June 24, 2018 in News, Video by D

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President Trump is ordering all American citizens to take heed of and listen to his personal vow to never let America become Europe regarding migrants and refugees on his watch. “The United States will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility,” Trump vowed during a press conference. “It won’t be. You look at what is happening in Europe and other places, we can’t allow it to happen to the United States. Not on my watch.” That’s a very strong and definitive statement from our Commander-in-Chief. It is his strongest statement yet during his term as president. It has really put undocumented illegal aliens on notice and is sending them running for the border. And it’s an order and vow Americans can take to heart.

The media has been wall to wall attacking President Trump and his administration for separating children from their parents at the border. Even though 10,000 of the last 12,000 children who came over that border did so without their actual parents. The left is trying to emotionally weaponize the issue with pictures of babies torn away from their mothers while breastfeeding (not true), children crying for their parents while in cages (not true) and making comparisons to the Holocaust.

At last count, the media had used Holocaust references 22 times to play on the issue. They are all using the very same talking points as well. The left has even won over some Republicans like Laura Bush, who compared the detention facilities to Japanese internment camps. That’s also not true and hypocritical since her husband signed a great deal of this into law in 2008.

Give President Trump his due, he’s standing strong on the issue and in fact, as I understand it, ICE will be doubling down on their immigration raids and the border will be tightened up even further. That’s sure to drive the left right out of their minds.