The True Powers Behind Multiculturalism, Globalization And World War

March 3, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Rense

By Richard Wilcox, Ph.D.

“Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.”
– Shakespeare (1)


At this moment in history events are unfolding at an every hastening pace, some for the good, but it is hard to see the glass as half full as opposed to bone dry empty and “my bucket’s got a hole in it.” Given the political strife and bickering between nations; the economic struggles with ever growing unemployment rates and wage cuts; the growth of totalitarian corporations over our every aspect of our lives; the unending wars claiming the lives of millions of people in every corner of the earth while the possibility of nuclear war is a constant threat; and the environmental destruction, pollution of the oceans with plastic and radioactive waste, the destruction of our primeval forests and the most noble, wise and curious creature on Earth, the Elephant, threatened with extinction; excuse me if I crack open a bottle of the red wine and surpass the healthy two glass limit.

Many people are waking up to the truth. Perhaps 10 percent of Americans are “preppers” and have a healthy skepticism about the future, while only 10 percent have any trust in the congress and 77 percent don’t trust corporate owned TV news. The first step toward creating a sustainable future is waking up to the present social and political matrix so that like Neo we can take the red pill and break free from the Neo-Cons. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Pen Mightier Than Sword

Over the years the top English language newspaper in Japan, the Japan Times (JT) has published many of my letters to the editor, especially on the Fukushima nuclear disaster. I’m grateful for their generosity (2).

Japanese newspapers including Japan Times and Asahi News, and NHK television have carried much valuable and critical coverage of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, including honest and hard hitting editorials from JT questioning the need for nuclear power in Japan.

I don’t recall these news outlets pointing out that 60 million people have been contaminated with radioactive cesium in Japan (3). Whether we will be able to clean up the world’s hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste from the misguided nuclear weapons and nuclear power industries– which remain dangerous for thousands of years– is also a topic that does not help newspaper sales (4; 5).

The corporate media (“mainstream media,” MSM) has its limits on truth telling. On the 10th anniversary of the 911 terror attacks JT would not publish my letter pointing out that no evidence has ever been presented that Osama bin Ladin and Al Queda were involved with 911. Such facts are beyond the pale of acceptable discourse. In the vernacular of American sit-com culture my letter must have sounded as if I was a kooky “conspiracy theorist” (i.e., MSM’s epithet

for anyone who offers a radical analysis of political affairs, no matter how much evidence they marshall to support their argument).

Here is another letter that I recently submitted that came too close to the truth and was also not published by the editor:

“The column ‘Ambivalent Japan’ (6) hides behind a weak red herring thesis in order to promote corporate power and Western hegemony. While one can sympathize with the idea of Japanese students having more opportunities to study abroad and not being discriminated against by employers upon return, it may be that Japanese cultural nationalists are wary of students who have been overly influenced by the negative aspects of American culture.

This is not to say that Japan is innocent of hypocrisy involving international trade and capitalism. Japan has traditionally benefited from seeking open borders abroad where it could sell its goods while keeping its cultural and geographical borders fairly tightly closed at home.

However, the most telling thing about the author’s thesis is what he fails to explain rather than the minutiae he goes into to defend the insular youth who get blamed by the government for Japan’s bleak economic future.

The author blithely implies that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is ‘in the nation’s best long-term interests’ without any explanation of what the substance of the TPP is, or an analysis of the history of other international free trade agreements and their impacts on the countries that have adopted them. Apparently it is important that Japan be involved in TPP as a ‘test of its commitment to globalization’ but questioning liberal trade assumptions is not a priority.

Now there’s a loaded and ill-defined term if I’ve ever heard one– ‘globalization.’ Just who benefits from it and what are its goals? A careful look at previous free trade agreements in the 1990s reveals an acceleration of global financial power at the expense of localized grassroots democracy; vastly greater wealth disparity between the haves and the have nots; as well as hastened environmental destruction on a planetary scale. For example, it is uncontroversial to state that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) had a profound impact on American jobs during the Clinton era, literally decimating the country’s manufacturing base.

Also, Japan’s inward-looking cultural tendencies should not be discarded in favor of unlimited immigration, so that Japan ends up flooded with a multitude of immigrants from foreign lands who do not speak the language or respect its customs. This has happened in Europe and the United States at the behest of the globalist and multiculturalist proponents. Today, approximately one third of the US population is living on the poverty line, and the European American population of the US will become a minority in a few short years.

