The Restart of ‘The Cold War’ Part II

January 23, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


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The US banking and military establishment seems to be deliberately provoking Russia to engage in a Neo-Cold War, one that can escalate. Our new President needs to feel pressure to bring weapons and men home.

In the fall of 1961 I received a ominous letter, signed by the US Army, commanding: “Report for active duty in 30 days” (no excuses, no questions asked).   At age 24, I had already been conscripted (“the draft”) to serve once on Army active duty.  I owned a modestly prosperous start up business, a paid for new car, enough money in the bank to buy a house (at those great prices) and I had a fantastic fiancée.  But the letter, along with the news I heard on TV, suggested  I was on my way to East Berlin in Uniform.

I would learn I was one of about 150,000 American veterans recalled. I was suppose to face down what was said to be the great nuclear tyrant of our day, the Soviet Union, in a standoff to be called the Berlin Crisis.  Soviet tanks were stations at the East German border, big guns pointed at the citizens of West Berlin.

 It was up to us good guys, we thought, to defend the West against an aggressor.  President Kennedy was doing his job, responding to a clear provocation.  The USSR was the aggressor, and the wall soon to be erected, would fence in the East Berlin’s population, about half of the great city’s population.  It was a wall that would stand for some 29 years…the cold war was on.  I shut down my business, gassed up into my new 1961 Rambler, and drove to a post in Arizona I have never heard of to report for active duty.

 President Kennedy did not allow the 1961 mobilization to escalate into a hot war.  It could have…all the terrible weapons were drawn and pointed at each other. But a year later I was back home, married, and anxious to start over in a new career.

The aggressor’s roll is now reversed. America is the aggressor, it is out tank that are on the way to the Russian border.  My service story ended with only small financial damage to me, robbed of a years. This Neo-Cold War, is being kindled and agitated by the powers, whose names we can only guess. They manipulated the US war polity from behind the great curtain provided by the also controlled national news agencies. These bankers and ‘defense’ industry dependent businessmen are the constant agitators for war for cash, not we solders and citizens, and not Russia people. We are instead the target of the Neo-Cold War.  There is no “Soviet Union,” it died in 1989, and this is total role reversal!

 In 1961 President Kennedy met the challenge, just as Vladimir Putin will have no choice but to meet the US challenge that is about to arrive on his countries doorstep, probably at the Russian border with Ukraine and or Crimea.  Putin is a politician, not a dictator, he will be forced to defend his border, it is his job!  It is up to us, who long for peace, to force, yes force, by public opinion, our ‘Warmaker’ powers to back down from our newest Neo-Cold War aggression.

Lets look at a few facts of this latest, Warmaker engineered, Neo-Cold War.  The Establishment press have all but hidden the mobilizations of a giant killing force on its way to Ukraine before the Election.  Why was this not an issue?

A year earlier our media was repeating stories about Russia’s supposed human rights violations in Syrian, and rumored, but never supported, claims of Russian hacking of computers belonging, not to the American people, but to the Democrat Party corporation.  This trivia prospered in the press, while a thousand US railroad cars were being loading with tanks bound for Russia’s border, and paid by we taxpayers.  Ask yourself, what did you read about the troop mobilization at election time? Most will say nothing!

Suppose we  find out if new President Trump will listen. Cold Wars starts and stops have been the acts of Presidential executive orders, not a vote of Congress for any war. Let us see if President Trump will do as he claims, and listen to the American people. =CEC


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