The Mannequin President: Stilted Walk, Not Quite Alive, Shaking Hands With The Air

February 9, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Frosty Wooldridge

February 9, 2023

Let’s face it, Joe Biden has been blowing hot air and shaking hands with other politicians for over 50 years in that den of thieves, liars and cheats called Washington DC.  Notice how they promise to solve America’s problems during their stump speeches, but when it comes down to brass tacks, they fail the American people on all fronts.

If they actually worked at their jobs, we would have solutions. Forever House Member Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi of California have watched over 100,000 homeless in their districts for decades—and did nothing.  If Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis was honest, she wouldn’t have lied and cheated on her immigration papers when she defrauded us by marrying her brother to gain citizenship.  If Charles Schumer actually did something as Senate Leader, he would have solved our $32 trillion Federal debt before it manifested.  If the entire Congress did its job, we would not have an invasion at our southern border of millions of illegal migrants.

But they don’t. That includes your two senators and House member.  They sit on their thumbs while they attend wine parties. Words count for nothing. It’s actions and results that bring improvements.

On February 7, 2023, Joe Biden, a man suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and who now shakes hands with the “air”, and must be led off the podium by his protective wife, gave a speech that he didn’t write.  Furthermore, he lacks the mental abilities to understand what he’s doing to our country. He’s very much like a mannequin in a store window who looks good in clothes, but there is no substance or life under the fancy garments.

Whoever wrote that speech must live in “LaLa Land.”  What’s worse, Biden’s handlers are running our country…and they are running it into the ground.

Biden gave $100 billion to Ukraine while we pay $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon of gas.  He invited over 6.6 million illegal aliens into our country in violation of our laws…and houses them in hotels that they trash…at our expense to the tune of $338 billion annually for food, housing, medical, schooling, transport and more. We’re paying $9.00 for a dozen eggs, IF we can find them.  My grocery bill gives me high blood pressure every time I walk into King Soopers.

Across America, food banks face devastating shortages.  Our schools are being overwhelmed.  Hospitals are going broke from illegal migrants not paying a dime for services.  They are being transported by planes, busses and trains to every city in America—–that cannot house them.

And yet, Joe Biden gave a ridiculously absurd speech on the “positives”  in America.  If you heard it, you wanted to mentally puke.

What others are saying about the speech!

“Idiotic,” one father and grandfather in Iowa said bluntly in remarks about the speech. “Biden is not leading us — he’s misleading us down a very slippery slope, morally, economically and geopolitically.”

He continued, “What I mean by geopolitically is this: The China spy balloon should have been shot down as soon as it crossed into the U.S. The message Biden sent to his own people and to leaders around the world is one of hesitation and weakness.”

The newly-elected Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders delivered the GOP rebuttal to President Biden’s second Tuesday, calling for a “new generation of Republican leadership” and describing the choice between Democrats and Republicans as a choice “between normal or crazy.”

“Being a mom to three young children taught me not to believe every story I hear. So, forgive me for not believing much of anything I heard tonight from President Biden. From out-of-control inflation and violent crime to the dangerous border crisis and threat from China, Biden and the Democrats have failed you,” Sanders said.

“It’s time for a change. Tonight, let us reaffirm our commitment to a timeless American idea: that government exists not to rule the people, but to serve the people. Democrats want to rule us with more government control, but that is not who we are,” she added.

Sanders noted that she and Biden didn’t have a lot in common because she is “for freedom” and he’s “for government control,” and went on to note the four decades difference in their ages.

“At 40, I’m the youngest governor in the country. At 80, he’s the oldest president in American history.  I’m the first woman to lead my state. He’s the first man to surrender his presidency to a woke mob that can’t even tell you what a woman is,” she said.

“In the radical left’s America, Washington taxes you and lights your hard-earned money on fire, but you get crushed with high gas prices, empty grocery shelves, and our children are taught to hate one another on account of their race, but not to love one another or our great country,” she added.

After traveling across America for the past two summers coast to coast, I witnessed what Governor Sanders said.  We Americans are getting our butts kicked by our own president, and/or his handlers.

“President Biden inherited the fastest economic recovery on record. The most secure border in history. Cheap abundant, home-grown energy. Fast-rising wages. A rebuilt military. And a world that was stable and at peace. But over the last two years, Democrats destroyed it all,” Sanders said. “Despite Democrats’ trillions in reckless spending and mountains of debt, we now have the worst border crisis in American history.”

Obviously, Biden cares little for our children. Along with his crack-head son Hunter Biden, our borders are open to every drug cartel in Mexico. Who pays? Our citizens at 100,000 overdose deaths a year!  How’s that for the State of Our Union?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not thrilled with a man who is SO mentally “not there”, that he shakes hands with the “air” after his teleprompter speeches.  He’s made America much worse and our citizens much worse in the past 25 months.  He’s so full of B.S. that he doesn’t even understand his predicament, much less ours.

I absolutely fear for our country in the next 23 months of this lifeless mannequin living in the White House and pretending to lead our country.