The Hierarchical Prison That Is Life in America Today

January 29, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

“One way or another, we spend our whole lives being conditioned into accepting some line or order, some position of domination or subjection. It’s hard to unlearn such hierarchy, to undo such control. It’s implicit.”

Cliff James, Of Bodies Changed

We all begin our lives in a hierarchy of sorts, because we have parents or guardians, but one of which is by necessity, as infants and small children are completely helpless and dependent on care and teaching for the very sake of living, else they would simply perish from this earth. That is the difference in vital parenting and any forced hierarchy, whether private or State induced. Parenting, once the child is of any age where he possesses his own mind and can face responsibility on his own, at least to my way of thinking, should become more of a guiding experience, as opposed to harsh rule or complete acquiescence to insanity. Each has to come into this own, and therefore needs to be let loose earlier rather than later, in order to experience life and follow his dreams, whether good or bad, whether with success or failure. In the past, this happened more naturally, and at a very early age, but today, many continue to be coddled, psychologically crippled, and financially supported, even throughout much or all of their lives. This is devasting not only to the child or young adult, but to the rest of society as well, because each generation becomes more dependent, passive, and paralyzed by the whims of others than ever occurred in the past, and therefore much more likely to accept rule.Gary DeMarBuy New $41.95(as of 04:16 UTC – Details)

The insane indoctrination centers called ‘schools,’ especially those called ‘public’ schools, and now almost all falsely claimed ‘higher education’ centers, are basically just weak, controlling, manipulative brainwashing factories, staffed by doltish hypnotized ‘intellectuals,’ whose only function is to hold down the already obedient and compliant State subjects. This fits in directly with too much protective and smothering parenting, and is just a continuation of the advancement of the atrocious notion of a lifelong acceptance of a hierarchical existence based on cowardice, fear, and dependency. One look around today, and any study whatsoever of long-past decades, and one will be astounded at the difference. The further one looks back, the more responsible was the average person, but no longer is this so.

Thankfully, I was given mostly free rein once I was slightly older and able to make decisions on my own. This remained the case throughout most of my growing up years, until I left home at 18 years of age, immediately after having had to stomach ‘public’ school for 13 years. At least when I was in that horrible system, it was a far cry more sane than today’s psychotic madness. My first extreme experience of forced hierarchy (slavery) was when I was drafted (conscripted) into the Army during the aggressive American slaughter of the innocent Vietnamese. What was demanded was pure servitude, and total respect for hierarchical behavior, which was interestingly called the ‘chain of command.’ A telling title to be sure, and that should be how all authority should be referred to in today’s submissive and obedient society. I of course, paid little attention to this idiocy, refused to kill anyone on evil orders, did not adhere to any of this domineering nonsense, did not take general orders well, and did not comply with most any rule (demand) given. This got me removed from the base to just do my work and go home, so for the last year of my enslavement, I was little bothered.

The point I am attempting to make here, is that any strict or mandatory hierarchical demand, whether ‘requiring’ respect, ‘commanding’ a certain reverence, or expecting obedience due to any so-called title or position for the sake of just that title or position, should be discarded immediately unless an obvious and warranted respect is actually not only deserved, but voluntarily accepted and uncoerced. Any man of worth and confidence need not bow down to any other; he has no obligation to ever consider anyone his ‘superior.’ Common courtesy, common human respect for the sake of social cooperation, regard for real and honest expertise, age, and knowledge, will naturally garner admiration and appreciation without any need for any dominant posture.

In this fascist oligarchy called ‘America,’ the entirety of this country is based on hierarchy, from the top to the bottom of the belligerent class system that consumes this population. This insanity lives at every level of current societal norms, and is disgusting in that so many allow so few to rule over them without lifting a finger to stop it.

The top-down ruling system that has taken over this nation-state, is abhorrent in that it assumes layers of power of one over another, or the few over the many, in every aspect of life. This indicates that all life is to be managed, controlled, and forcefully guided, and those not adhering to this ruling restriction and regulation are to be punished; in many cases severely, whether by financial rape, property confiscation, incarceration, beating, or death. This begins with the master rule of the federal executive, and rolls downhill from there with congress, political bureaucracies, corrupt government courts, police, and military, and then begins all over with the same structure in the states. This so-called ‘chain of command’ continues throughout society down to the smallest local governing systems, but is identical in its efforts to rule over and control the lowest class of plebs called the masses.

This is by definition a hierarchical prison system, one that devastates all freedom of the individual in favor of totalitarian rule. Why is this so, and why is this the common theme of all societies on earth? Who benefits from this horrific master/slave ruling structure? Who gains power and money due to this type of layered domination of mankind? It certainly is not the common man. What kind of human desires to rule over all others, without regard for the sanctity of individual freedom that is due to every single sovereign being? Why is this barbarous evil even allowed to survive over generations?Dzenitis, Tami BrehseBest Price: $5.08Buy New $10.31(as of 02:14 UTC – Details)

Most all of you in this country, and most all on earth, are nothing more than prisoners of the State. You have not only voluntarily allowed this to happen, but perpetuate this prison system existence throughout your lives, and leave it in place as your offspring’s inheritance. Does this give you pause, or are you now so oblivious to your own pathetic bondage, so dependent on rules, restrictions, regulations, and ‘laws,’ by your claimed ‘betters,’ that you are no longer a sovereign independent being, but are just a meek shadow among the crowd,  and an unconscious and submissive cog in the wheel of tyranny?

There is a way out of this madness, but it requires that each and every individual take charge of his own life, instead of being ranked and classified as a ward (‘citizen’) of the State. This is not something that can be given you, it is not something that others can accomplish for your benefit, it is your responsibility alone. No one can be truly free until each of us is free.

“It is incredible how as soon as a people become subject, it promptly falls into such complete forgetfulness of its freedom that it can hardly be roused to the point of regaining it, obeying so easily and willingly that one is led to say that this people has not so much lost its liberty as won its enslavement.”

~ Etienne de La Boetie