Trump’s Deal With The Devil

January 30, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Chuck Baldwin

January 30, 2020

Donald Trump’s so-called Deal of the Century unveiled this past Tuesday is actually a deal with the devil. This so-called Middle East Peace Plan would more accurately be called the “Permanent Palestinian Enslavement Act”—otherwise known as the “Save Benjamin Netanyahu’s Derriere Act.”

On the very day that Netanyahu was formally indicted on corruption charges by the Israeli Knesset, Donald Trump rolls out his “Deal of the Century” Middle East peace plan. As with Trump’s assassination of General Soleimani, this is nothing but a ploy to try and save Trump’s partner in crime and fellow Zionist, Benjamin Netanyahu—and to further endear himself to the much beguiled Christian Zionists within America’s evangelical voting bloc.

The people who live under the yoke of Israeli oppression in Palestine, however, know exactly what this is all about. And they rightly reject it.

United States President Donald Trump‘s Middle East plan, also known as the “Deal of the Century,” has been denounced by the Palestinians as a “new Balfour Declaration”.

Trump revealed his plan on Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing by his side at the White House. [The Palestinians were conveniently left out of the negotiations.]

Trump led his statement by introducing the Israeli side of the plan, announcing that Jerusalem will remain the “undivided capital” of Israel, adding that this has “already been done”.

He also said he hoped to implement the plan “immediately”.

Netanyahu, speaking after Trump, thanked the US president for a “historic day” and said the plan would see Israeli law implemented in the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley as a means to ensuring the security of Israel.

Fakhry Abu Diab, a Palestinian activist in Silwan neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, told Al Jazeera: “It is obvious that Trump is repeating history by establishing new Balfour Declaration.

“He [Trump] is giving away what he does not own, to people who have no right to it,” said Abu Diab.

Following Britain’s pledge to establish “a national home for the Jewish people,” the Balfour Declaration was issued on November 2, 1917. It turned the Zionist aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine into a reality.

“This deal only secures Israeli interests while violating international law and some of the main pillars of a Palestinian state – Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley.

“After decades of sacrificing our lives for this cause, we want our freedom and a Palestinian state along the 1967 border, not some economic gains.

“We completely reject this plan and will continue to fight it,” he added. (Source)

The Palestinians are absolutely right: This is merely another Balfour Declaration—which was nothing more than a conspiracy orchestrated by 19th and 20th century Zionists to steal land belonging to the indigenous Arab people in a demonic attempt to overturn God’s divine judgment on the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple in 70 AD—a judgment that had been prophesied by Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles. In actuality, Zionism is nothing more than a 2,000-year blood feud with God for destroying their holy city and their holy temple.

Trump’s “two-state solution” for the Palestinians is analogous to the way Nazi Germany forced Jews into the Warsaw ghettos. “Be good little slaves and accept our total domination over you, eat your bread and water and live in squalid conditions, and maybe we won’t kill you.” THAT is Trump’s “two-state solution,” his “Deal of the Century.”

Without a doubt, Gaza is the Auschwitz of our time.

Palestinians shouted back, “Jerusalem is not for sale!”

Trump released a “conceptual map” of his two-state solution on Twitter after his speech, showing a much-reduced West Bank honeycombed with Israeli settlements. While these ethnically-segregated outposts are illegal under international law, the peace plan recognizes them as permanent – though imposes a four-year freeze on construction of further settlements. A tunnel connects the West Bank and Gaza, and two chunks of desert land in Israel’s southwest are added to Palestine, connected by a tiny strip of land to Gaza.

The deal situates the proposed capital of the Palestinian state in East Jerusalem outside an existing security barrier that divides Arab neighborhoods from the rest of Jerusalem – but does not include the Old City, currently home to many of the city’s Palestinian residents.

While Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was standing beside Trump as he detailed the proposed plan, no Palestinian representative was present at the speech. Abbas’ Palestinian Authority preemptively scorned the deal, having cut off communications with Washington since the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem – an outcome Trump appears to have expected, telling reporters the day before unveiling the deal that the Palestinians “probably won’t want it initially.” However, he hinted, economic pressure would eventually bring them round. (Source)

Like most unprincipled money-hungry Americans—including “Prosperity Gospel” fakers like Paula White and Kenneth Copeland—Donald Trump suffers from the delusion (moral sickness) that everyone is like him and will sell their soul for a dollar. Trump and his ilk have absolutely no idea how to relate to people who possess real convictions and principles and cannot be bought or bullied. You know, people like our Early Church fathers and America’s Founding Fathers.

Tragically, evangelical Christians are following the Pied Pipers of Zionism into the abyss.

I’ll say it straight out: Anyone who believes that the modern State of Israel fulfills Bible prophecy or that the Zionists in Israel are “God’s Chosen People” or that God’s promise in Genesis 12:3 to bless those who bless Abram applies to modern Israel is following Satan’s lie.

