June 8, 2023 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff



Our freedom and our property rights are falling like dominos toward THE END

It’s not so much a New York problem as it is a national one.

In New York the mayor commandeered several hotels ranging from fleabags to 4-star venues. He packed them with Illegal Aliens in numbers too large to otherwise be allowed. With as many as 10 Illegals in a two-room suite and limited running water the fuse was lit.

In no time at all we’ve seen entire city neighbourhoods degenerate from ‘class acts’ to ‘third-world hell-holes’. No longer are there doormen in uniform and desk clerks dressed likewise. Room Service has disappeared, there are no longer any bellboys, and the cleaning staff is afraid to venture into this third-world slum.

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I spoke with Officer O’Donnell of the NYPD who answers the many complaints both criminal and civil in one of these hotels. He says, “When you walk down the halls your feet stick to the floor. You can really hear it as the crap in the carpet sticks to your shoes. People are pissing on the walls, shitting on the floor, and even tearing doors out of their frames. I’ve worked with Public Housing for over ten years but there’s nothing like this going on there. It breaks my heart really to see my New York and hear its ‘death rattle’.”

His words are quite eloquent as he speaks of the ‘death rattle’ of a once great city. But that’s not what’s really at hand here as much as it is a portent of things to come. This is happening in all of our major cities as their Democrat-run governments welcome invaders from the south, housing and caring for them as they dangle an irresistible carrot in front of Illegal Border Crossers.

As the Biden Administration continues to openly invite Illegal Invaders by the tens of millions, our major cities are fast being overrun by the tide of human detritus. What’s next is an invasion of our mid-sized cities like Denver, Portland, and Salt Lake City; cities already feeling the impact of this invasion as their liberal governments extend and supplement the Bidenesque welcome mat.

What’s next are the smaller cities and larger towns like Boise, Ogden, San Angelo, Pensacola, and the list goes on. How long will it take to empty the cities and countries south of the border and fill our own with the unfiltered, unchecked, unwashed, and degenerate of Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and worse yet the terror capitals of Africa and the Middle East?

The invaders from Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe come here looking for more than a ‘free meal’, but with missions of terror, upset, and destruction on their minds. We are in very real trouble here, and it’s a ‘deadly cocktail’ of government sanctioned invasion, occupation, and support of those who would just as soon see our beloved republic fall. Far more than even China, these are the real enemies of the state. These invaders and those who support them are the ones who need to be rounded up, indicted, tried, and sentenced for the crimes of treason, murder, grand theft, kidnapping, human trafficking, drug dealing, and a bevy of other crimes against humanity.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!