“The World Out There” Grows Crazier by the Day

March 25, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Frosty Wooldridge

March 25, 2024

One wise doctor said that you need to turn off all forms of media and communications for a month to regain your sanity in this insane world.  Day in and day out, week in and week out, and worst of all, year in and year out—-nothing but bad news explodes on the national and international fronts.

Over the weekend, Muslim terrorists shot up a huge auditorium in Moscow, Russia killing 133 people, wounding dozens more, and completely burned down the entire structure.

Almost beyond reason, Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, condemned the terrorists on national television.  He promised to bring the terrorists to justice.  Ironically, historians will put Putin in the same category as Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.  Those guys killed millions for absolutely no reason but their own quest for power.

Already, in two years, Putin has killed 100,000 young men from the Russian Army, and 100,000 men from the Ukraine Army, and another 50,000 to 100,000 wounded. He’s blown up much of Ukraine’s cities, power stations and infrastructure.  He’s displaced millions of people out of Ukraine.  Let’s face it; Putin is the second coming of Hitler.  He’s one sick, disgusting, horrid, sociopath tyrant.  What could possibly be his justification for killing THAT many people?

Then, you see October 7, 2023, where a bunch of Muslim Hamas terrorists slaughter 1,200 Jewish women and children in Israel. They raped them, tortured them, and then, took 240 hostages to live in barbaric conditions in tunnels in Gaza as tools to barter with Israel.  Now, 30,000 plus people have died at the hands of Israel, and 1.1 million people have been displaced.  Most of Gaza is completely uninhabitable.

What the hell were the leaders of Hamas thinking?  They had to know that the Jewish people would fight for their lives. They absolutely knew that Israel featured an incredible Army to preserve themselves, and that President Netanyahu would bomb the living hell out of them.

And yet, in the Muslim  religion, those killers will be given 72 virgins in the afterlife for dying for Allah by killing Jews.  How do you understand such insanity, such stupidity, and such barbarism in 2024?

And here in the USA, you’ve got Hamas supporters marching in our streets with Palestinian flags flying as if our country was Palestine.  Then you have to wonder whose bright idea was it to import all those maniac Muslims into America?  Why?  Why did Congress import war-like people who have been taught savagery as a way of life to countless generations of Muslims?  It shows you how crazy or stupid our own leaders prove themselves.

What is really crazy stems from the forecasted FACT that those same Islamic Muslim terrorists are gathering their own terrorist cells in America and they will HIT a similar American venue as the one in Moscow. They will kill hundreds of us at a theater, NFL game, NBA game, MLB game or NHL game.  You must know something horrific is being planned to kill countless Americans.  Why doesn’t it bother them?  Answer: each one of those mental morons is brainwashed into believing he will enjoy 72 virgins in the afterlife.  Is that a crazy religion or what?

Yet, that foggy-brained Joe Biden keeps importing every known terrorist into our country, somehow figuring we are immune to terrorism?  What a cognitively decrepit old fool he is, and what fools we are for allowing him to continue in the White House.   And if he dies in office, Kamala Harris, who is about as sharp as a thumbtack stuck in a lake of pudding, will lead our country into an even deeper black hole of incompetence.

Then, over the weekend, hundreds of illegal alien refugees stormed our southern border at Eagle Pass, Texas, attacked our military and rushed into our country against our laws.  They are now part of the 11 million plus saturating our cities with crime, diseases, homelessness, and total chaos.

Then you find out that Biden has been flying over 100,000 illegals on planes to over  43 cities in America—on  your tax dollar. It can’t get any more  nuts than that.

So, you sit here wondering how did our country spiral SO FAR INTO THE TOILET?  Answer: we’ve elected power elites who have completely abandoned the American people for power and money.  We’ve elected  governors and mayors who created “Sanctuary Cities” which are totally in violation of our laws. We elected Joe Biden, a 50 year veteran of DC who was incompetent during his entire Senate career, and now, is even more incompetent as president of our country. It’s called “The Peter Principle.”  Biden defines and sets a new benchmark for total incompetence.

Historians will ask,  “What were the American people thinking when they elected all those career, corrupt politicians who brought the United States of America to its knees?”

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