US Spends $20 Million on Missile to “Destroy Any Target in the World in One Hour”

May 27, 2015 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

(ANTIMEDIA) Can you fathom something worse than nuclear weapons? Can you imagine weapons that are more ‘practical’ and surgical to be used to spread “peace” and “democracy” to oil rich countries in the Middle East? Well these weapons are being developed.

Op-Ed by Cassius Methyl 
May 21, 2015 

Raytheon just received a $20,489,714 contract from the US Military (DARPA) to develop the fastest missiles ever known. These hypersonic missiles can theoretically reach any target in the world within one hour.

Raytheon is a corporation known for developing tools that cause death and destruction. It’s one of the largest US affiliated ‘defense’ contractors and is responsible for numerous technologies that have taken thousands of lives in pointless conflicts around the world.

The idea behind these missiles is that they will be very difficult to take down. They will be able to strike targets from a greater distance and at a greater speed than any missiles that are currently being used.

DARPA wants the hypersonic missiles be fully developed by the year 2020. Last year these weapons were tested but failed, however they did not fail to increase international tension. With the announcement of these new research funds, this tension is going to continue. Current events in Ukraine, Syria, and Iran have already inflamed the East vs. West conflict to levels unseen since the Cold War.

According to an article from The Moscow Times“A new arms rivalry between Russia and the United States is heating up as the two major military powers rush to develop a new class of hypersonic, non-nuclear missiles that can strike any target on the globe within one hour of launch with devastating accuracy.”

Even mainstream media outlets recognize that this is a “terrifying” new technology. A headline from Boston Business Journal reads “Raytheon’s developing a hypersonic missile system. It sounds terrifying.”

If you consider the implications of this technology and how it could change the landscape for conventional warfare, of course it would inflame international relations. If you develop technology designed to annihilate human beings with some of the greatest efficiency ever seen, place it in the hands of some of the most demonstrably corrupt people to ever hold power, what else would you expect?

The unfortunate truth is we have a civic duty to keep up with this new ‘arms race’ because we have to assess the dangers of the weapons possessed by the US Government and other world powers including Russia — and at any cost neutralize these dangers to our people. The sobering truth about modern war can be summed up relevantly simply: war is old men talking, young men dying, and innocent people being caught in the middle of these proxy wars-for-resources waged all too often in the false name of democracy.

Self-Guided Bullet Photo DARPA is developing self guided bullets that don’t miss, robots of war, drones, biometrics, and other futuristic weapons that will be used to preserve US military hegemony for decades to come unless steps are taken to reign in these tools of destruction.


Sandia Labs self-guided bullet test.


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