protect ourselves

June 26, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Natural News

Pro-GMO activists would have us believe that genetically modified (GM) foods are ‘perfectly safe’. They claim that GM foods will make agricultural practices more sustainable; increase crop yields, reduce the use of pesticides, provide more nutritious foods and (my favorite) help make farming easier and more profitable. Scientifically speaking, every one of these so-called ‘benefits’ are deceptive and outright lies manufactured by the biotech industry.

Protect your health by knowing the truth. For example, the herbicide Roundup – created by Monsanto – has been shown to be 1,000 times more toxic than its isolated (active) component glyphosate. In fact, Roundup and glyphosate have been shown to cause damage to DNA, reproductive problems, cancer + much more. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, get the latest news and trends about GMOs.

The biotech industry lies about the ‘safety’ of GM foods

When Monsanto says that GM foods are ‘perfectly safe’ – they neglect to tell you that most of their animal feeding studies on GMOs are less than 3 months in length. Obviously, short-term studies will fail to show chronic health effects like organ failure, cancer or digestive problems. Simply put, we must demand long-term safety studies – before allowing GMOs to dominate our food supply.

How can anyone, honestly, say that GM foods cause no harm? Currently, the United States government has no tracking system for reporting negative side effects and, even if they did, there are no requirements to label GM foods – so most people have no knowledge about whether they are consuming GMOs or not.

The best long-term study ever done proves that GM foods threaten human health

In 2012, Professor Seralini and a team of researchers published a study which found that a Monsanto GM Roundup-tolerant corn and very low levels of the Roundup herbicide caused severe organ damage and hormonal disruption in rats fed over a long-term period of two years. Another shocking revelation was the unexpected findings of increased rates of large tumors and premature death in some animal groups.

This sickening technology has taken over the food supply. If you want to avoid GMOs – you must look carefully at all the food you eat. Currently, in the United States commercialized GM crops include soy (94%), cotton (90%), canola (90%), sugar beets (95%), corn (88%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), zucchini and yellow squash (over 24,000 acres). Don’t underestimate the power of your food purchasing dollar – avoid buying GM foods by looking for the organic or ‘non-GMO project verified’ seal.

In my opinion, chemtrails, EMF pollution and GMOs represent the greatest threats to human life. Educate yourself and share this news with your family and friends. Remember, just one person (you) can make such a difference in this world.

This week’s guest: Ken Roseboro, top expert on all aspects of genetically modified foods

Get the latest news about non-GMO trends, legislation and action steps – Sun. Jun. 29

Ken Roseboro has been called “the nation’s reporter on all issues surrounding genetically modified foods” by Acres USA magazine. Ken is editor and publisher of The Organic & Non-GMO Report, a monthly news magazine that focuses on the threats posed by GM foods and the growing non-GMO food trend.

He is also editor and publisher of The Non-GMO Sourcebook, an annual directory of suppliers of non-GMO and organic seed, grains, and ingredients. Ken is author of Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health and The Organic Food Handbook. In addition, Ken appears in the documentary film, GMO OMG.

GM foods fail to deliver on its promises. In reality, GMOs are not safe to eat. They do not yield greater crops or reduce the need for chemicals. And, finally, GM foods will not solve world issues like, climate change, energy issues or world hunger. Want to help stop GMOs? Join us for our next show.