What are the real goals of TPP and globalization as carried out by predatory corporations, which already yield excessive control over almost every aspect of our lives, if not to further weaken Japanese sovereignty? – Richard Wilcox, Tokyo”

Zionist Propaganda Disguised As Policy Debate

The author of the Ambivalent Japan article tried to conceal his pro-corporate bias so as to appear objective, yet at the same time have his multiculturalist/globalist cake and eat it too. He warns that the Japanese government

“remains rooted in an insular world view that sees globalization as an external process, something owned by somebody else. Just how far Japan is prepared to emerge from its global hibernation will become clear in October when the 12 TPP countries meet at the sidelines of APEC to hammer out a basic agreement.”

Maybe he’s right, Japan should buck up and push for its agenda with more self assurance. But globalization is owned by someone else– as Argentinian political analyst, Adrian Salbuchi, has often said– “America runs the world and Israel runs America.” Such words are outside acceptable discourse and incomprehensible to the average reader of the Daily Rag. Furthermore, such simple truths are ridiculed for being “anti Semitic” from the know-nothing apologists and hired attack dogs for US-Israel.

The US is “currently involved in fighting 74 different wars” throughout the world (7). How ironic that Japan, which is also militarily occupied by the US, is supposed to expect to be treated like a “partner” in the TPP negotiations. My letter to the editor was merely a pedestrian critique of an uninspired think-piece. At the same time it was a direct torpedo hit on an English language newspaper that often promotes multiculturalism (8) and clever “hasbara” (Zionist) propaganda and therefore was deemed beyond the pale. The naive, pro- multicultural liberal clap-trap of the MSM ignores analyzing the devastating effects of massive immigration with the fallacious assumption that those who oppose it are xenophobic fools (9; 10; 11; 12).

Euphemism Alert: Partner Or Slave?

Under the cover of “free trade” the facilely named Trans Pacific Partnership has been exposed as “NAFTA on steroids” and will override the domestic laws of countries involved and further “deindustrialize” what is left of America’s manufacturing sector, not to mention “undo our last shreds of food safety” (13; 14; 15; 16). Even if TPP’s promised “economic growth” were real, is that really what Japan or the rest of the world needs? Japan is a rich country yet consistently rates poorly in terms of public satisfaction and happiness, as evidenced by consistently high suicide rates and the gloomy expressions middle aged men carry them while walking down the street. Have decades of plundering the global commons of its natural resources, forests, fisheries and wildlife to satisfy consumer urges made Japan a better place (17; 18)?

Multiculturalism And The Attack On Christian Values

The “multiculturalism” agenda has been exposed on a number of fronts and is being promoted in Australia, Europe, the US and even Japan. Who are the promoters of this seemingly well-intentioned program for social improvement?

Journalists and professors do not rise to power for random reasons. For example, Monash University in Australia boasts its own “Jewish Civilisation” program (19). As one friend remarked, “Monash University in Melbourne smells like a Rothschild-Soros Talmudic psy-op center.”

An Israeli Mossad agent wrote in his book “By Way Of Deception,” that “sayanim” (helpers) who hide their identity are able to infiltrate mainstream institutions in order to further the Zionist cause (20). One teacher I know who is a Ph.D. student in linguistics warned me that Japanese universities are full of foreign intelligence operatives. I have run across many Jewish persons in both the higher ranks of academia and journalism and the rank and file, which is amazing considering how tiny their actual population is supposed to be (21).

*(I refer to “the Jews” as anyone whom identifies themselves as a religious or ethic person of Jewish outlook, or someone who does not deny such outlook. The Jews casually refer to themselves as “Jews” all the time but if a non-Jew does so that is not kosher. For excellent analyses on Jewish identity see Michael Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered, and Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who).

Predatory Culture And The Liquefaction Of Nature’s Forces

In 1927, the prolific German journalist, Emil Theodor Fritsch, documented Jewry’s influence on European culture in an extremely prescient, provocative and insightful book (22).

According to Fritsch, Jews enhance and accelerate “the circulation of Money”; they mobilize “slumbering values” and let “loose balanced and reposed forces”; they practice a form of predatory culture “at the expense of the stored up forces of Nature and Mankind”; their methods also involve secret understandings and “strange Morality” (p. 10).

Fritsch claims that the Jewish spirit is at the root of artificial demand of unnecessary consumption of resources, planned and perceived obsolescence and the advertising industry. The internal mechanism of our wasteful consumer culture has been analyzed by environmental activists and concerned filmmakers but few make the connection to the Jewish kabbalistic metaphysic (23; 24).

