October 21, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


source: southfront.press

Written by Eric Zuesse 

Up till now, President Biden has been blocking Secret Service protection to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; but, now that RFK Jr. is no longer running for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination, but instead directly to win the Presidency itself on 5 November 2024, and might be taking more votes from Trump than from Biden in that contest, Biden might change his mind on this and no longer be hoping for Kennedy to be assassinated.

RFK Jr. is the first U.S. Presidential candidate in recent history who has repeatedly requested Secret Service protection but whom the U.S. President had denied it to. (Nominally, leaders of the U.S. House and Senate are consulted by the Executive Branch on that decision, but always that is merely advisory, and the President alone makes the final decision on the matter, and has complete discretion on that decision.)

RFK Jr.’s father Robert F. Kennedy, and uncle John F. Kennedy, both were assassinated; and no form of bodyguarding service can provide 100% protection, but Secret Service protection, which is provided by U.S. taxpayers and is delegated by the U.S. President to the Secretary of Homeland Security to provide, is generally considered to be the best. But Biden’s Administration has repeatedly denied it to him.

RFK Jr.’s campaign is therefore spending around $200,000 per month to protect RFK Jr., and the candidate has said that he thinks that Biden is trying to weaken Kennedy’s campaign by forcing it to pay for this protection, which the other major candidates receive.

Biden continues to deny it to him, even after, on September 15th at a campaign rally in Los Angeles, Adrian Paul Aispuro, wearing an “EMS (Emergency Medical Services”) shirt and trying to access the area from which Kennedy was soon to be speaking, was caught by RFK Jr.’s actual privately hired protectors, and identified himself as being a member of the candidate’s private security detail (which they knew to be false). Aispuro was “wearing two shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines” and “was carrying a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID.”

In a follow-up article, the Kennedy Beacon reported, on October 7th, that

Under California law, these firearms charges are known as “wobblers,” meaning they can be classed as felonies or misdemeanors depending on a suspect’s prior criminal history. Yet Aispuro was only charged with misdemeanors on all three counts ––– rather than more serious charges. He was released on $35,000 bail on September 22, 2023. He is due back in court on March 19, 2024.

So: that man, who misrepresented himself in order to get close enough to Kennedy to, perhaps, kill him, isn’t being held while awaiting trial, but is still at-large and posing a danger to Kennedy.

However, the long and rambling news-report by the Kennedy Beacon, which was titled “Who is Adrian Paul Aispuro and is Anyone Behind Him?” gives the impression that Aispuro might have been a deranged person whom some unidentified person had set up to be the fall-guy (patsy) to get the rap for one-or-more distant well-positioned snipers who were waiting for Aispuro to get close enough to the candidate so as to be blamed for the intended assassination. And no court is investigating the matter, at all, until, at least, “March 19, 2024.” Maybe, if this is a set-up, politicians are involved all along the line.

In any event: that first court-hearing on the incident won’t take place until well into the heat of the campaigning-season, not right away — not, in other words, urgently to protect RFK Jr. from being assassinated. And, all of this was arranged while RFK Jr. was running in the Democratic Party primaries.

At that time, RFK Jr. was campaigning for the Democratic nomination, not for the Presidential election directly; and California’s Government is under the control of a loyal Biden-supporter, Governor Gavin Newsom. Now that Kennedy is instead an independent third-party candidate, whom a recent poll, published on October 17th, showed to be taking more votes from Trump than from Biden (possibly throwing what would otherwise be a Trump victory into being instead Biden’s re-election), perhaps Biden will now change his mind and provide Secret Service protection to Kennedy.

However, on the day, October 16th, prior to that poll, the Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz sent a letter to the Biden Administration, saying:

On July 21, 2023, you made the executive decision to deny Secret Service protection to Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. after eighty-eight days of failing to respond to his either formal request for protection, or follow-ups by his campaign. This delay represents a stark departure from the standard fourteen day turnaround for this type of request. Since your decision to refuse Mr. Kennedy protection and determining “it [was] not warranted,” an armed man was arrested at one of his campaign events in Los Angeles and subsequently charged with carrying a loaded firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and impersonating a Deputy United States Marshal. This near assassination attempt hardly came as a surprise given that Mr. Kennedy’s original request for Secret Service protection included a sixty-seven page report from a leading private security firm detailing a myriad of unique and well-established safety risks.

Two weeks after this incident, on September 29, 2023, Judicial Watch, a government accountability nonprofit organization, received eleven pages of Secret Service records detailing Mr. Kennedy’s protection request denial. Notably, the report indicated that Mr. Kennedy received numerous credible threats from “known subjects” and further determined that he is at an elevated “risk for adverse attention.” Additionally, the records included a Secret Service “Protective Intelligence Assessment.” [Cruz provided no link, but here it is.] This assessment revealed numerous “behaviors of interest” such as a letter sent to the hotel where Mr. Kennedy announced his presidential campaign. In this concerning letter, a person of interest expressed a desire to “discuss [their] sins” with Mr. Kennedy and mentioned that a “madman” may commit a “serious terrorist act.” The assessment further revealed that another known subject regularly sends Mr. Kennedy threatening emails, stating he will “bury” Kennedy, “everyone will die,” and that he will make Mr. Kennedy “suffer.”

Further complicating matters, the assessment also revealed the Secret Service’s own concession that Mr. Kennedy is likely at risk of assassination “for no other reason than [the mere fact] that he is a Kennedy.”

The records also indicated that the Secret Service is aware that Mr. Kennedy has received increased media attention after accusing the Central Intelligence Agency of involvement in the assassination of his uncle, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and advocating for the release of the individual currently imprisoned for assassinating his father, Robert F. Kennedy, and speaking out against COVID-19 vaccines.” In light of your exceptionally delayed action and inexplicable refusal to provide security for this presidential candidate despite the extraordinary threats he is receiving, I demand answers to the following questions by October 31, 2023: …

So: perhaps Biden will relent by no later than October 31st — especially because this might actually help him to win the final election on 5 November 2024.