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A recently compiled All Source Intelligence Assessment on the October 2017 mass shooting at the Route 91 country concert in Las Vegas that was provided to Congress sheds light on the growing suspicion that there was more than one shooter and a larger story to tell on the motivation behind the deceased Stephen Paddock and his possible accomplices, however, law enforcement authorities have proven inept at seeing the investigation through to its proper conclusion.

The first shady detail of this tragic day almost nine months ago was the fact that Las Vegas Police were ordered to turn their body cameras off before engaging with the shooter and throughout much of the shooting. Video evidence recently released under court order shows officers turning their body cameras off, obeying orders given down from people at the highest levels of authority, adding more mystery to the many inconsistencies and unanswered questions surrounding the shooting that left 58 people dead.

There have only been six releases from the Las Vegas Police since their appeal was overruled by the court in late April. The first two body camera videos released were followed by five witness statements, dispatch logs, CCTV footage, and 28 body camera files. According to Sheriff Joe Lombardo, there are at least 38 additional body cameras containing footage with over 21,500 hours of video, 251,099 images, and 529 sightings of Paddock that were analyzed and should be included in the releases to come.

Multiple reports from eyewitnesses on the ground claim that there were at least two shooters possibly in more than one location. Furthermore, audio from a police dispatch from that night states that there were multiple shooters.




The police certainly have something to hide. Either their response to the shooting was bungled or they are withholding what really happened that night. Perhaps it is the inconvenient truth that Paddock did not act alone. In fact, contradicting the LVMPD’s and FBI’s initial claims, recent documents point to three women found in Paddock’s hotel room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay. Image from the document is below.

Paddock was not alone in his room. But no one seems to care about this disturbing reality since it was so long ago now. However, we should care. We should demand answers when the truth is being withheld from us. Our law enforcement officials are blatantly covering up what really happened that night and are flailing in their subsequent investigation. Something doesn’t add up. There are so many unanswered questions to this tragedy that warrant further investigation. The truth must be revealed, no matter how inconvenient or disturbing.


Page 26 of the dispatch logs that were released by LVMPD mentions a dispatcher sharing the name of the shooter located in Room 32-135, along with three females in the room with Paddock. But of course, the names of the three women are redacted from the report, whose checkout dates listed aligned with Paddock’s planned departure date on October 2nd. “Units in control room 32 135. Suspect name of K(P)addock, Stephen. There three females in room,” read a section in page 26 of the logs.


The All Source Intelligence Assessment briefed Congress on the Mandalay Bay shooting at great length and detail in 50+ pages that provide many insights but also add to the unanswered questions and inconsistencies concerning the existing narrative of that night. There is much follow up required, but law enforcement does not seem willing to go there. They would rather lie to the American people if it does not fit the narrative. And as we have learned in recent weeks, the FBI is a tainted organization full of biased agents and corrupt leaders.

So, let’s dive into the assessment…


This was a comprehensive review that made use of existing publicly available data and open source exploitation to propose an alternative theory of investigation. The analysis provided resulted in several additional pathways of investigation.


Here are there preliminary findings:

  1. The attack was likely planned as well as logistically and financially coordinated entirely by Stephen Paddock;
  2. Stephen Paddock may have anticipated the arrival of a “fly in” team of additional shooters that would assist in the operational execution. However, the team of additional shooters appears to have not arrived or not arrived in the numbers expected. It is also possible that additional members of the cell had not yet reached Paddock’s suite when the security guard triggered a premature attack initiation;
  3. The digital signatures captured, tactical tradecraft, and media analysis of various individuals strongly suggest that Mr. Brian A. Hodge is a reasonably suspicious person of interest and deserves a much greater level of scrutiny;
  4. Social Media analysis, telephone contacts, and geospatial data of Mr. Brian Hodge require detailed further investigation as preliminary indicators suggest possible ties to Islamic organizations and a possible Islamic State (IS) linkage.
  5. Mr. Hodge’s personal profile is more befitting of a left wing or Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA) affiliate, but recent intelligence reports point to an increased level of collaboration between groups like ANTIFA and Islamic State.
  6. Analysts believe that there is reasonable articulable suspicion of Mr. Hodge that would justify the request of full National level surveillance tasking including FISA.


The actual shooting begins as the 3:12 mark of the following video. Single shots are heard first, then the bump stock rounds begin to hail down upon the concertgoers.


The shooting from the 32nd floor two-room suite in the Mandalay Bay Hotel continues for about ten minutes (10:05 PM to 10:15 PM) with the shooter(s) aiming at targets below. Although many conspiracy theories have proposed the likelihood of an additional shooter at the hotel and elsewhere, they have thus far failed to provide resounding evidence to support these claims.

Both the LVMPD and FBI have refused to consider the possibility of a second shooter. However, behind the scenes, analysts appear to be looking at possible evidence suggesting Paddock did not act alone. Tactical analysts believe there is a possible second shooter present in the audio stream released from a taxi on the ground below the Mandalay Bay and that the shooter can be distinctly heard at various points during the attack. Conveniently enough, that video that has been removed from YouTube as it doesn’t fit the one-shooter narrative.


