The Hoax of “Multiculturalism”

March 25, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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March 25, 2024

According to “Britannica,” multiculturalism is  “the view that culturesraces, and ethnicities, particularly those of minority groups, deserve special acknowledgment of their differences within a dominant political culture. See this. In fact, “multiculturalism is a gigantic hoax. The people behind it, including brain-dead Biden and his gang of neocon controllers, want to impose a totalitarian tyranny on us, telling us whom we can and cannot associate with. If you are white, you have no rights; your “culture,” according to these forces of evil, doesn’t exist. If you oppose mass immigration, you are a vile racist.

According to the great black economist Walter Williams, writing in 2015, multiculturalism aims to destroy Christianity and Western civilization:

“President Barack Obama surprised many at the National Prayer Breakfast when he lectured us, “Lest we get on our high horse and think this (barbarity) is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” Obama went on to explain, “In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often (were) justified in the name of Christ.” In Obama’s mind, Western outrage at Islamic barbarism should be tempered by the remembrance of what Christians did a thousand years ago in the name of Christ. Plus, that outrage should be chastened by our own history of slavery and Jim Crow.Angeli, JacobBuy New $9.99(as of 08:26 UTC – Details)

President Obama’s vision is that of a man brainwashed through an academic vision of multiculturalism, in which American exceptionalism has no place. It’s a vision that has been shaped by a longtime association with people who hate our country, people such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Weather Underground leader and Pentagon bomber William Ayers and Ayers’ onetime fugitive wife, Bernardine Dohrn. A vision that sees a moral equivalency between what Christians did centuries ago and today’s Islamic savagery is quite prevalent in academia. It’s part of what’s worshipped on most college campuses as diversity and multiculturalism.

College campus idiots — and that includes faculty members and administrators — call for the celebration of and respect for all cultures. In their eyes, it’s racist Eurocentrism to think that Western values and culture are superior to others. But that’s the height of stupidity. Ask your campus multiculturalist who believes in cultural equivalency: Is forcible female genital mutilation, as practiced in nearly 30 sub-Saharan African and Middle Eastern countries, a morally equivalent cultural value? Slavery is practiced in Sudan and Niger; is that a cultural equivalent? In most of the Middle East, there are numerous limits on women — such as prohibitions on driving, employment, voting and education. Under Islamic law, in some countries, female adulterers face death by stoning, and thieves face the punishment of having their hand severed.

Some multiculturalists are members of campus LGBT groups. Ask them to what extent the Muslim culture would tolerate their lifestyle.

At the very heart of multiculturalism is an attack on Christianity. Much of that attack has its roots among hypocrites in the intellectual elite. For example, Duke University sponsored Muslim calls to prayer in the name of promoting “religious pluralism,” until external pressures forced it to cancel the practice. Earlier, Duke administrators removed Chick-fil-A as a campus vendor because of CEO Dan Cathy’s comments regarding his religious opposition to homosexual marriage. So much for religious pluralism, tolerance and free speech.

Some public school boards have attempted to ban songs containing references to Santa Claus, Jesus or religious Christmas symbols. One school district banned a teacher from using excerpts from historical documents in his classroom because they contained references to God and Christianity. The documents in question were the Declaration of Independence and “The Rights of the Colonists,” by Samuel Adams.

Western values are by no means secure. They’re under ruthless attack by the academic elite on college campuses across America. These people want to replace personal liberty with government control; they want to replace equality with entitlement; they want to halt progress in order to worship Mother Earth. As such, they pose a far greater threat to our way of life than any Islamic terrorist or group. Visions of multiculturalism and diversity are a cancer on our society. We stupidly fund them with our tax dollars and generous charitable donations.

Islamists and leftists attack not only Christianity but also free market capitalism. They do so because Christian nations, which have a great measure of economic liberty, have been at the forefront of the struggle for personal liberty and private property rights for centuries. Personal liberty and private property are anathemas to people who want to control our lives. That is part and parcel of the multicultural and diversity movements infecting the Western world.” See this.

As I mentioned earlier, “diversity” definitely does not include the white race. Public school teachers today teach our children that white people are evil. Paul Craig Roberts points out that the multiculturalists go so far as to want to “breed out” white people:

““Diversity” is used in the Western World to water down white ethnic diversity.  The ethnic existence of every white ethnicity–British, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Dutch–is being obliterated by massive numbers of immigrant-invaders, as Jean Raspail’s novel, The Camp of the Saints, predicted.

The United States once required immigrants to assimilate and become Americans.  But this was terminated.  Today Americans are supposed to celebrate diversity, which means being overrun by immigrants from different cultures, with different languages and different values and behavior.  Allegedly this enriches us, but in fact what it does is to water down our own culture to make room for the immigrant-invaders’ cultures.  Not even the English language is required. Haven’t you noticed that any business you call answers in Spanish and English.

It can’t be long before there is a Hispanic President.

The entirety of the Western World is being destroyed by multiculturalism.  There is no difference between multiculturalism and a Tower of Babel. It is a collection of peoples who do not speak the same language, do not share the same values, who have no understanding that a nation consists of a homogeneous population. A population divided by Diversity Politics  cannot come together to oppose government oppression because they are at each others’ throats.

