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Published: August 13, 2023


In addition to their wet dream of forcing the serfs on the technocratic plantation to eat zhe bugs for climate change, as I have previously documented at Armageddon Prose, the Public Health™ criminals are engaged in an ongoing effort to blame anything and everything for the post-injection spike in heart attacks and strokes besides Pfizer, Moderna, and themselves, who forced these products on captive populations.

The heart attack patsy scapegoats include:

Now we can add eggs – one of the most nutritious, affordable food items in all the land – to the list of alleged causes of skyrocketing cardiovascular events.

Via Express (UK):

“Blood clots typically form in the veins of the legs, arm and groin. It is when they break off and travel to other parts of the body, such as the lungs, that they pose a risk. Typically risk factors for blood clotting include surgery, cancer, and pregnancy. The findings from one small study, however, imply that a nutrient found in eggs and meat may also increase the risk of blood clotting.

Choline, an essential nutrient for optimal health, is sometimes sold in over-the-counter dietary supplements.

The British Medical Journal states: “It is well appreciated that animal foods contain more choline per unit weight than plant sources.

“In general, beef, eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, milk and certain foods such as cruciferous broccoli provide some dietary choline.”

A study conducted by Cleveland Clinic suggested that choline could make the blood more prone to clotting.”

Express UK couldn’t be bothered to actually cite the study allegedly proving that egg consumption causes heart attacks. But it appears the article was referencing this 2017 study titled “Gut Microbe-Generated Trimethylamine N-Oxide From Dietary Choline Is Prothrombotic in Subjects,” via Circulation:

We prospectively recruited healthy vegans/vegetarians (n=8) and omnivores (n=10)* with no preceding (1 month) history of antibiotics or probiotics. This is a single-center study approved by the Cleveland Clinic Institutional Review Board. After informed consent, subjects (46±5yo, 40% male, non-smokers without hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular disease) were given oral choline supplementation (choline bisulfate 500mg twice daily, ~450mg total choline/day) for 2 months with monthly blood testing after overnight fast. Both vegan/vegetarian and omnivore alike showed significant >10-fold increases in plasma TMAO levels at both 1 and 2 month periods…
Compared to baseline, choline again increased both fasting plasma TMAO levels and ADP-dependent platelet aggregation responses at 1 and 2 months of supplementation.”

*18 total trial participants – solid design right there.

The logic, such as it is, goes like this:

  • Eggs have naturally-occurring choline (in combination with a cornucopia of other nutrients)
  • Artificial choline supplements triggered a rise in TMAO levels in 18 test subjects in the study
  • TMAO levels are theoretically tied to increased heart attack risk
  • Ergo, eggs cause heart attacks

You don’t have to have taken logic and argumentation at an overpriced state university, as I did, to see the potential holes here. It’s all pretty weak evidence, but it’s all the worse because the premise that TMAO in eggs is tied to heart attacks has been debunked.

Despite the fact that the Express UK article was published in 2022, the authors neglected to mention a 2021 addendum study by the same research team (easily search engine-able) disproving their earlier implications:

Despite high choline content in egg yolks, healthy participants consuming 4 eggs daily showed no significant increase in TMAO or platelet reactivity. However, choline bitartrate supplements providing comparable total choline raised both TMAO and platelet reactivity, demonstrating that the form and source of dietary choline differentially contributes to systemic TMAO levels and platelet responsiveness.”