The New Abnormal: Questions About Pampered Pants-Wetters

July 30, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


The New Abnormal:   Questions About Pampered Pants-Wetters

1.) How is it that men who are, arguably the healthiest, strongest, most pampered, most medically monitored by physicians, trainers, nutritionists, and pharmacists “men” on earth are afraid to play ball?   Seriously? Did they learn anything about statistics when they attended kollege? People who are only “ordinary” and can only see doctors on telescreens are working day in and day out to keep America fed and able to use electricity and have clean water and able to flush toilets, as well as those police officers who sit, powerless, as targets for terrorists in Democrat-controlled cities.  Cities now of- by- and for evil- people.  Maybe it would be better to pay those ordinary working people scads of money and let the pants-wetting athletes sit and watch them.

2.) Why watch a bunch of grown men afraid of getting sick when the vast majority of healthy young people shake off this virus that, we’re told, we’re all going to get eventually? I stopped and watched some little league ball the other day; it was at least as entertaining as watching the pampered pants-wetters.   (Of course this question did not refer to those who watch soccer, as those heroes throw themselves to the ground and pretend to be grievously injured, so as to get a penalty called on their opposition, (like a bunch of pampered, deceitful jerks).

I suggest that we shouldn’t refrain from watching NFL football because of the addition of a decent enough song being played before the national anthem. So what if there’s another song? But I will not watch the “game” if men take a knee in solidarity with Colon Bottleneck whose judgement or intentions are severely in disagreement with reality.   Recall that he wore socks that had pigs in police uniforms.  I would think that everyone reading this agrees that people should be treated regardless of skin pigmentation, and that the lives of black people matter as much as any other lives. However Mr. Pig Socks is throwing in with the organization Black Lives Matter and that is a political organization, marxist in nature, and there is no place on a football field for politics when I am watching, whether I agree with- or could puke at- the political message.

3.) Would it not be more fun to go outside on Sundays this autumn and toss around a football with a family member or a friend than watch a bunch of pampered pants-wetters? Of course this doesn’t begin to touch on MLB or the NBA, organizations populated by men who are just as pants-wetting.

The new abnormal, which we will suffer if we do not beat it back, because EVIL SUCKCEEDS WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING, will suck.

Je suis Spike