Trafficked Minors Reach Queens, NY and Sex Crimes Escalate

August 4, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Joe Guzzardi

Institute for Sound Public Policy

As the sex trafficking crisis via the Southwest border worsens, and the related crimes overwhelm even the largest communities, women’s rights groups like the National Organization for Women remain inexplicably silent.

NOW’s website describes the organization as a grassroots activist group focused on promoting feminist ideals. Vocal on a woman’s right to choose and affirmative action, NOW stands passively by and mum as females of all ages and ethnicities are trafficked across the Southwest border and put to work as prostitutes.

The normally outspoken Nancy Grace apparently has no opinion either on the connection between the open border and the abuse of young women who are illegal aliens without valid work authorization. For many, other than minimum wage jobs that are barely life sustaining, prostitution may be the only option. The link between the Biden administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws at the border and in the interior to soaring crime rates is inarguable.

In Queens, New York, the combination of open borders and the hands-off policy that’s been imposed on New York’s police officers has turned the borough into what New York Post reporters labeled as “the city’s boldest open-air market for sex.”

Dressed in provocative clothing, prostitutes are seen in front of pool halls, dentist offices and massage parlors day and night. They recruit neighborhood children to distribute their X-rated business cards. The prostitutes’ brazen behavior is evident in broad daylight, in front of innocent minors, aghast residents and legitimate commercial enterprises. Dozens of houses of ill repute have set up shop along Roosevelt Avenue, a major Queens throughway. One observer noted that vans reportedly driven by cartel human traffickers have been seen unloading underage girls on Roosevelt Avenue.

The sex workers that troll the area’s red-light district are so confident they won’t be prosecuted that they advertise their services on a YouTube channel for Spanish speakers. Ten-minute long footage displays women working in the “Market of Sweethearts” as two men instruct viewers how to negotiate the best deal with the prostitutes. The channel has 19,000 subscribers.

In April, a whistleblower told Congress’ House Judiciary Committee that the “United States’ federal government has become the ‘middleman’ in a multibillion-dollar human trafficking operation targeting unaccompanied minors at the southern border.” Tara Lee Rodas told the committee that the Office of Refugee Resettlement frequently delivers children to criminal-infested homes who then treat them like commodities to be abused in underage sex or labor exploitations.

In May, U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered an average of 435 unaccompanied minors per day. A Heritage Foundation study found that drug cartels and traffickers will exploit 60 percent of these children in prostitution, forced labor and child pornography.

In June alone, the Biden administration released 344 kids to nonrelated adults, some of whom are illegal aliens. Most of the families that assumed responsibility for the minors already had multiple children in their care. Such children are prime targets for abuse. About half of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “most wanted” child trafficking criminals are from Mexico, the nation that cartels control.

NOW, Nancy Grace and other women’s advocates aren’t the only missing voices that would have the influence to bring the brazen lawlessness at the border and subsequently in Queens to light, and help to bring it under control. While no longer House Speaker, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has often spoken about the importance of protecting and nurturing immigrant children. Angelina Jolie, Hollywood superstar, is another child advocate whose input on the abuse that the open border fosters is, like NOW, Grace and Pelosi, missing from the dialogue.

At this stage of his administration, Biden won’t impose border and interior enforcement. But, without a policy change, sex and other crimes involving children will mushroom. ICE and the New York Police Department have been neutered. Tragically, no one else is around to prevent the crimes from continuing.