Thanks Google.


However, at the beginning of another video (linked below), two different and distinct streams of fire can be heard (at the start at the video, 0:56 in, and a few more times throughout) from people at a bus stop on the ground. The second possible shooter is firing at a much higher rate of speed and for a longer period of time. It is highly unlikely that Paddock could be firing both of these weapons simultaneously.


These disparate sounds cannot come from the same weapon, fired at the same time, by a single shooter.


The current direction of the investigation remains focused on finances, forensics, audio/visual recordings, incident reconstruction, and witness statements. However, these traditional approaches to such a complex investigation are far from sufficient. A longer look and follow up must be undertaken on various individuals’ social media profiles, geo-spatial device rectification against witness and suspect statements, as well as other classified applications, concludes the assessment.


To this day, the official narrative provided by law enforcement is that Mr. Paddock acted alone, bought a cache of semi-automatic weapons, and used these weapons by himself, configured with bump stocks, to maximize the death toll on that fateful night.


However, the number of weapons procured and Paddock’s escape plan do not stand up to even a minimal level of scrutiny. In addition, the pictures leaked to the press beg more questions. Yet to this day, nothing has emerged to explain Paddock’s awareness of who he was conducting these heinous acts on behalf of. Was he a mentally unstable individual? Was he acting on behalf of another group he was a part of or sympathetic to? Or was he an unwitting dope or a willful actor in concert with others?


Regardless of these unanswered questions, Paddock’s purchasing pattern in the run up to October 1st reflects actions inspired by political or ideological bent. One possible group the assessment claims could be in connection to Paddock is Antifa. While searches of Paddock’s DNA footprint have not substantiated this claim, a Mr. Hodge, in the room next door, has an interesting story and background that should be further investigated. More on him to come in Part II of this piece.


The election of President Trump in November 2016 appears to be too much of a coincidence. The surprise victory of the Donald a year and a half ago has driven many liberals crazy. Was Paddock one of them? His weapons were reportedly purchased starting in October 2016 with more than 40 bought over the next year. The Trump factor cannot be ignored. And neither can the Deep State promoting false flags to drum up their war-hungry agenda.


The fact that Paddock needed a multiple room suite for the attack begs the question of whether there were more shooters to participate or who were participating in the murdering of those on the ground. Having a second room would provide for a small platoon of assassins to inflict mass casualties. So, the night could have been much more horrifying and deadly.


Also, all signs point to Paddock being executed as opposed to committing suicide. And there was at least one other person in the room with him or in the room next door, in addition to the three women previously mentioned.


A released picture reveals two gunshot wounds on Mr. Paddock, one to the sternum and another to the head. The first shot likely knocked him to the ground. The fact that the autopsy has not been released is a disturbing fact so we cannot know for sure where the wounds came from.


The second shot was the fatal one and points to him not committing suicide. After the SWAT team breached room 32-135, the internal door between the room and the second room was locked from room 32-134. So, working on the theory that there was another unknown shooter, he or she likely placed the pistol on Paddock and fled through the connected room. Only later that evening did police find cameras placed on a cart with wires running into the other room.


Another inconsistency and tough to face truth about that night was that police forces first arrived on the 32nd floor at 10:17 PM, but the SWAT team did not breach the adjoining suite 32-135 until 11:20 PM. The security guard confronted Paddock, who shot him, six minutes before the shots starting raining down on the concert.


Part II to be released later today will go into further detail about why the official one-shooter all on his own narrative makes no sense. Paddock did not act alone. He could not have acted alone. The one suspect who appears to be a second shooter or accomplice of Paddock’s is an Australian named Brian Hodge, who is discussed at length in the assessment and should be hauled in for questioning and be the subject of extensive further investigation based on his social media activity and his whereabouts derived from location-based research and analysis. The ANTIFA / ISIS connection is real and we should all be quite alarmed that this is not be investigated to its fullest extent.


Hodge publicly stated that he was staying in the room next to Paddock that night and a look at his social media accounts point to far too many coincidences to believe that he was totally unaffiliated with Paddock and his deadly aims.


The assessment found a number of unusual behaviors and inconsistent actions of Mr. Hodge’s based on his social media activity. Using sophisticated tracking tools, they discovered that Hodge’s Australian background also includes a significant amount of support for left wing causes, as depicted on his Facebook profile. Though he does not outwardly encourage or advocate violence, Hodge supports left wing issues such as transgender rights, gay marriage, and is undoubtedly and vehemently anti-right wing. The country music concert on the night of October 1st was full of right-leaning Americans and a sizable chunk of Trump supporters.


Please stay tuned for the second part as this series in which I will delve into the social and political aspects of this alternative theory of investigation and in turn blow the lid off of the official Paddock acted alone narrative. I will also discuss at length the Islamic and Leftist extremism connection surrounding Mr. Hodge and his movements on October 1st.


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