Jewish sociologist, Max Weber, blamed the “protestant work ethic” for the excesses of capitalism but modern Amish communities lead low-impact, ecologically sustainable lifestyles. Of course, Weber never mentioned the important role of Jews in capitalism’s historic development.

Under Jewish influence, Fritsch notes that the “extraction of money from the pockets of customers instead of satisfactorily meeting the needs for commodities, now became the main purpose of trade” (Op. cit., p. 12).

Madison Avenue’s advertising industry preying on the basest needs and greed of consumers; Rothschild Central Banking model and Wall Street’s creation of a Ponzi financial system based on valueless money including multi-trillion dollar hedge funds; Las Vegas gambling casinos to promote greed and decadence; are all overwhelmingly run by Jewish moguls and their ideologues and minions.

Fritsch notes that:

“It is not disputed that the Jewish method of doing business produces a showy splendour, both in trade and traffic, in which everybody appears to be prospering…. But, — and we labour under no delusion in this respect– this blossom of external life, dazzling in all its splendour, is only produced by heavy sacrifices on the other side (p. 15)…. The Hebrews [Jews] are certainly not the only ones who practise Predatory Culture at the expense of the treasures of the earth, but it can be maintained with justice, that it was that class of men, who introduced the principle of ruthless mobilisation of values and of pitiless money- making into our economic life” (p. 18).

Is global environmental destruction partly rooted in the values of Jewish culture? Humankind’s destructive nature probably would have accomplished this process on its own had the Jews as a people never existed; but it seems Jewish ideology has helped the process along more speedily. Although Fritsch speaks in generalities and caricatures, his point is powerful and largely irrefutable, and implicates not only Jews, but the Jewish controlled Human Race.

“The Hebrew is incapable of allowing anything to rest in calm peace, which can be turned to some economic use. Instilled into his mind is the urgent impulse to make everything ‘liquid,’ to convert everything into money, to ‘mobilise’ everything. And, on all sides, we see Hebrewdom, driven by this impulse, hard at work in order to scoop up with greedy hands the treasures of Nature and of Human Life. Certainly existence is enriched and broadened thereby, and

civilisation is enlivened. From the common economic point of view it has the appearance of being highly meritorious, when a forest which has been standing for a hundred years in peace, slowly and laboriously growing by virtue of the creative power of Nature, and has become a great potential source of value, that somebody should set to work with axes and circular saws to liquidate the reposing capital…. The wise forester, however, goes to work with care and restraint, and does not fell any timber without making provision for afforestation an area equivalent to that, which has been cleared….The Hebrew obeys an entirely different principle– this true commercial principle: he clears the ground to the last sapling; the afforestation he leaves to others” (p. 15 – 16).

The 1980s and 1990s so-called “Third World Debt Crisis” was caused by the central banks and International Monetary Fund which forced developing countries to go deep into debt and then barely pay off the interest on their debts by forfeiting natural resources and affordable social services. This policy exacerbated poverty and set-off a global ecological catastrophe in the bargain.

Fritsch explains the origins of this practice:

“Loan Capital thus consists of acknowledgment of debt, and of obligation to pay. It takes visible shape in the form of mortgage-deeds, bonds, shares…and similar devices. And, if we boast today that the number of rich people has increased enormously, that millions and thousands of millions are accumulated in the hands of single individuals, we must not forget that the debts and obligations of other people have increased in equal measure…. Whoever speaks of modern Wealth ought, if he is conscientious, to speak at the same time of the monstrous nature of the modern system of creating indebtedness….[which creates] an intolerable burden on the entire national life, produces universal oppression and consequently discontent…without the oppressed people being at all clear as to where the source of the oppression really is” (p. 22 – 24).

Jewish usury, predatory culture and advanced technology has unleashed and allowed Man’s unquenchable lust to feast on the world’s natural resources– everything is for sale on the chopping block to satisfy the greed of globalized gangster capitalism, the final death blow to the planet (25). As of 2002, biologists estimated that:

“Humanity Loses $250 Billion a Year in Wild Habitat. The economic value of wild ecosystems far outweighs the value of converting these areas to cropland, housing or other human uses. The research team estimates that a network of global nature reserves would ensure the delivery of goods and services worth at least $400 trillion more each year than the goods and services from their converted counterparts” (26).

