They’re Killing our Children: Will There be Doctors and Public Health Officials Fleeing for the Exits?

August 24, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

“But really, at this point, many public health officials must be secretly wondering how they will evade prosecution.” James Howard Kunstler, August 9, 2020

“Some doctors should lose their licenses. Some bureaucrats need to lose their jobs while others need to go to trial.” Chris Martenson, August 12, 2022

Listen to this parent, whose 7 year old child developed myocarditis following injection with experimental Covid19 “vaccine”. Really! listen to seven minutes of rage and frustration aimed at a pharmacist involved in advocating for Covid19 “shots” despite their dangerous, even lethal, potentials. No informed consent, no disclosure of possible disastrous impacts, particularly for children for whom Covid19 was never of real concern in the first place. As with this irrevocably damaged child, it has been full speed ahead with injection and the constantly repeated lie of “safe and effective” for everyone, regardless of age.

The basic Covid19 Pandemic strategy can be condensed to bullet point form:

  1. The goal: Vaccinate all of humanity with a forthcoming experimental mRNA technology certain to yield vast fortunes.
  2. To decriminalize such an experiment, declare Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

  3. But EUA requires that no effective treatments be available. If there were, the plan would never fly.

  4. Therefore, available and effective treatments, notably ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin must be attacked and criminalized.

During the Pandemic, too many doctors across the nation, rather than researching and administering possible therapeutics, simply sent the sick home untreated, telling them to go to an emergency ward were their illness to get worse. Practitioners educated specifically to the pharmaceutical industry’s exorbitant offerings, and correspondingly ignorant of the remedial benefits of vitamin, mineral and neutriceutical therapies, blindly and stupidly — and criminally —  followed bureaucratic protocols with the obedience of Auschwitz camp guards.

Likewise, implicated pharmacists across the nation refused to honor prescriptions for off label medicinals that — and this is key — could have saved thousands of lives (Side note: While mainstream media and the CDC/medical establishment attacked ivermectin, Dr. Pierre Kory was treating 200 members of Congress with it. Really). And as this was going on, dissenting medical personnel were being — and are continuing to be —  censored or defamed, threatened and terminated (eg, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ….)

When the ill finally did enter hospitals, it was hospital administrators — desk bound suits — who passed down official policy from the offices of industry-linked governmental “public health experts”, coercing morally defective practitioners of all stripe to adhere to a lucrative, governmental/industry-inspired protocol involving expensive (ie, profitable) mandated kidney-destroying remdesivir and enforced use of “respirators”, even when their use appeared to be a recipe for death. Hospitals garnered ~$39K per respirator applied. By following official protocols through its various stages, hospitals have gained on the order of $100K for each Covid19 patient who expired (For extended treatment of this issue see HERE).

The wrath expressed by the above parent is now awakening in millions (as with this father who channeled his outrage into billboard form), and it’s accumulating like white hot subterranean lava ready to blow.

Countless thousands are finally coming to grips with the fact that trusted practitioners assumed to be competent — doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners — injected their now dead or mutilated loved ones with an experimental concoction, misnamed “vaccine”, that very soon after its release in December, 2020 was revealing nightmarish dangers. For the sake of hospital access, way too many followed a bureaucratic protocol they HAD to know was reckless and potentially deadly.

Yes, you might say, but the truth is now out despite the carefully nurtured mainstream- and social media censorship offensive, so what’s the point? Well, many relatives (by now millions) of the killed and maimed, and parents of permanently damaged children, won’t merely rage into a telephone or post a sign. Inevitably, some, when they realize the established system, so drenched in rot, has no intention of providing justice for what amounts to mass homicide, will be driven to take retribution into their own hands. Knowing this, federal interests will certainly be preparing for trouble. Many observers, for example, see a connection in the proposed $80 billion addition of 87,000 to an admittedly politically weaponized IRS. That 70,000 are to be armed would create a de facto, improvised army.

And how will practitioners react who finally come to their senses and realize the enormity of their decision to inject this experimental concoction despite the many warnings, and for what? —  to hold onto a job?

Will some plead Adolph Eichmann’s “I was just following orders” defense?

If they happen to encounter the families of their patients (victims) will they turn and flee? Will they try to apologize and beg forgiveness?

Might some contemplate suicide? And what of the culpable outside of the medical system that include collaborating journalists and CEOs and administrative bureaucrats who forced subservience to all below them within their networks?

How will all these people atone for their roles in what is now being seen as the fiendish project that it is?

Among the many motivated to seek redress will be doctors and scientists who refused to conform to official demands and who, as a result, suffered insult and attack from within the reputed medical community, as well as from news outlets, as being purveyors of “misinformation”, as for example Dr. Michael Yeadon: 

“To all the doctors who are silent and to all those who are actively involved in administering the vaccines, especially to young, healthy people: In my view, you are responsible for breaking the Nuremberg Code. And my participation in your prosecution will be a pleasure.” 

If he is correct and such prosecutions take place, I’ll want a ringside seat.