“They Were Laughing”: Rogue Gang Of Teens Brutally Beat Gas Station Clerk In Lawless Seattle

September 19, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge


MONDAY, SEP 18, 2023 – 06:55 PM

A violent assault on a Seattle gas station clerk by teenagers, all for $100 and cigarettes, further highlights the growing culture of violence plaguing America’s younger generation.

Local news Fox 13 said the gas station clerk in Normandy Park was attending the register Friday night when a gang of young teens, driving a stolen Kia and Hyundai, ransacked the store, and in the process, one of the kids brutally beat the clerk while the others stole $100 from the register and cigarettes.

“Kids don’t seem to fear anything anymore,” Leah Johnston, the gas station cashier at Friendly Normandy Market, told Fox 13, adding, “There’s like, no repercussions for them the way there used to be.”

Johnston is correct. Progressive cities like Seattle have defunded police and only emboldened criminals to commit thefts and other violent crimes.

She explained the robbery only lasted 25 seconds. During it, she described, “They were laughing. They had no [regard] for anything. They don’t care anymore.”

Johnston continued, “I know of people who have been robbed, I know in the back of my mind it can always happen. But, I never thought that I would be attacked the way I was attacked.”

King County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to help with the investigation to identify the six suspects, some of whom were teens.

In a separate incident in August, only to be reported over the weekend after progressive mainstream media failed to report it, were two teens who murdered a bicyclist “for laughs” with a car in Las Vegas.

Nationwide, there’s an alarming trend in violence committed by teens. Some experts question if mental health issues stemming from Covid lockdowns are the reason for the outbursts of violence. Or perhaps Hollywood desensitizes teens with violent movies, songs, and video games. Or maybe it’s social media or the state promoting fatherless homes.

While it’s too early to tell why the younger generation feels the need to reenact scenes from the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ failed social justice reform has only fueled a crime wave rocking major metro areas.

Maybe it’s time for the Biden administration to address the violent youth crime wave that is now killing innocent law-abiding Americans. Remember, the government is supposed to work for law-abiding taxpayers — not the other way around.