The European Union serves to destroy European identities by merging ethnic nations  into a multicultural sameness.  French, German, Italians, Dutch lose their presence in history and become European.

The EU also undermines European identity by having millions of Third World immigrant-invaders pour into Europe. This further waters down the ethnicity  of European countries.

Everywhere in the US there are ads encouraging white women to marry blacks or to be in a sexual relationship with them producing non-white children.  This encouragement continues despite evidence that white women married to black men or in sexual relationships with black men suffer a high murder rate.

Americans, being an insouciant people accustomed to tales of their greatness, have little if any concept of their danger.  They are already second class citizens under the law of the United States.  Their advancement is held back in order to advance blacks with race-based university admissions, employment, and promotions.

In public schools white children are taught not to trust their parents, and that they and their parents are racists and responsible for slavery and oppression of “people of color.”

They are also taught that they might not be the gender that their physical body indicates.  Try to imagine the confusion introduced at such an early age.

Essentially the white population is being destroyed in its culture, in its physical existence, and in its own mentality.

Does the Western World have the capability of saving itself? Do white people understand their vulnerability?

If they don’t, they are history.” See this.

You have probably heard of the phrase “the great replacement” So-called “right-wing extremists” chant “they will not replace us.” Are they delusional? In fact, they are not. There is a United Nations plan that calls for support for mass immigration in order to get younger people into countries with aging populations. Giulio Meloti tells us about it:

“Twenty years ago, the United Nations published a document titled “Replacement Migration: Is it A Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?“. It was not a right-wing conspiracy theory, but a sophisticated working plan for Western democracies dealing with demographic aging. It has since gone mainstream. Just read what Richard Thaler, a Nobel laureate in economics, said this month: “We need more immigrants to pay pensions”. See this.

Let’s take Meloti’s advice and look at the UN document. It does indeed call for “replacement,” using just that word, of a nation’s population through mass immigration.

“The United Nations Population Division monitors fertility, mortality and migration trends for all countries of the world, as a basis for producing the official United Nations population estimates and projections. Among the demographic trends revealed by those figures, two are particularly salient: population decline and population ageing. Focusing on these two striking and critical trends, the present study addresses the question of whether replacement migration is a solution to declining and ageing populations. Replacement migration refers to the international migration that would be needed to offset declines in the size of population, the declines in the population of working age, as well as to offset the overall ageing of a population.

The numbers of migrants needed to offset declines in the working-age population are significantly larger than those needed to offset total population decline. Whether those larger numbers of migrants are within the realm of options open to Governments depends to a great extent on the social, economic and political circumstances of the particular country or region.

If retirement ages remain essentially where they are today, increasing the size of the working-age population through international migration is the only option in the short to medium term to reduce declines in the potential support ratio.

The levels of migration needed to offset population ageing (i.e., maintain potential support ratios) are extremely large, and in all cases entail vastly more immigration than occurred in the past.” See this.

The late Pope Benedict XVI recognized the bad effects of multiculturalism. It destroys Western civilization, the Pope said. He was commenting on a book written by the Italian philosopher Marcello Pera:

“Marcello Pera, 65, president of the Italian Senate during the last legislature, dedicated his academic research to his friend Karl Popper, Austrian philosopher of the “open society.”Geiger, Roger L.Best Price: $16.00Buy New $21.06(as of 08:26 UTC – Details)

In his letter, Benedict XVI acknowledged the text to be “a fascinating read,” and he applauded Pera’s analysis of liberalism. “With an exceptional knowledge of the foundations, and with convincing logic, you analyze the essence of liberalism from its principles, showing that rooted in the heart of liberalism is the Christian image of God.”

“With irreproachable logic, you show how liberalism loses its base and destroys itself if it abandons this foundation,” he added.

The Pope also expressed his admiration for Pera’s analysis of liberty, and the concept of multiculturalism, in which he “shows the internal contradiction of this concept and, therefore, its political and cultural impossibility.”“Of fundamental importance is your analysis of what Europe and a European Constitution can be in which Europe is not transformed into a cosmopolitan reality, but finds — from its Christian-liberal foundation — its own identity,” he notes.” See this.

What happens when people try to fight back against this tyranny? We see the answer in Orania, a small community of white South Africans who do everything for themselves and don’t import black labor. The great legal scholar Dr. Wanjiru Njoya describes the situation:

“What is wrong with these liberal journos? Orania is not Disneyland. It’s just a farming community, with their families, tending their farms and building a town. Observing their culture, their religion, their heritage. Leave them alone.” See this.

Dr. Njoya, writing with characteristic precision, says:

“Afrikaner men are white. They marry Afrikaner women, who are white. As such, their children are also white. In this way, their families are white. When they get together, the gathering is white. For this they’re denounced as racist. The people of Orania have done NOTHING wrong.” See this.

She concludes:

“Listen up. It doesn’t matter what the Human Genome Project said. People are entitled to choose their own marriage partner. Freedom of association. Freedom of conscience and belief. Leave people alone to associate with whom they will. Stop forcing multiculti madness on everyone.” See this.

Let’s heed Dr. Njoya’s advice and do everything we can to stop what she calls the “multiculti madness.”