November 20, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  blacklistednews

Published: November 20, 2023



On Tuesday, Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley went on television and declared that it was absolutely necessary to deanonymyze the internet, justifying the idea as a “national security” prerogative.

According to Haley, it’s still not enough to make it illegal to be online and commit the act of speaking freely without publicly doxxing yourself. No, Haley took it a step further, demanding that surveillance tools are used to monitor and identify anyone using the internet.

Indeed, people say all kinds of terrible things on the internet. But the principle of free speech is reserved for everyone, not just people who say things that we agree with.

Clearly, she has not absorbed the lessons of the post 9/11 Patriot Act debacle, nor has she become wiser in the aftermath of the Covid hysteria era. Haley has once more hoisted the flag of the anti-humans.

Does Haley know how horrible these ideas sound to the freedom-loving American? Better yet, does she care?

For all of her hooting and hollering on television about the very real evils pursued by the Chinese Communist Party, Haley finds herself in ideological agreement with Beijing and the Davos crowd on the apparent need to install a massive surveillance apparatus online. Haley seems to have no issue with a CCP/WEF-style Social Credit Score system, as long as the people enforcing it are doing so under her perch. Sadly, she is not an aberration from the norm. She is the norm for the modern American politician, who exists inside of a current system that incentivizes corruption, deceit, and ignoring the interests of one’s own constituents.

Akin to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it appears that Nikki Haley is motivated solely by the consumption of political power, and she will do anything necessary within her power to achieve that end goal. Almost every step of the way throughout her rise to power and fame, Haley has found herself on the wrong side of history. Time and time again, Haley sides with the Current Thing over the right thing.

Those who have followed Haley’s establishment-friendly career probably aren’t particularly surprised by her continuing authoritarian remarks.

Over the course of the Covid hysteria years, Haley remained silent in the face of the fastest roll up of power in American history, seemingly worried that she would upset corporate America by standing up for the American citizenry. Not only that, she fully embraced the Covid regime, infamously requiring vax and booster passes to attend her speeches, through which she was paid very handsomely (she disclosed six and seven figure pay days).

During the primary season, Haley has sparred with Governor Ron DeSantis over the Florida governor’s decision to take the fight to Disney and end their special privileges in the state. Attempting to express her diplomatic bonafides, Haley declared that it was a bridge too far to take on the groomer freak shows in Orlando.

Haley is a friend to The System, and she has become a very wealthy woman by accommodating the interests of the Wall St and Washington, D.C. establishment. A woman without any deeply held political principles, Haley has done great for herself by serving as a puppet for the team of billionaires who are facilitating her political career.

Nikki Haley’s policy proposals and worldview can best be explained by a concoction that includes the worst impulses of George W. Bush, Klaus Schwab, and Xi Jinping. She is a warmonger, a soulless technocrat, and a totalitarian.

She is not an ideologue motivated by “isms,” but a flimsy pragmatist whose political talent comes in the form of elevating her personal ambitions above all else. She speaks of freedom and American excellence, but that is just lots of bumper sticker sloganeering. Nikki Haley doesn’t really mean it, and she proves it almost every time she comments on the major issues of the day.

This week, Haley’s political campaign announced that they have taken out an extensive series of negative ad buys against Gov DeSantis. For reasons that have not been stated, she has thus far refused to target President Trump, the clear frontrunner in the race as of this writing. It doesn’t seem that Haley is running for president, but to get herself (her benefactors) in the good graces of the man who she once served under as Ambassador to The United Nations, who she perceives as the probable victor in the GOP primary.

The WEF queen strikes again, and it looks like Nikki Haley has a new mission: VP or bust.