The Great Silencing: the Weaponization of Loneliness

February 27, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By Elizabeth Nickson
Welcome to Absurdistan

February 27, 2024

The Atlantic re-published Saturday a long, somewhat clunky analysis by Jean M Twenge, which elaborated on the alienation experienced by late Millennials and GenZ. She charts the piece well. The young are simply not spending physical time with each other. They are online, on Snapchat and the other socials, building their own deeply private worlds. They are not dating, they are not having sex, they are not marrying and they are not joining the work force with any enthusiasm. Too many are settling for get-along-jobs, and staying as long as possible in adolescence, disengaged with life.

This was meant to bolster the elevated left’s argument that Trump makes people too traumatized to be elected again. There is a lot of hysteria building from the ground troops of the left, i.e innumerate, half-educated women – the kind who need Ativan on the regular. But Twenge’s work points to meaning she does not see.Morabito, StellaBest Price: $12.40Buy New $19.98(as of 05:02 UTC – Details)

The writer compares her GenX teenaged years, and found her contemporaries ranging through the cities and burbs, driving as soon as possible, and generally having adventures they did not want to tell their parents about. This is no longer the case. Z’s stay home, they date in packs if at all, and they are having much less sex.

Britt Piper, a psychologist who works with the nervous system believes that the current rise in physical and mental illness is directly attributed to our creation of a world that “our nervous systems do not want to live in anymore”. In other words, we have been shocked down to our socks, over and over again, reduced to comfort seeking and safety, which is why Millennials and Z do not want to leave their bedrooms. This is a gross generalization, but Atlantic girl has the numbers, and they ain’t good. We are in survival mode, suffering from chronic illness and searching above all, for anxiety relief.

Like many, I suspect the creation of a hostile world, poisoned food, air, EMFs, has been deliberate in order to reduce us, to make us docile, pliable, our labor harvestable. And it has been engineered by the security state which metastasized after 911.

Stella Morabito, in the Weaponization of Loneliness, herself once an employee at the CIA, confirms our suspicions. It was planned and she shows how.

They’ve been working towards this for decades, the psychopaths that run us. In The Weaponization of LonelinessHow Tyrants Stoke Our Fear of Isolation to Silence, Divide, and Conquer Us, a powerhouse of a book, Stella Morabito points out that between ten and fifteen percent of us are near-psychopaths and they almost always end up in leadership. Shorn of empathy for anyone but themselves, they see the world as something to master, other people as NPCs, non-playing characters who will obey or die. They are pitiless and they know best. I have read no better description of the people destroying our world.

Heckenlively, KentBest Price: $11.99Buy New $12.00(as of 05:02 UTC – Details)Over and over through history, as Morabito describes, they grab power and destroy the culture, sending it into war and catastrophic depression. Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Kaiser Willem 11 who started World War 1, Caligula, Oliver Cromwell, Fu Sheng, Ivan the Terrible, every country has them.

John Kerry and Samantha Power. BlackRock and Vanguard. State Street. Murdoch. Klaus. Trudeau, Macron and Rishi Sunak, Zelenskyy, Xi, Putin. Whoever is pulling their strings.

Digitization means they have met each other and devised a system of oppression so detailed and fine-grained, like the proverbial boiling frog, it’s almost too late.

Morabito, who spent much of her career at the CIA, and therefore should know, describes the bars of our prison, the walls, the floors, the ceilings, the surveillance devices, the propaganda in its every devious form, and the psychological tricks they are using on us. Everything has been engineered. Every single thing you now suffer was planned. Above all they want you to be lonely, isolated, atomized. Then you are easy to control.

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