The modern State of Israel is a complete counterfeit; the Ashkenazi Jews inhabiting Palestine are only “chosen” if they—like every other person on the planet, Jew or Gentile—have been “chosen in Christ” (Ephesians 1:4). And the Rothschild Zionists (who are the planners, promoters and financial pockets of a globalist New World Order, complete with its efforts to strip free men of their right to keep and bear arms, implement universal abortion-on-demand, fill our culture with pornography and sexual deviancy and destroy America’s Christian heritage) are nothing more than the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees, chief priests and scribes who hated and crucified the Son of God for their own personal pleasure and profit. (Matthew 27:18, 20; Mark 11:17, 18; 15:11; Luke 16:14; 23:21; John 11:48; 19:6, 15; Acts 2:22, 23)

Any Christian or “patriot” who does not understand that the epicenter of the New World Order has coalesced in Tel Aviv (and in London and Washington, D.C., of course) doesn’t have a clue about the New World Order or the “Deep State.”

The worst tyrants and oppressors in the Middle East are in Tel Aviv and Beersheba. The criminality, killings, torture, pillage and plunder committed by the Israelis dwarfs the violence and bloodshed committed by Muslim peoples—Shiites or Sunnis. Even the murderous Wahhabi sect of Muslims can’t compare to the volume of Israeli atrocities.

Since becoming a state in 1948, the Israeli military has killed over 5 million Palestinians. Why is that not labeled a holocaust? And since Israel became a state, over 20 million people have been killed from U.S. led wars, military coups and intelligence ops, mostly on behalf of Israel. Why is that not labeled a holocaust?

If America’s evangelicals want to support “God’s people” in Palestine, they will support the Palestinian Christians—along with Arab Christians throughout the region. Yes, many of the Palestinians being victimized by Israel’s apartheid state are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yet America’s evangelical Christians are cheering Trump’s deal with the devil of enabling Netanyahu and his brood of bloodthirsty butchers to expand Israel’s continuing criminal conduct of stealing people’s land, bulldozing people’s homes, imprisoning people’s families, shooting children in the head for sport, walling in, starving and denying water and electricity to entire communities and wreaking havoc and violence upon the entire Middle East. Why? Because evangelicals have fallen victim to the damnable notes promoting Israel-based prophetic futurism in the Zionist-created Scofield Reference Bible.

After the State of Israel was created in 1948, Scofield’s notes were seen as divinely inspired. And Israel’s land grab of the Jordanian West Bank, the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai in 1967 sealed the deal for evangelicals.

Christians didn’t even notice that Israel tried to sink the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, with unmarked French Mirage jets to make it appear the ship was attacked by Egypt in an attempt to bring the United States into the war. Christians didn’t even notice that 34 American sailors and Marines were killed in that attack and 174 were wounded. And to this day, they totally ignore the brave survivors of that attack who risk everything to try and tell the American people what really happened on that terrible day.

Combined with the creation of the Israeli state in 1948, the Six Day War in 1967 was interpreted by prophecy preachers nationwide as a sign from Heaven. Israel’s victory was called a “miracle.” Of course, the REAL miracle during the Israeli act of aggression and land confiscation of 1967 was the divine intervention that kept the USS Liberty afloat on June 8. But that didn’t fit in with the Scofield prophecy preachers’ theology, so that miracle was never mentioned.

Soon “Prophetic Dispensationalism,” as it came to be called, saturated America’s Christian colleges, seminaries and Christian book stores. The “Church Growth” movement of the 1970s, 80s and 90s quickly enveloped America’s evangelicals. Of course, most of the “Church Growth” movement had a heavy emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the “imminent” return of Christ.

In the minds of evangelical futurists today, Donald Trump is a new King Cyrus for a Greater Israel.

There is no reasoning with these prophecy zealots. There is no use quoting the Declaration of Independence, Constitution or Bill of Rights. There is no such thing as Natural Law, International Law or the Law of Nations with them. America’s Founding Fathers and founding documents are completely irrelevant, as are honesty, integrity, morality and humility. None of it matters. Scofield’s prophecies have been fulfilled in Donald Trump.

Old Testament Israel has been reborn; a third Jewish temple MUST be rebuilt; the Mosaic feasts, festivals, new moons, rites, ordinances, commandments, sacrifices and sabbaths MUST be reinstituted. Donald Trump is “The Chosen One.” He is “God’s Anointed.” Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Nikki Haley are the new Holy Trinity. And Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr., John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White and Franklin Graham—along with Trump’s myriad “spiritual advisors”—are the new Kingdom Prophets who sit at the King’s table.

Assassinating foreign heads of state, enabling Federal Reserve bankers to crush foreign currencies and economies that reject their financial monopoly, stealing oil fields from recalcitrant but powerless countries, pillaging and plundering America’s economic future in order to finance the never-ending Zionist “war on terror,” bullying every nation on earth that hesitates to accept the American/Israeli global hegemony, risking global nuclear war: In the minds of evangelical rapturists, it’s all necessary to fulfill Scofield’s prophecies.

Yep! Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is nothing more than an old-fashioned deal with the devil. Then again, many evangelical Christians and former presidents have made that same deal over the past 70+ years.

P.S. This is the message you won’t hear in the vast majority of America’s evangelical churches. This message will explain the Zionist blood feud against God and why most Christians have completely misinterpreted the truth of God’s Word by embracing Israel-based prophetic futurism. You will probably never hear another message like it. Find it here.

© Chuck Baldwin