The Routine Use of Fake Images and Video Footage by the Western Media

February 25, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Global Research

Image. CNN Report: “Chinese Cops” in Tibet:  Footage of a protest movement in India, 2008

It has become routine for the mainstream media including network TV to present fake images and footage of protest movements.

This process of manipulating the truth and presenting fake images is nothing new. When it is discovered, CNN or the BBC will invariably apologize for having used the “wrong image”, from the “wrong country” from its extensive archives.

The February anti-government riots in Venezuela  were “documented” by numerous fake images.

“Here are some brutal cops, with nice woolly caps and fur collars to guard against the 24°C Caracas weather, I assume.”

“This one is so iconic! But CNN had to admit that the graphic photo depicting a Venezuelan cop threatening a protester was actually taken in Singapore. See Constructing the Deception of the Anti-Government “Protests” in Venezuela: A Photo Gallery, Global Research, 18 February 2014

Green Square Tripoli, 2011.

Libyans are seen celebrating the victory of Rebel forces over Gaddafi in this BBC News Report (see below)

Examine the footage: It’s not Green Square and it’s not the King Idris Flag (red, black green) of the Rebels.

Its the Indian flag (orange, white and green) and the people at the rally are Indians. Perhaps you did not even notice it.

And if you did notice, ”it was probably a mistake”, according to the BBC: “we’re so sorry, got it mixed up”

The Tibet 2008 Riots

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Alleged Chinese cops in khaki uniforms are shown repressing Tibet demonstrators in China.

CNN, March 14, 2008  1′.36”

But the cops are not Chinese. They are Indian.

Khaki colored uniforms were first introduced in the British cavalry in India in 1846.

No khaki uniforms in China. These are the uniforms of China’s “Armed Police”.

Most people who viewed the CNN report failed to notice that these Chinese cops with khaki uniforms and mustache do not look Chinese.

I think the issue is that most viewers trust CNN. They would not –by any stretch of the imagination– accept the fact that CNN is quite deliberately falsifying the news using fake video footage.

Think Twice.

CNN has got its countries mixed up. Sloppy journalism or media fraud?

The following text written in April 2008 shows how CNN reported on the Tibet riots by using footage of a protest movement which occurred in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.