Unvaccinated Are the Only Oppressed Minority: Time for Reparations and Affirmative Action

February 7, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Joseph Sansone


There is only one oppressed minority in the United States. They are comprised of every demographic group. According to published reports the unvaccinated make up 17% of the U.S. population. We have been told that 83% of Americans have had at least one C19 injection. If these numbers are accurate, it does not bode well for national health. Now that children are being targeted with these bioweapon injections the unvaccinated will decline in numbers.

The unvaccinated are an oppressed minority that has faced discrimination at a level not seen for nearly 100 years. In some ways never seen before. The unvaccinated have been demonized in ways similar to Jews in 1930s Germany. The propaganda against the unvaccinated has also been similar to the demonization of Americans of Japanese descent during World War II. They have even proposed internment camps for the unvaccinated.

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In just the past couple years, across the United States to varying degrees, the unvaccinated have been subjected to segregation. They have been denied access to restaurants, universities, and employment. They have been fired because of their genetic status. In many cases the unvaccinated have been denied healthcare. Even life saving medications and organ transplants have been denied to unvaccinated humans.

Unmasked have also been discriminated against in many similar ways, but for the purpose of this discussion, we’ll stay focused on the unvaccinated. Largely because discrimination against the unvaccinated is a form of genetic discrimination and meets the criteria for racial discrimination.

The psychological warfare conducted against the unvaccinated has damaged, harmed, and traumatized, many in this community. Many may never recover from the trauma. The economic damages have also ruined countless lives. As a genetic ‘class’ the unvaccinated do not have the same rights as those that benefit from ‘vaccinated privilege’.

It should be noted that ‘vaccine privilege’ may require continued compliance. Discontinuing boosters may cause one to lose their ‘vaccine privilege’ status and become unvaccinated in the eyes of the oppressors.

What actions can be done to indemnify the unvaccinated?

Let’s start with reparations. We are not speaking of discrimination and injustice that occurred hundreds of years ago, or even 50 or 60 years ago. We are speaking of horrible and intolerable acts of violence and intimidation that have occurred in the past couple years, and the discrimination is ongoing. As an oppressed minority, a genetic ‘class’ that suffers extreme discrimination, there must be reparations for the unvaccinated.

It would seem that a fair monetary amount would be to force the pharmaceutical companies to pay the unvaccinated all the funds received that was collected for the C19 bioweapon injections. Importantly, these reparations need to come in the form of legislative action, not in a class action law suit. There should be no parasitic attorney fees involved in this necessary wealth transfer. Attorneys as a group, have acted as total cowards the past couple years, and sat by while the United States was turned into a dystopian nightmare. Now that we have considered a potentially fair amount of indemnification for the unvaccinated, what about affirmative action?

On a personal note, I’d like to disclose that I have always opposed affirmative action policies. The idea of discriminating based on race and sex to make up for past discrimination seemed unjust and to violate the rights of individuals. I always felt that people should be judged by the quality of their work not their skin color or sex. Also, it did not seem fair to punish one generation for the sins of another.

However, now that I am part of an oppressed minority, I am reevaluating this view. Although, I do take solace in knowing that the discrimination was not conducted by a prior generation, it has occurred in the past couple years. So at least I am not advocating discrimination against one generation for the sins of another generation.

What should affirmative action look like for the unvaccinated?

Clearly the unvaccinated must get preferential treatment in the hiring process. This needs to occur at all levels of employment. Every major corporation needs to have unvaccinated humans on their board of directors. Unvaccinated should also be prominently placed in all public relation positions. It is also necessary for companies to have sensitivity courses for the vaccinated and educate them about the plight of the unvaccinated.

This does bring up the issue of education. Academic institutions need to teach about ‘vaccine privilege’ and encourage students to be willing to accept their ‘vaccinated privilege’. It is important for vaccinated students to display an appropriate amount of guilt and to apologize to unvaccinated students for their ‘vaccine privilege’.

I know what you are thinking. Aren’t the vaccinated victims too? What about the cancer, heart problems, and the approximately 1000 side effects?

Yes, they are. We’ll save their indemnification or the class action lawsuits and the prosecutions for crimes against humanity in the future. Just don’t let the World War take your eyes off that prize.

There is the important issue of what month to claim. Any neo segregationist will tell you it is important to claim a month to promote segregation and stake out a claim for preferential treatment. Of course, February is black history month so that is off the table. September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage month. Lesser known, is Italian heritage month, which is October. What can I say, our lobby isn’t that good…

We won’t get into the other months. Although, I will make an early prediction that June which is called ‘Pride’ month by the gay and lesbian community may come into dispute as the overturning of Roe v Wade could prompt a movement to make June ‘Life’ month.

Understandably, it is preferable to stake a claim on a month during the school year to gain the greatest brain washing impact. Let’s not get greedy. I think July would be ideal. It is after all when we celebrate Independence Day. After all, the unvaccinated are a patriotic lot. At great personal sacrifice they have resisted global technocracy and refused to take the bioweapon injections and withstood enormous social and psychological pressure in the process, let alone the economic loss.

Like any civil rights movement there are notable civil rights leaders. Dr. Mccullough, Dr. Cole, Dr. Kory, and Alex Jones, to name a few. There are many other unvaccinated civil rights leaders that I have not mentioned here for the sake of brevity. It is way too premature to determine which civil rights leader’s birthdays should become holidays, but this is something to keep in mind as we continue our journey.

Finally, we need to consider the media. Their role in collaborating with government and corporations in this active campaign of discrimination was colossal. It is important that media companies prominently display and label unvaccinated personalities. It is also important for the media entertainment industry to follow suit. Most actors and actresses in commercials need to be unvaccinated and this needs to be clearly displayed in ads. Feature films need also have positive roles for unvaccinated characters and accurately display their plight.

Will reparations and affirmative action policies satisfy the indemnification needs of the unvaccinated. Probably not, but it is a start. This will need to be an ongoing process. Remember, we are all in this together…

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DISCLAIMER: For the comedically challenged this article is not intended to make light of the discrimination toward the unvaccinated. It is intended to ridicule the absurd claims of any ‘group’ that claims discrimination while the unvaccinated are being overtly oppressed.