US Supra-Gov Policy in Syria is Clear but Evil

June 27, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


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Financial Times of London, David Gardner writes:  The US has no coherent policy for Syria or the wider region

Chuck Carlson disagrees: We say US war policy is obvious and transparent, but is hidden from us in the confusion created by respected media like Financial Times of London that allow us to be puzzled by the obvious.  Why is US  policy deliberately widening the 26-year old war in the Middle East?  

I quote “Syria, after six years of horrendous conflict, on many fronts with multiple actors, is in a state of fragmented chaos and de facto partition. But a great deal of the confusion clouding any future it may have emanated from the chaos of the White House.”

Chuck Carlson interjects:  US warring practices in the field make it obvious that, whoever our US decision makers are, they are engineering the secret ongoing war against Syria–and soon to be against Russia, if they are allowed their way,  The pretense is that ISIS is our enemy.  In fact, mystery-funded-ISIS is the US de facto ally in a secret war against the Syrian people and their recent allies, Russia and Iran.  We need to get this turned around in our minds so we can see what is being done to us Americans.

In order to make any sense out of the Middle East war zone we must understand our war policy is ruled, not by Donald Trump and the now nearly invisible Congress, but by a banking supra-structure above our political system that has its own agenda. The complete destruction of Syria is its current target. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are already victims, this much we know. calls this supra-structure for war, the Unelected Supra-Government, (USGov) and Donald Trump is its latest, noisy, tweeting puppet.

Financial Times pretends to be confused when they tell us:  “Events at the weekend were ominous. On Sunday, an American jet fighter shot down a Syrian air force warplane. The Pentagon said it had been bombing too close to Syrian Kurdish fighters, whom the US-led coalition against Isis has deployed as the strike force to retake Raqqa. The incident follows three recent clashes in which the US air force has bombed Iran-backed Assad regime forces in south and east Syria. Those too were explained away as ‘self-defence’ and ‘force protection’  by the Americans.”

FT goes on to confuse how Russia became part of our enemy :  “Russia, whose intervention in late 2015 turned the tide in favour of Bashar al-Assad when he was at risk of being overwhelmed, is threatening to target US warplanes, or rather ‘any aircraft, including the international coalition’s planes and drones, discovered west of the river Euphrates’.  Yet it is the skies and battlefields of eastern Syria that are becoming as crowded and dangerous.”

Financial Times also confuses how long- time war target Iran is being drawn into the USGov war plan:  ” Iran on Monday fired a volley of six ballistic missiles into the general vicinity of the Isis-held east Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. This was proclaimed as a reprisal for this month’s twin attacks by Isis in Tehran.  It is being more widely interpreted as a message to the US and its Sunni allies led by Saudi Arabia: that Iran intends vigorously to assert its presence on Iraq’s border with Syria.  It is from here that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) — and the militias it sponsors from the Hashd al-Shaabi coalition of Iraqi Shia paramilitaries to the Lebanese Hizbollah — are carving out a land-corridor to the Mediterranean.”

Now FT gives us a dose of Unelected Supra-Gov mind scrambler:   “The US, in response, has insisted on the narrow coalition strategy to defeat Isis in Iraq and Syria: ‘The coalition does not seek to fight the Syrian regime, Russian, or pro-regime forces partnered with them.’  This statement was issued by US Central Command, headquartered in Qatar, which houses the biggest US air base in the Middle East and a 10,000-strong American force.  Yet, lest anyone forget, Saudi Arabia and its allies are blockading their erstwhile ally Qatar, egged on by Mr Trump who sees it — or at least tweets it — as part and parcel of fighting ‘Islamic extremism’ and isolating Iran”… “Syria, after six years of horrendous conflict, on many fronts with multiple actors, is in a state of fragmented chaos and de facto partition. But a great deal of the confusion clouding any future it may have emanates from the chaos of the White House.”

Your editor notes:  Among the complaints made against tiny, but rich Qatar is that it operates a public news service called, which we have long notices comes fairly close to telling the truth most of the time about wars in the Middle East and the power structure there. The Saudi “coalition” which includes USGov, demands that Aljazeera News shut down!  Try reading it while you can!

Financial Times ends its brainy story in mass confusion.  It seemingly dares not tell the truth about who is responsible for our now 26-year old war on the oil-rich Middle East.  We Americans are supposed to remain confused and simply turn our backs on the ongoing wars because they are far away to worry about.

What we all need to understand right now is that wars are unofficial USGov policy, coming down to the Congress and President from a level above. We Hold These Truths ascribe this power primarily to those who control international mega-banks and most central banks including the privately owned Federal Reserve System. Public figures, including FED Janet Yellen and President Donald Trump are fronts for the unelected faceless superpowers who benefit from war and will keep us in ever bigger ones, until we revolt.

How can we best peacefully oppose the the Unelected Supra-Gov?  We Hold These Truths has long held that only our Christians Churches, with perhaps a hundreds million attending, listeners and members have the grass roots organization for needed. Most have forgotten that Jesus’ call us to be Peacemakers, but they have broad enough organizations to stand for peace and be heard.  Why are they silent on war?  See our website and our mission through these links.