From a Christian perspective, Bishop Richard Williamson, who is an outspoken critic of Zionism, places blame on Humanity’s debacle on our “lack of faith” which includes both Gentiles and Jews who have rejected God’s promise (27).

Finding Your Faction

One teacher I work with told me that in order to get a full time teaching position in Japan “you have to be part of one or the other power factions: Jewish, British or Gay (or better yet a combination of all three) which control the powerful English language industry in Japan.” Certainly that is a generalization, and credentials do matter, but the formal quota system also exists which takes into consideration age, gender and race at the expense of experience and ability, in conjunction with the aforementioned but unofficial criteria.

This should be no surprise given that Japan is a close ally of the US and that Jews have a powerful influence in American culture. Jewish scholar Ron Unz published the most authoritative study on the topic to date, exposing the fact that Jews in US Ivy League universities score below European American and Asian American students but heavily outweigh them in student representation (28). This matters because the graduates of top universities go on to inhabit top positions in the American elite.

Do As We Say Not As We Do

So while Jews enjoy economic and political domination over US gentiles due to their “secret understandings,” “strange morality” and tribal networking (29), other nations and races are supposed to adopt “multiculturalism” and “free trade agreements” such as TPP so that they can “emerge from their global hibernation.” While Monash University in Australia acts as a Rothschilds/Soros/Talmudic psy-op center, Jewish activists from the US are telling the Swedes they have no choice but to adopt multiculturalism and accept the disintegration of their own race and culture as an unavoidable fate (30). The non Jewish races are meant to intermix and mingle and abandon their cultures in favor of “multiculturalism,” “globalization” and corporate uniformity.

Israel, on the other hand, is the most racist anti-multicultural entity in the world and criticism of Israel is deemed a severely unforgivable “thought crime” (31).

Holocaustianity And Hitlerphobia

The degradation of Christian culture by alien forces has occurred over many centuries, and as Bishop Williamson points out, is also largely due to Christian’s “lack of faith.” In the 20th century Zionists and Gentile scoundrels and those with delusional interpretations of the Bible employed the Scofield Bible in order to trick Christians into betraying their own culture even further (32). Today, modern American pop culture (i.e., Madonna, Lady Gaga and Kesha as promoted by the Jewish owned music industry) and by extension mainstream culture is the captive of a Judaic Death Cult of amoral sexual depravity (33).

For those who become aware of their cultural imprisonment, one tactic for silencing public resentment of Jewish power is to bludgeon people over the head with the Holocaust Hammer (34; 35; 36; 37). There is the constant reminder of the mythical “six million jews” who died in “homicidal gas chambers” at Auschwitz, despite all evidence to the contrary (indeed Jews did endure hardships and many actually died in WWII). We are not to consider the millions of non-Jews who were murdered during WWII, but only concern ourselves with those Jews who were “murdered” in a war, ironically enough, constructed by Jewish bankers.

An intelligent, courageous and controversial statesman once tried to disagree with the agenda of the Judaic Death Cult (38), but lost the war and his country. Fortunately, his spirit was revived for this provocative and hilarious satire which puts the lie to the multiculturalist agenda (39).

Politically incorrect World War II history has no place in the pages of the English language MSM but you can find documentaries that challenge the History Channel pablum (40) and articles from Tomato Bubble (41) often posted at the world’s most wide ranging website, In a recent interview, Mike King, the writer of Tomato Bubble, credited Jeff Rense for helping to inspire him to rethink the Jewish-controlled publishing industry’s World War II orthodoxy. Of course, it is easier to hoodwink people if you own the media (42). From Speilberg’s WWII propaganda, “Saving Private Ryan,” to the New York Times’

half-Jewish Judith Miller happily passing along false intelligence that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction; in both cases media control is crucial to determining catastrophic political outcomes.

The Pied Piper Not A Lyre

One of the world’s most knowledgeable political analysts, Michael Collins Piper, in his new book, “Ye shall know the truth,” (43) reveals one of thousands of juicy tidbits that he has gleaned from the some 10,000 books he owns and uses as reference material from his cozy Washington DC apartment (44).

Piper discusses the hidden history of WWII that rarely emerges in the MSM. Distortions and fabrications about WWII are often published by the MSM and parroted by the Nazi-hating “patriot” movement. Now that many of the veterans have passed on, few people know about the actual history of World War II other than what they learned in school or have seen on TV. I am not a WWII expert but I have read, for example, A. J. P. Taylor’s The Origins Of The Second World War. Taylor places blame not only on Germany but equally on France and England. Although Taylor refers to Hitler as “wicked” his actual recounting of Hitler’s actions renders him as the most honorable, reasonable and intelligent statesmen of the time.

