The Zelensky Show

January 5, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


By Brother Nathanael


  1. Brother NathanaelDecember 29, 2022 @ 10:29 pmText-Text-Text

    The Zelensky Show

    How many Jews does it take to get standing ovations?


    Zelensky and Netanyahu.

    No goy will get it, not even close.

    Our Jew-bought Congress only likes yids and kikes. [Clip]

    [“Thank you very much, thank you for both financial packages you have already provided us with, and the ones you may be willing to decide on. Your money is not charity, it’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.” “Applause! Ovation!”]

    It’s a Jewish affair.

    You get felt on the back by kikee Schumer, and 100 billion in Hanukkakah gelt.

    There’s nothing about ‘democracy’ in Ukraine.

    It’s a hub of sexual exploitation of kids, and ghastly organ harvesting of children.

    Zelensky himself was funded by his Ukrainian enabler, Jew oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who launched Zelensky’s comedy TV show…and bought his election.

    Kind of like ‘democracy’ in Jewmerica, a ferkuked up political auction.

    Where elections are awarded to the highest bidder, Yids, who fill the campaign coffers of their chosen hacks, and use their kike-owned media to advance them.

    Not sure either how ‘responsible’ Jew-run Ukraine uses our money and weapons.

    Unless trading on the black market is reckoned legit by the Yids who bleed our country, paying salaries to Ukrainian officials, or seeing our weapons wiped out by Russian strategic strikes. [Clip]

    [“It is said that the Patriot systems may be sent to Ukraine. Let them do it, we will weed out the Patriots too. And they will have to send something to replace them or create new systems.”]

    They’ll get weeded out too.

    Why are we letting Zelensky bleed us?

    Can’t we use the $100 billion we’ve sent to Ukraine for our own needs?

    You can’t.

    You simply can’t use your tax dollars at home.

    Your tax dollars are not for your benefit, but to control you and please the Jews.

    Don’t you know that Jews decide where your money goes?

    I mean, Victoria Nudelman at State, her fat kikish husband, Robert Kagan, and their synagogue buddies, Blinken and Sherman at State, decide your wretched fate.

    They got a schwartza too—a diversity hire on cue—who chews the Jewish script and spews it out for the American boob to review. [Clip]

    [“Now there are countless numbers of people that have been amazed and astonished by what the Ukrainians have accomplished.”]

    Like losing Crimea to Russia? The entire Donbass republics to the Russians?

    And suffering some 400,000 Ukrainian troops to lose their lives.

    Economically, Ukraine has already lost the war.

    We never hear that Ukraine can’t pay back its loans on the bond market, with bondholders getting very antsy, and even the greedy, asset-confiscating IMF won’t lend Ukraine any more.

    So the goy in Jewmerica gets stuck bankrolling the bankrupt country of Ukraine, while shills for the Jews, like Lloyd Austin, shovels shit into the ears of goyisha suckers. [Clip/same]

    [“What I am focused on is making sure they have the means to do two things. First is to protect themselves and their civilian population from some of the things we’ve seen here recently with the aerial bombardments. The second thing is to enable them to achieve their goals and objectives on the ground as they continue to try to take back their sovereign territory.”]

    Oh, oh!

    The schwartz goes off script!

    Last time I checked when an enemy has to ‘take back territory’ he’s getting beat.

    In plain military terms—(if we’re allowed to think in ‘plain military terms’ without Jew propaganda and hype)—it means a loss for Ukraine and a win for Russia.

    But all we get from Yids who run and ruin our country, are disastrous ploys, self-inflicting sanctions, congratulations, and all kinds of shit thrown in the face of the American goy.

    Like throwing money away.

    We’ve given Zelenksky 100 billion so far, and when all the shills in Congress who work for the Jews—NOT YOU—say, ‘whatever it takes,’ there will be lots more.

    We’ve not yet heard just what “whatever it takes” means.

    That Russia will run out of missiles? [Clip]

    [“This year, the level of modern armaments in the strategic forces has already exceeded 91 percent. We continue re-arming the regiments of our strategic missile forces with modern missile systems with Avangard hypersonic warheads. Soon, Sarmat ICBMs will be put on combat duty for the first time. In early January of next year, the Admiral of the Soviet Fleet Gorshkov Frigate will start combat duty. It will carry cutting-edge Zircon sea-based hypersonic missiles without equal in the world.”]

    That Russia will surrender? [Clip]

    [“We will continue equipping our strategic forces with the latest weapon systems. Let me repeat, we will carry out all of our plans.”]

    Yet, Jewmerica will keep funding Ukraine and freighting weapons for Putin to “weed out.”

    The Yids don’t care.

    They’re hell-bent on fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian and Polish mercenary until our last dime is spent.

    And giving standing ovations to a Jewish lackey who plays pi-ano with his pee pee. [Clip]

    [“Zelensky’s pee-pee stroking the piano keys.”]

    It’s the Zelensky show!

    How low can our Jew-bought Congress go!