“The Media – the Worst People EVER” – Donald Trump

February 3, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

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Electoral fraud

A while ago I said it will be down to the media with how I feel about Donald Trump – if they like him, then I don’t! If they hate him, then I want him to be the next President! It’s as simple as that! Why? Because for me the crux of the our problems lies in the media, most especially the appalling state of US media & the fact that a handful of pro-Zionists control the news. Well, now that Trump has said “the media – the worst people EVER!” I believe it should be that simple for any American who feels something is terribly amiss on Capitol Hill.
Not that I want someone like Trump to be President. The very fact he’s standing & indeed is probably by far & away the most popular choice is a testament to how low things have sunk in America. Where have all the statesmen gone? The problem is, other than Trump, all those who have a realistic chance of winning are pro Zionists. If any of them are elected means it’s a shoe in Israel will continue to get what it wants. THIS IS THE PROBLEM! At best Trump is a big gamble but I look on him as someone who MIGHT put America before Israel.


US Constitution


Well it’s already pretty much obvious Zionist electoral skulduggery has commenced in earnest. I do not for one minute believe Hilary beat Bernie. I don’t want either candidate but I will say I’d much rather have Bernie. Hilary doesn’t have the support of 10% of US voters. Whether this is accurate or not, what I’m sure about is she’s the worst possible candidate & by that I’ll put my hand on my heart & say the most likely candidate to start WW III so as to perhaps usher in the NWO’s plan to kill over 6 billion humans!


Donald Trump claims Ted Cruz ‘stole’ Iowa caucuses and calls for new election


Electoral fraud


However…… THEN I HEARD CRUZ BEAT TRUMP! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Cruz. A prize sack of shit that no one’s had a good word to say about….. apart from the media that is. Boy do I want Trump now because this shows just how desperate the Zionists are. Just like with Ron Paul, they do not want the main contender to be facing off with Hilary or Bernie. It would be such a foregone conclusion even the Zionist media would have great difficulty in telling ever more porkies! This is why the they’ve literally jumped out of the traps, just like with Ron Paul & started cheating from the word go.
A few weeks ago I posted a piece called ‘Nearly 70% of Americans say big government is top problem for nation.’ In it I included a video by the Young Turks which showed what occurred when Ted Cruz was invited to speak to a group called ‘IN DEFENSE OF CHRISTIANS. Cruz couldn’t wait to talk about how Americans must maintain their support for Israel. Well this scumbag was booed off stage! Why doesn’t US mainstream media ever show this? Because their plan (for now) is to have Cruz beat Trump. NOW ARE YOU TRYING TO TELLING ME THIS GUY IS MORE POPULAR THAN TRUMP?