The Masses are Dragging us into Hell – So What can we do?

August 9, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

by G. Edward Griffin

This look into the future by Max Egan will disturb you to the core. It shows how gruesome life may become in the near future because of a pandemic that does not exist. Everything of value in our lives will be negatively impacted – especially the end of personal freedom and the arrival of a new money system designed to integrate with a social-score system, such as now used in Communist China. Unfortunately, Max does not show us a way out but he makes us realize that, if the masses continue to fall for the pandemic ploy, the rest of us will be swept along with them. The great value of this video, therefore, is to sharpen our vision for a winning strategy. If the masses will drag us into slavery with them, our plan becomes clear. We must apply all of our present efforts and financial resources to those projects and activities that offer the best chance of reaching the masses with the truth. If we fail to do that, nothing else matters. Thank you, Max, for making that point clear. 2020 Aug 3 – Source: #maxigan