This Sheriff is not waiting for Congress to come up with solutions for the southern border

May 16, 2019 in News, Video by RBN

WASHINGTON (SBG) – In Cochise County, Arizona, the land that runs along the border is dry, rugged and full of paths worn out by drug traffickers and human smugglers.

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This Sheriff is not waiting for Congress to come up with solutions for the southern border
Courtesy: Sinclair Broadcast Group

“This is called the valley area. It has been a well-known trafficking area for years.”

For Sheriff Mark Dannels, the problem began when the U.S. government decided to build walls and push illegal traffic from cities into remote areas.

It turned his backyard into a highway for everything illegal that comes over the southern border. Until he decided that had to change.

Courtesy: Sinclair Broadcast Group

“10 years ago you could sit out here at night and see the lights coming across the desert. You could see the smuggling coming through our mountains behind us.”

What they can see now is this: drugs being smuggled over the border and the men who bring them.

These photos were taken just weeks ago by cameras Dannels’ deputies have hidden all along the desolate frontline.

Courtesy: Sinclair Broadcast Group

“We have 400 cameras out right now. By the end of the year, we’ll have 700. We’re watching all the smuggling trails. We’re watching our deserts. We’re watching the private lands.”

Dannels said every time an image is captured its sent to one of his deputies. That’s led to several arrests and what he claims to be a 100% conviction rate.

With their military uniforms and shoes covered so they don’t leave footprints, they’re a far cry from the families turning themselves into border agents.

Dannels said he’s keeping a wary eye on the current border crisis. And when it comes to placing blame, the Sheriff didn’t mince his words.

Courtesy: Sinclair Broadcast Group

“It’s irrelevant who the president is. Our congressional leaders will not secure this border. I put this squarely on their back. I don’t work for the people on Capitol Hill. I work for the people of Cochise County.”