Trump: Our ‘Great, Great’ Border Wall Is ‘Way, Way, Way’ Ahead of Schedule

February 24, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Image: Trump: Our 'Great, Great' Border Wall Is 'Way, Way, Way' Ahead of Schedule

President Donald Trump on Friday told a cheering audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference that the 10-foot-high wall he has pledged to build at the U.S.-Mexico border is “way, way, way ahead of schedule.”

“We’re going to build a wall don’t worry about it, in fact it’s going to start soon … It’s way, way, way ahead of schedule,” Trump said.

“It will be a great, great border wall. It will stop the drugs from pouring into our nation and poisoning our youth. It’s going to stop … We are going to save countless lives.”

As well, immigration officials are working to eject the “bad dudes” from the United States.

“Those are the ones that go first,” Trump said.

Shortly before his appearance at the annual gathering at National Harbor outside Washington, D.C., Trump fired off a tweet:

Trump’s address came a day after Vice President Mike Pence, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon spoke at CPAC.

Pence fired up the crowd of 2,500 attendees as he declared that “this is our time” and called on them to back him and Trump because “the other side is not sitting idle.”

“This is the chance we’ve worked so hard for so long to see. This is the time to prove again that our answers are the right answers for America,” Pence said.

Earlier Bannon told the CPAC audience that “it’s going to get worse” for President Donald Trump as he “continues to press his agenda and as economic conditions get better” because of liberals and the “opposition” media.

“As things get better, they’re going to fight,” If you think they’re going to give the country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken,” Bannon said.

Priebus, who appeared side by side with Bannon, bashed reports that the two suffering from a rift.

“We’re different, but we are similar. He is very determined in making sure that every day, the promises that President Trump has made that we are working on,” Priebus said.