This Is a Partial Accounting of the Deep State’s Stacking the Odds Against President Trump

December 17, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN



In an article entitled:  DOJ IG:  ‘At Least 17 Significant Errors or Omissions in the Carter Page FISA’ Application at this link: we can get an idea of the odds being against President Trump.  Of course the greater the odds piled up against him, the more significant the victory that he will achieve, because he will win.  If you thought his grandstanding was insufferable now, wait until he prevails over those thwarting justice against him and all Americans.  Personally, I believe that he’s not actually the blowhard he appears to be, but that he plays one on TV for his benefit and ours.  Kind of like how the supremely confident Superman is actually mild-mannered Clark Kent, except President Trump wears a suit coat and tie and not a body suit.  (Thank God for small favors.)
From the article we read:  Some DOJ agents [pushing the Carter Page FISA applications] followed their judgment, rather than the evidence, in some cases in what appears to be an effort to get the results they wanted, IG Michael Horowitz determined in his report, adding:  
“We identified at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the Carter Page [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Ac] FISA applications, and many additional errors in the Woods Procedures. These errors and omissions resulted from case agents providing wrong or incomplete information to [the National Security Division Office of Intelligence] OI and failing to flag important issues for discussion.  While we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence of intentional misconduct on the part of the case agents who assisted OI in preparing the applications, or the agents and supervisors who performed the Woods Procedures, we also did not receive satisfactory explanations for the errors of the problems we identified.”
First, let’s translate, “…we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence of intentional misconduct…” That means that found nobody who documented- or wrote down- “Let’s screw the President,” or testified- or told- Horowitz that they wanted to screw the President.  Gee, I can’t imagine nobody wrote that or told him that.
But those 17 “errors” are what I want to address.  Do you know what are the odds of all of 17 errors going against the President, instead of some going for the President?  The simplest case provides 2 to the 17th power or the odds are 1 in 131,072 that these “errors” were just errors and not intentional acts of bias.

I would note that Horowitz’s observation that some DOJ agents appearing to be engaging in an effort to get the results they wanted- when we do the math- should be changed to “A snowball in hell has a better chance of survival than that the agents’ work wasn’t biased and the so-called mistakes were actually mistakes.”

Thank you for wading through this,
Je suis Spike