The REAL cause of Europe’s “refugee” invasion

July 5, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


An excerpt from a 2016 John Pilger interview of Julian Assange. It shows how all this “crisis” is only a surprise for those who trust the ones in power. And, as they always do, they try to take advantage of their own mistakes.

Hillary Clinton is part of a globalist elite who incites chaos to gain control.

“There’s more than 1,700 emails out of the 33,000 Hillary Clinton emails we published – just about Libya. It’s not about that Libya has cheap oil. She perceived the removal of Gaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan state as something that she would use to run in the general election for president… So late 2011, there’s an internal document called “The Libya Tick-Tock” that is produced for Hillary Clinton; and it’s all the, it’s a chronological description of how Hillary Clinton was the central figure in the destruction of the Libyan state. As a result, there was around 40,000 deaths within Libya. Jihadists moved in, Isis moved in. That led to the European refugee and migrant crisis. Because not only did you have people fleeing Libya, you had people then fleeing Syria; destabilization of other African states, as a result of arms flows. The Libyan state itself was no longer able to control the movement of people through it. So, Libya faces onto the Mediterranean; so it had been, effectively, the cork in the bottle of Africa. So all problems, economic problems, civil war in Africa; previously people fleeing those problems didn’t end up in Europe – because Libya policed the Mediterranean; and that was said explicitly at the time, back in early 2011, by Gaddafi: ‘What do these Europeans think that they’re doing trying to bomb and destroy the Libyan state? There is going to be floods of migrants out of Africa, and Jihadists, into Europe.’ And that is exactly what happened.” Julian Assange