The notion that everything the Nazis did was the standard of evil to measure all human events by is the MSM/internet daily diet. There is not a day that goes by without one alternative radio pundit or another, one youtube video or another, one article or another, referring to the Nazis as having been the enemies of all that is held to be good by Americans and freedom loving peoples everywhere. But how much of what we hear is recycled, unsubstantiated, exaggerated or flatly false WWII/Cold War/Zionist propaganda? Harry Elmer Barnes noted in Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace that just after WWII the ranks were closed in academia and no debate over the causes of the war was allowed in orthodox history. History is written by the victors.

One example comes from Piper’s latest book. While it is true that intellectuals and professors in Germany purchased books they didn’t like and then burned them, and were praised by the Nazi Government for doing so, the Nazis themselves never burned any books (although this is a widely held internet myth). The Nazis did confiscate approximately 4,175 titles, but these were kept in government archives and not destroyed. On the other hand, in 1945 after the US government occupied Germany, the US “Office of Information Control” (0IC) banned 35,000 titles plus every school textbook. The US “took untold

thousands of tons of books and they pulped them” instead of burning them because they did not want to be seen as book-burning Nazis (who in fact, never ordered books to be burned). As it turns out, the OIC’s actual pulping of the books was led by William Paley, a Freemason, Jew, Zionist, and founder of the CBS television station. According to Piper, “New Dealers, intellectuals, émigrés, Jews and Leftists” in the OIC were the main book banners in post war Germany.

The Jewish Hell Bomb

Jewish involvement in the “most far reaching conspiracy of all time,” the creation of the atom bomb in the Manhattan Project, is not insignificant. “Favored son of Zionist world bankers, [Niels] Bohr [Jewish] nurtured every nuclear development for over two decades and knew the hearts and minds of the scientists who made them –Leo Szilard [Jewish], Enrico Fermi, Werner Heisenberg, J. Robert Oppenheimer [Jewish], Edward Teller [Jewish], and more…“ (45). ”More than any other individual, Lewis Strauss shaped the atomic energy policy of the United States.” After WWII, Lewis Strauss, who was most certainly Jewish and involved in many Jewish associations and causes, was a major player behind the US nuclear weapons and nuclear power programs and was a proponent of above ground nuclear testing, dismissing the dangers of radiation as trivial, and worked to reverse the Limited Test Ban in 1964 (46).

According to conspiracy researcher Eustace Mullins, the main forces behind the atomic bombing of Japan were:

“The House of Rothschild; international bankers who made enormous profits during the nineteenth century, and used their money to take over governments.

Bernard Baruch [Jewish]: New York agent of the Rothschilds who at the turn of the century set up the tobacco trust, the copper trust and other trusts for the Rothschilds. He became the grey eminence of the United States atomic bomb program when his lackey, J. Robert Oppenheimer, became director of the Los Alamos bomb development, and when his Washington lackey, James F. Byrnes, advised Truman to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Albert Einstein; lifelong Zionist who initiated the United States’ atomic bomb program with a personal letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939” (47).

Environmental journalist Karl Grossman describes another Jewish “nukie,” Alvin Weinberg, in the following passage.

“Nuclear scientists and engineers embrace nuclear power like a religion. The term ‘nuclear priesthood’ was coined by Dr. Alvin Weinberg, long director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the laboratory’s website proudly notes this. It’s not unusual for scientists at Oak Ridge and other U.S. national nuclear laboratories to refer to themselves as ‘nukies.’ The Oak Ridge website describes Weinberg as a ‘prophet’ of ‘nuclear energy.’

This religious, cultish element is integral to a report done for the U.S. Department of Energy in 1984 by Battelle Memorial Institute about how the location of nuclear waste sites can be communicated over the ages. An ‘atomic priesthood,’ it recommends, could impart the locations in a ‘legend-and-ritual… retold year-by-year.’ Titled ‘Communications Measures to Bridge Ten Millennia,’ the taxpayer-funded report says: ‘Membership in this ‘priesthood’ would be self- selective over time’ ” (48).

Japan’s Nuclear Debacle And The Israeli Connection?

To what extent are the Israelis using the “stuxnet” virus to blackmail nuclear countries? If a country has nuclear power and the security system was installed by Israel, that puts the nuclear country in a sticky situation.

