Vaccine Skeptics Are the True Critical Thinkers

April 19, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

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We Overcame the Most Sophisticated Forms of Manipulation

This post is the first in my future series, on how governments and shady non-governmental players psychologically manipulated us during the Covid-19 crisis. In this series, I will highlight various dirty tricks and explain why most people fell for them, one per post.

First, a little personal anecdote.

Richard Thaler is a brilliant behavioral economist, Nobel Prize winner, and a major contributor to the “Nudge Theory”, that provided impetus for the infamous UK “Nudge Unit”. His work on human decision making and cognitive biases was groundbreaking and, in part, helped governments worldwide to hypnotize most people into taking “Covid Vaccines”.

Richard Thaler, around 1999, also taught my favorite class “Decision Making”He was my favorite professor at the University of Chicago, where I was an MBA student. He taught us a lot about ways that exist to hijack our decision making and how our adversaries use our subconscious biases to make us make wrong decisions — as well as how we can use these manipulations to our own advantage in business.

What I learned in that class was helpful throughout my entire life, affected many investment and business decisions, helped me convert prospects to paying customers, avoid several stockmarket crashes, and much more. This same decision making class possibly saved my life, because it made me able to recognize and resist Covid vaccine propaganda and manipulation. Prof. Thaler ended up on the wrong side of history, supporting Covid vaccine propaganda and the nudge units, but his teachings made me able to recognize manipulation, and resist it.

Thinking about that made me appreciative of people who never took any such class, often had no formal education, and yet they made the right choice instinctively. These people, many of whom are my readers, are worthy of admiration, if for no other reason than remarkable independence of thinking and a clear mind in a very confusing, dangerous, and rapidly shifting situation.

My future posts will go through various psychological manipulation concepts and how they were applied, by shady actors and co-opted governments, and how they affected each of us.

The Asch Experiment

“All experts agree that the vaccine is safe and effective. ”

That was enough to get most people vaccinated. Except that anyone could ask two questions:

  • How can I know that all experts agree, if those disagreeing are not allowed to speak up?
  • How can anyone know that “Covid vaccine” is safe and effective, if no time actually passed to ensure that?

Finally, someone with just a bit of knowledge could also ask a question, “are you sure that it is safe and effective, if no coronavirus vaccine ever worked, and no mRNA product was ever approved”?

The Asch Experiment, conducted by Solomon Asch, found out that most people, when seeing a “consensus” of participants agreeing on something that is fairly obviously false, actually ends up agreeing with those false opinions just because everyone else seems to think so.

The experiment was originally set up with eight persons, only one of whom was an experimental subject, and the rest were actors. These stooges, who the subject thought were other subjects, were all asked the same question, to which they gave an obviously wrong answer. The subject, who did not know he was the only real subject, was to speak up last.

It turned out that subjects of this experiment (it was repeated multiple times), seeing a consensus of seven smartly dressed men, would end up giving the same (obviously incorrect) answer as the stooges. This conformance experiment literally was a clever way to make people hold and express obviously false opinions.

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