The Plot Thickens: Damning New Details Emerge in Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Cover Up

February 9, 2024 in News by RBN Staff




Revolver News’ years-long ground-breaking coverage of the January 6 pipe bomb story has finally reached escape velocity with the help of a remarkable and damning video released on account of Congressman Massie’s heroic and persistent efforts. We encourage readers not fully caught up on the January 6 pipe bomb hoax to consult our latest and definitive pipe bomb piece here. As to the damning video in question depicting the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb, we refer to Darren Beattie’s detailed and mega-viral Twitter thread below (viewed over 12 million times).

The most striking feature of the footage depicting the discovery of the DNC bomb is the utter nonchalance of the Secret Service officials, Metro PD officials, and Capitol Police officers upon learning of the proximity of the bomb. The Metro PD officers didn’t even bother getting out of their vehicles for about a minute after being informed of the bomb and proceeded to stand around in the most lackadaisical fashion imaginable once getting out of the vehicles. Most flagrantly, the video depicts a group of children who are allowed to cross the street toward the bomb and walk within feet of it, with Secret Service agents standing around without a care in the world.

This leads us to ask: how do we explain the utter indifference of the Secret Service to their own safety, to the safety of their protectee, Kamala Harris (then VP elect), and passersby, including a group of children? This indifference overwhelmingly suggests Kamala Harris’ Secret Service detail knew that the DNC bomb didn’t pose a threat, but this just raises the more damning question: how would they have known that this recently discovered DNC pipe bomb was a dud?

As it so happens, Congressman Massie and a number of other Judiciary officials had the opportunity to meet with relevant Capitol Police officials, including at least one Capitol Police officer who was present during the discovery of the DNC bomb depicted in the video above. When asked the obvious and burning question as to why Secret Service officials, as well as the Capitol Police officers on scene, were so utterly unconcerned with the recently discovered bomb just feet within their proximity, the Capitol Police responded that they and the Secret Service officials on scene reacted with such utter indifference in order not to cause panic.

Think about this. The Secret Service was notified of the presence of an explosive device within feet of themselves, the Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, whom they’re supposed to protect, and children and other passersby, and we are supposed to believe that the officials did nothing because they didn’t want to cause panic! If you believe that, we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn or a Fedsurrection in D.C. to sell you, folks!

There is another major question surrounding the discovery of the DNC bomb, and that is the timing. For a full, detailed breakdown of just how infinitesimally improbable the timing of the discovery of the DNC and RNC bombs was, please consult our definitive pipe bomb piece. As a summary, consider the following facts:

  • At the time the DNC pipe bomb was discovered at 1:05 p.m., it had been sitting out fairly conspicuously, undiscovered, for over 17 hours (it was planted the evening before, we’re told, at 8:00 p.m.). We have long remarked upon the odd fact that the DNC bomb lay out in the open, undiscovered, for over 17 hours. Indeed, no motorists, no pedestrians on a high-foot traffic day, not the regularly stationed DNC security guard who is normally posted within feet of where the bomb was planted. And of course, the Secret Service of the United States managed to miss the DNC pipe bomb in their sweep of the area—the very same Secret Service that acted with such nonchalance upon being informed of the presence of the DNC bomb, to the point that it is clear that for whatever reason they knew in advance that it was inert and benign.
  • When the DNC bomb was discovered at 1:05 p.m., this was scarcely after the first pipe bomb was discovered behind a trash can in a back alley by the Capitol Hill Club at 12:40 p.m. by a random pedestrian called Karlin Younger. Younger reported the bomb to a Capitol Hill Club security official (incidentally, who was a veteran of Capitol Police), and the Capitol Police began responding to this first bomb at 12:50 p.m., just three minutes before the initial and decisive West Perimeter (Ray Epps Breach) of the Capitol.

The first pipe bomb had been planted the evening before as well, and so like the DNC pipe bomb, it had been sitting where it was planted for over 16 hours before being discovered. So we are supposed to believe that the first pipe bomb was planted in a back alley behind a trash can, sat there for over 16 hours, and just happened to be randomly stumbled upon almost to the exact minute as to be perfectly synchronized with the initial decisive attack on the West Perimeter of the Capitol and the certification of the vote proceeding at 1:00 p.m. Furthermore, we are supposed to believe that after sitting for 17 hours undiscovered, the DNC pipe bomb was happened upon scarcely 15 minutes after the first pipe bomb was discovered, meaning that both pipe bombs had been sitting there for 16 and 17 hours and were independently randomly discovered within a 15-minute timeframe that perfectly coincides with the unfolding attack on the Capitol! And of course, the same Secret Service that somehow missed the DNC pipe bomb in its sweep is utterly nonchalant when informed of this bomb, despite this being merely 15 minutes after the first bomb was discovered.

This leads us to the next question for the Capitol Police officials. Could they provide some explanation for the remarkable timing of the discovery of the DNC bomb? What were the circumstances under which it was discovered? Here we get another severely inadequate answer. According to Capitol Police officials, they were around the first pipe bomb when it was discovered and figured after the discovery of the first bomb that it would be worthwhile to check around the DNC. And voila! They stumbled upon the DNC pipe bomb that had been out in the open undiscovered by everyone, including the Secret Service, for 17 hours, and they discovered it merely 15 minutes after the first pipe bomb was discovered under still less believable circumstances.

To fully appreciate how bizarre this is, it is important to remember that the whole DNC-RNC bomb parallelism is a retroactive fiction. The first bomb discovered was not an “RNC bomb”; it was discovered in a back alley by the Capitol Hill Club, which is adjacent to the RNC. But there is no intuitive reason on the planet that, after discovering a bomb by the Capitol Hill Club, these officers would think there would be another one at the DNC. Such a leap of logic would have been a stretch for Sherlock Holmes, and Holmes has the decency to show the chain of reasoning leading to his conclusions. From the Capitol Police, we’re told that after the first bomb was discovered at the Capitol Hill Club, they just had a hunch, headed over to the DNC, and found the bomb scarcely 15 minutes later. Upon discovering the bomb, somehow they and the Secret Service knew it was not a threat despite reports that it was “viable,” and still more remarkable, they knew not to look for a third bomb. Indeed, think of that: they were not only clairvoyant enough to assume that there might be a bomb near the DNC after the Capitol Hill Club bomb was discovered, but instead of the obvious assumption that after two were found there might be more bombs, they also somehow knew that there were two and only two bombs. Give us a break!

Up until this point, the damning reporting we’ve done at Revolver News has overwhelmingly suggested that the January 6 pipe bombs were an operation and that the investigation into these bombs was in fact a cover-up. Before learning of the conversations above, we would have said the chance of January 6 pipe bombs being a hoax and cover-up was 99 percent, leaving a 1 percent chance that some bizarre, exotic, but plausible and innocent explanation could be given for the anomalies we’ve covered. Now we are in a position to rule out that remaining 1 percent of doubt. The January 6 pipe bombs are 100% a hoax and 100% a cover-up.

What’s more, we know who is covering it up. Stay tuned; when this fully blows up, it will be the biggest story in the country and the biggest scandal in recent American history.