The Pro-Life Movement: Precursor to World Peace

January 23, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


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As long as our public officials see abortion in American as a political issue, then neither is there reason to expect an end to serial wars, resulting in an ever-escalating number of deaths.  Why?  Because all killing has the same result, be it by a suction device wielded in a sterilized white clinic, or by a bullet to the head of a Middle Eastern child with a rock in his hand.
LIFE Matters Supremely…..or what else possibly can at all?  These words begin an article penned by a pro-life, pro-peace friend named Carol. It stopped me in my tracks and caused me to realize that of all that is written and said, we rarely hear discussed the plight of the silent victims of some 40 million estimated abortions to date, in the USA alone.  Nor are we told who benefits from these killings. The forgotten victims are the parents of the dead children who know they made a deadly mistake.  So, this letter is written for them.

Carol wrote: “The growing numbers of Americans who monitor and know what’s going on in the world today understandably are upset about many things.  At this stage, one might say, it feels like demonic insanity on steroids running away with the world!

 “Just maybe things NEED TO TOTALLY FALL APART in our country – – fall apart to the point where, finally, our impossible situation draws our focus and attention back (first, second and lastingly) to the one supreme value and essential starting point: LIFE.

“Sadly, cynically, I’ve long been amazed at this:  We humans still haven’t the first real clue about how exactly a male cell and a female cell come together and like magic begin to multiply and divide to form a new, living being.  No, we certainly do not!  But yet in egocentric blindness, a good many people have no problem at all deciding to terminate and discard lives!

“But, back to those of us who care – – and back to my strong appeal to those who sincerely do:  My own heart has literally sunk a number of times upon hearing even some of the best of patriot commentators almost casually toss in abortion as just one among many ‘single issue’ causes that patriot activists get involved in. 

“Some of my closer friends and associates are familiar with the more crass and unvarnished version of my appeal as they hear me say, ‘Whatever else we may choose to be about, first let’s just stop the damned killing!!’

“For all the myriad problems earthlings have to deal with in their struggles for survival, for success, for spiritual growth or whatever, shouldn’t we FIRST demand that people just be allowed to LIVE?  Otherwise, obviously, what chance does any person have to work out the purpose for which he or she came into the world?!  This demand for protection of life applies not only to the womb but to that same life forever thereafter, which points an equally-accusing finger at the abomination and horror of unjust warfare, as well as at all other forms of officially sanctioned death-dealing.  Needless to say, it’s many, many centuries past the time for the people of earth to put an end to the age-old industry of murder by officialdom.”   (an excerpt from Carol Asher)

Thanks, Carol, for stating just what I needed to see spelled out on this, the very day of the Washington, D.C. March for Life.  Consider this:  At the time of Jefferson and Madison, no law was ever thought necessary to protect unborn human life, since common decency far better prevailed back then.  Nevertheless, our forefathers labored intently and extensively to provide to us documents explaining, honoring, and valuing our natural-born rights – –  principally the right to life, which most knew as God-ordained.  Your highly respected ally, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, has just done another superb job of reviewing these rights and principles in his vitally important, most recent column entitled, Forty-Five Years Of An American Holocaust.

But before moving on to that article, here are a couple of additional points relating to abortion that I wish to tie together:  First, the direct victims of abortion are, of course, the unborn babies themselves.  Unbelievably, their numbers have been estimated by some currently to be as high as 40,000,000 or even more.  We will not quibble over the number, however, for ALL estimates are huge, regardless.  Added to these primary victims of abortion should be the parents, the siblings, and the extended family members who, because of this legalized, murderous industry, are deprived of the love of the family who might otherwise have come to bless their lives. Totally added up in this way, we see that a very large portion of America’s voting population know they have been victimized.

As one victim mother recently told me, “No woman can ever forget an abortion.”   Nor can the fathers.  If you were to ask this question of those marching past the capital protesting abortion, a surprising number would admit, and some veritably even shout, that they, too, are victims, having taken a quick but bloody, government-promoted route to solving a problem they had thought insurmountable.  I know this, because my wife and I have participated in the March For Life twice, and many others. The most devout, anti-abortion activists of all included many who had made the unfixable mistake themselves, and know that they can never put it out of mind.

President Donald Trump is the most brilliantly instinctive mind reader in politics.  He seems to know where votes can be won on certain issues! Trump seems to have sensed the vast number of silent voters who have come to detest abortion on account of their own personal experience. By his actions, speaking in Washington on Friday, Mr. Trump let us know that those opposed to abortion are a faction he wants on his side.  By his own words, he is suddenly “the most pro-life President,” in spite of having a pro-abortion past, as well as a record of switching philosophies on other issues whenever expedient. 

Sadly, the whites of Trump’s eyes were revealed when he announced that he is not against abortion in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Thus, it would appear that life itself is not so much an issue with him, but only the method and timing of the killing.  This is consistent with other positions the President has taken, most notably those relating to Israel and Palestine, where the results of his policies can only lead to the deaths of Arab children. 

As two sides of the same evil coin, the deep-pocket political powers continue to force upon the world both war and abortion-on-demand…both of which systematically kill those least able to defend themselves, and both being wrong in the eyes of God, as recorded in the sacred writings of all God-honoring peoples, including both Christians and Muslims.  

More next time about the God ignoring money powers, ever working to sell the lie of the cheapness of life, a part of the pro-war propaganda that has worked so well for them.

And now, to further your knowledge and understanding of the history of the abortion industry, and how to oppose it, We Hold These Truths strongly and proudly recommends Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s brand new article,  Forty-Five Years Of An American Holocaust.