“They’ve Taken It Next Level!”- Megyn Kelly Goes Off On the Sick LGBTQ Parade Activities with Children in Attendance (VIDEO)

June 28, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


Credit: Megyn Kelly Youtube Screenshot/NY Post

The sick, borderline evil Pride events that have erupted across America and Canada have drawn the deserved ire of Megyn Kelly.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, gay and trans activists have partaken in several NSFW activities during these marches.

Here are some examples covered by The Gateway Pundit:

In Seattle, fully naked men exposed themselves to children at a pride parade in Seattle, Washington on Sunday while riding bicycles.

In Toronto, nudists with hats marched in the parade. Fox News revealed several children walked past the group of men with their families.

Other videos show a group of naked men playing and rinsing themselves off alongside a fountain surrounded by kids. Meanwhile, a stage, clearly adorned with Bud Light branding, featured scantily clad dancers wearing fishnets, nipple stickers, and strange sock-like masks.

One might ask why these radical sickos are partaking in these activities. In New York City, they spilled the beans with this evil chant:

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”


Kelly opened the segment by sharing a personal experience with public nudity in France. She revealed it happened in a sauna.

I walk into the sauna and I mean full-frontal. He was probably 76-years-old.

His p***s was on his leg and then his wife who was charitably a size 29 or 30. And Doug (Megyn’s husband) and I try to squeeze ourselves into the middle…and not try to make eye contact.

She called the experience uncomfortable. Kelly then used her disturbing experience as an analogy of sorts to what was happening in America.

What follows is a true tour de force.

WATCH (Kelly goes off on the Pride parades from 2:50-3:20 and 6:10-7:28):

Relevant transcript:

Open p***s showing at the Pride parades like in Seattle … it’s several men, totally naked on bikes waving.

Oh, they wore helmets, though — they covered that head!” This would be funny if you didn’t see many children in the other shots of the parade.

What the hell is happening to pride in America?

Kelly then references the disgusting activities in NYC where topless women danced and played with little children. She also mentioned the video of a brave pro-women’s activist getting attacked by trans activists upset over her sign defending actual women.

You see bullying and I see the tolerant far-left.

Now I have been around long enough and living in New York City for nearly two decades to know the Pride events have typically been a little raunchy..

But they’ve taken it next-level!