May 12, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

By Don Campbell


From 2007 to 2013 I was the program director and talk show host for a fifty thousand watt radio station in Livingston, Texas. It’s a small town located about seventy miles northeast of Houston. Not to stereo-type, but I will anyway. Livingston is where people go to get away from the influence of the big city and big government. The people staunchly believe in the second amendment and want to be left alone. This is the same town where the local Wal-Mart was shut down for “plumbing repairs.” My sixty-four thousand dollar question is simply this: Why is the military staging humvees in the parking lot to fix the plumbing? ….. The answer is obvious, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m sure the Kardashians will be on E television tonight.

What astounds me is the complete media blackout concerning this event. It’s not like 911 where the truth seekers were deemed wack-job conspiracy theorists with tin foil hats living under a rock. The humvees being dropped off at the Livingston Wal-Mart parking lot are sitting there in full view for all to see. And yet, the real conspiracy is the conspiracy of silence in the main stream media.

I’ve lived in both worlds. Holding down a radio gig in Houston and Livingston. And I’ve never experienced as much freedom on the air, then when I did my show from East Texas. Everything that I wanted to say but couldn’t in Houston I was allowed to say in Livingston. When it comes to the first amendment on the radio, Livingston and Houston are two different countries. Houston appears to be enlightened, but in reality it’s just another comfortable trap. Between the HOAS, toll tags, cookie cutter homes, commuting nightmares and crummy air, I’ve learned that everything is a trade off. Livingston is not Nirvana. But it’s the idea of Livingston that now has military Humvees parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It’s that independent Texas attitude that needs to be subdued. And what better place to stage your show of force than in a hotspot of perceived defiance.

The closest, open Wal-Mart to Livingston is twenty-five miles away in Cleveland, Texas. The irony to this story is that Wal-Mart was responsible for gutting downtown Livingston, just like the hundreds of other small towns across America. Image, resurrecting downtown Livingston to its formal glory. Boot stores, fishing, automotive, sports, electronics, clothing stores. Wow! And to think, all we needed to get rid of Wal-Mart was to have a military intervention.