According to Shimatsu, Japan was involved in a secret nuclear weapons program at Fukushima which involved the US, Israel and Japan (49; 50). What appears to be truly bizarre, is why would one of the most advanced high-tech countries in the world need to hire the Israelis to do security in a such a sensitive national security situation? In a globalized world such seeming conflicts of interest may now be normal. Or maybe that was part of the deal in order to gain US/Israeli cooperation in the secret weapons program.

Just how the Israelis would have used the stuxnet virus just in time to shut down their systems after the 311 earthquake is not entirely understood. Does anyone believe a nuclear bomb was used in the ocean to set off a huge earthquake? I have followed the scientific discussion of the earthquakes and find such a claim, made by Jim Stone, to be unsubstantiated. Also, there are many well known

and commonsensical explanations as to why not only Fukushima plant no. 1 but others in the region were in danger: Japan’s incompetently run safety program. This behavior has been borne out after the fact of the accident by observing Tokyo Electric Power Company’s continued sloppiness, dishonesty and incompetence.

However, countries like Canada and Australia which are some of the world’s main sources of uranium are also ZOG countries– Zionist Occupied Governments. Zionists have an interest in selling uranium for a profit, but could they also be using nuclear power as a tool of blackmail, not to mention for the development of nuclear weapons? Joshua Blakeney points out that Japan was forced into adopting nuclear power after WWII by the pro-nuclear imperialist club led by the US (51). There is a post war history of collusion, secrets and jockeying for position between the US and Japan in order to carry forward Japan’s nuclear weapons program (52).

Totalitarian Crack Down

The fun and games are over folks. Keeping in line with Obama’s most criminal of all administrations in US history, the Abe administration of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Japan is edging toward totalitarian police control while the sheep are drowsily grazing on their radioactive grass, occasionally looking up to see if the abattoir is in sight.

The Japanese Diet recently “enacted a bill to launch the ‘My Number’ system under which an ID number will be assigned to every resident, Japanese or foreign, and a photo-ID card with an embedded electronic data chip will be issued to those who apply for one.” The Japan Times opined that “[i]t is deplorable that the Diet passed the bill without fully discussing problems that could arise with the introduction of the system, whose initial investment requires some ¥270 billion” (2.7 billion USD) (53). Furthermore, the Japanese government is to consider a measure to make it “mandatory” for the government to record all web browsing history of internet users (54). Big Brother with a friendly Japanese smile.

The Activist Post website is chock-full of articles on disturbing trends enacted by the New World Order to monitor citizens (55). The recent revelations from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden confirms what we have known all along, that the US government Matrix has been spying on Americans (and everyone else) by gathering, storing and sorting all telephone conversations and internet activities (56). But everything is not as it seems, one needs to peel the onion of complexity to get to the core of the unpalatable truth (57; 58; 59).

Photo Shop Schlock

Furthermore, not only is spying rampant but the brazen manipulation of media content is shocking. Orwellian double talk now abounds with a media circus of clowns and barkers, smoke and mirrors, balloons, bells and whistles. Media fakery involves supposedly real events which consist of drills and hoaxes which are used to instill fear and obedience in the population. 911, Sandy Hook and any number of false flag events including the “Shoe” bomber, the “Underwear” bomber and the Boston Marathon “bombing” fit into this category (60).

The Tribe that rules America is using every opportunity to turn our world into an Orwellian nightmare (61). This historical occurrence has been documented by some of the greatest scholars of our time, but unfortunately too few heed the call (62; 63; 64).

The last real president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, whose brains were blown out by the Military Industrial Complex, the CIA and the Zionist Lobby (65; 66; 67; 68), like his mustached counterpart from the European continent with his dynamic speaking style was not able to counter the trend. We must bring America back from the brink of destruction so that the mainly Jewish neo-con psychopaths do not take the world on an adventure of mass murder, ecocide and possible planetary destruction (69; 70; 71).

They Did It

Which brings us back to one of my unpublishable letters to the Japan Times. The editors probably did me a favor because even if they may have agreed with me, they didn’t want to get me into hot water or get their newspaper shut down by the Jewish crime network for opening an honest discussion about who was ultimately behind 911: the organized Jewish crime network.

Esteemed scholar and military veteran Dr. Alan Sabrosky:

“They did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100% certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period” (72).

Richard Wilcox holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies and his articles are archived at and are regularly published at Activist Post and His interviews with Jeff Rense are available at Rense Radio:


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