The Hyphenation of Americans Reveals an Existential Threat to America

November 4, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


By Je Suis Spike for RBN

In International Soccer, Whom Do You Cheer?

Yes, international soccer can reveal the existential threat to America. I wrote recently (Hyphens Are The Evidence; White Liberals Are Haters and Bigots) about how the hateful left, primarily the light-skinned hateful left, uses the hyphen to separate themselves from those who are darker-skinned than they are. Let there be no doubt, the most privileged people in America, the light-skinned liberal elected politician, doesn’t live among the darker-skinned Americans if they don’t have to. And they sure as hell don’t live among the ever-increasing number of illegal aliens they invite to cross our border who are great fodder for their liberal exploitive abuse.

Where does Nancy Pelosi live? “Up” Chucky Schumer? Adam Schiff? Gerald Nadler?   I honestly do not know and, admittedly, am risking making an ass of myself because I assume that they live among “people who look like them,” (I mean people with similar skin tone, not other grotesque- or possessed- looking people), which, they would tell me, makes me a racist if I do it. They also hyphenate Americans because they know that government power grows as the people are divided; divide and conquer is a government policy.

Now, all of them being Americans, there are two kinds of hyphenated Americans: Those who support America first, who make America stronger and then there are those who don’t and who weaken America. I don’t mean America First! regardless of America being right or wrong; I refer to those who support their home and want it to be good, do right, and do well. The American who wants America to be good and do well, supports the ideals of liberty and they know that liberty is based upon the understanding that we are to have liberty because God gave it to us and that property belongs not to the state- not to the collective- but to individuals, and that without private property there is no liberty.

But I digress, as I explain the actual to-be hyphenated-American who doesn’t put America first, so many of whom are arriving day after day in our nation that they have become an existential threat to a nation of voters, invited by those who do not understand liberty or hate liberty for others, not to become Americans but to become takers of Americans’ property, to exploit Americans’ generous nature.

Many of us descend from people who came to this continent from other places; we descend from people who wanted to become Americans and partake in the great experiment of individual liberty. Sure, we might have some attachment to the land whence our forebears came, we might even cheer for that national team in a soccer match; there is not a thing wrong with such feckless activity.

But we sure as hell don’t cheer for that team when it plays our team, the American soccer team.   (We have one, right?)

Let that be a test.   If you’re an American, and either you or your forebears came from, say, France, and the soccer team from France is playing America (and you have no relatives on France’s team) then you ought to be cheering for America- that is if you’re watching the match and cheering anybody.   I mean, really, soccer?   Yes, yes, great game to play; rather a dull way to spend a couple of hours, though, watching a whole match.

Who won?

It’s not over; it’s only been two and a half hours.

What’s the score?


Zero to what?

Just zero.

When France plays Germany or Argentina or Great Britain, then cheer for France, I mean, really, who cares?

Merci d’avoir lu ceci article,

Je suis Spike