Vaccinated NFL Player Wanted Unvaxxed Jailed – Died Unexpectedly at Age 38

January 5, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Health Impact News

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

With the collapse of NFL player Damar Hamlin live on Monday Night Football this week, and all the speculation about whether or not his heart attack was related to the COVID-19 shots, the death of former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri has received far less media attention.

Nwaneri is another name added to a growing list of people who publicly flouted their COVID-19 vaccination status, and then vilified those “anti-vaxxers” who refuse to be injected, going so far as to call for the “anti-vaxxers” to be sent to jail, and has now “died unexpectedly” at the age of 38.

Former NFL Player Uche Nwaneri, Who Called to Jail the Unvaccinated and Mandate the Jabs, Dies Suddenly at 38

by RAIR Foundation

Former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri died ‘suddenly and unexpectedly‘ on Friday. The 38 years old was found unresponsive in his wife’s Indiana home on December 30, reports TMZ.

Police received a call around 1 a.m. that the former NFL star had collapsed in a bedroom. Paramedics tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him.

Acute heart failure

An autopsy was performed on Monday and revealed no foul play. Instead, the Coroner’s preliminary report indicates Uche died of an “enlarged heart with acute heart failure.”

Nwaneri was a strong supporter of the Covid “vaccine” and passport. Despite having Covid two times in 2020, Nwaneri’s mother convinced him in July 2021 to get the vaccine:

Despite people showing concern about his decision to receive the jab, he was confident that he would not have any repercussions:

Mandate the vaccine

After receiving the vaccine, he became a militant supporter of the jab and thought people who refused the injections should be thrown in jail. Then, on September 2, 2021, Nwaneri took to social media to condemn the unvaccinated and call for their arrest.

“Let’s get those vaccine mandates and Vaccine passports up and running ASAP,” he wrote. “We seeing children DIE daily from the unvaccinated selfishness. Pregnant women at risk too. PROTECT LIFE. MANDATE THE VACCINE. Jail anyone who refuses, to protect LIFE.”


Nwaneri’s death is the latest in an alarming trend of “sudden and unexpected” deaths among athletes and other seemingly healthy people. These shocking death all coincided with the rollout of the controversial Covid vaccines, and many prominent doctors (see hereherehereherehere, and here) have been raising suspicion that the shots led to heart failure.

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